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The shirt is red and white in color and yellow details. The team's shirt sponsor erima has carefully designed some details to show the kologne city tradition for this shirt. The Cologne City Emblem is in front of the shirt chest, and all of the elements are scattered everywhere in the shirt. The left and right cuffs of the shirt are decorated with tears and jewelry in the city emblem, respectively.seldom seen a rookie quarterback used to compare with a quarterback who had won 2 Super Bowl Championships, but the champion quarterback himself compared it to himself. However, it happened between Black - bolters and Ben - Rothlisberger. ??????-?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ????????????????????????? the two quarterback is 6 feet by 5 feet, can rely on their bodies to punch the ball or hide sacks, are selected from the school (University from University of Miami in Ohio, Bohr Corrientes from University of Central Florida.) The evaluation on the "Pittsburgh post": "I am very optimistic about the future of Bohr corrientes. In my view, he is the most prepared among all the rookies, because he can continue to attack, can not stand in his pocket, can pass good balls, and can pass in running. He is an impressive young player. Although he has made some mistakes of young people, he can still tell you some good players that you can't imagine. of course, porters also saw the similarities, but he felt it was difficult to compare it with the Big Ben when he didn't win now. He said, "there must be some people who compare me with Big Ben." He took 2 Super Bowl and all kinds of victories, but I only played a half - half of the ball. So I don't know what is worth comparing, but from the type of playing, I think the big quarterback moves a bit more. Obviously, Big Ben is good at escaping and other shocks in his pocket. He must be an example that I need to learn. but if porters can be so successful in the new rookie season, he is expected to be elected mayor of Jacksonville. The rookie season as a starter made 13 more than 0 results and led the Pittsburgh Steelers entered the alcs.even-even soccer equipment network Nike will completely subvert before the 2018 World Cup goalkeeper gloves. Today we receive the first photos of Nike's new 2018 goalkeeper gloves. The revolutionary gloves are worn by England international Brand and Brazil goalkeeper Allison ·, Becker (Alisson Becker). As shown in figure Nike 1, super ergonomic design of the hand. 3, with holes foam network provides superior comfort permeability. 4, compared with the traditional goalkeeper gloves, Vapor Touch without running can directly start the game, very convenient. The new Nike you of this revolutionary Nike Vapor what is Touch goalie gloves? Do you think it will subvert the goalkeeper's gloves?| Longmarch Bowling bowling series 2016 open 6 month season ended. Feng Xiaobing won the 3 games and 685 points!The 2016 Series tournament Longmarch bowling game tonight just ended 6 month! Feng Xiaobing won the 3 games and 685 points. The runner up Bourne:655 was 648 points, fourth points Alex:629 points, fifth Huang Chen: 620 points, sixth Cai Hongfu: 612 points. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for the enthusiastic participation of all of you! The 2016 series open Longmarch bowling 6 month match score as follows: Champion: Feng Xiaobing runner up: Bourne season: Mountain Wei peak fourth: Alex fifth: Huang Chen

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