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The new signature shoes of Stephen (Stephen Curry) have been criticized many times, because the signature on shoes is "Chief", so lots of netizens made various funny comments. Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pet Carroll) recently stood up to speak, the Seahawks coach wrote on Monday to Twitter to tell the world that he knows the value of curry 2 this pair of shoes, "have to say, this pair of shoes is a great creation." then a lot of fans on twitter followed Carol's tone and expressed admiration for the shoe. the fact that Carol has always been a shoe appreciation master, in May this year, he had his own joke Seahawks training shoes, "our trainers want me to wear new shoes, I shouldn't call it" Air Paternos "?" , since last month, we have never seen the sign of Nike in Carol's photo. Does this mean that Carol has received sponsorship between Nike and Underarmour? We don't know.The official website of NFL | Vincent: Actually I don't want to go, I want to leave | football Tampa Bay pirates take over Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) for the feeling of being needed. in NFL media insider Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on Sunday proposed many teams traded Vincent to the pirates after Thursday, Vincent said he was very grateful to those who appreciate he wants the deal to his squad, but he preferred to stay to help the Vikings win. In a interview with Tampa Bay times, Vincent said, "in NFL, for example, who will be ready to trade, which kind of trade news is very common, and it will happen every year. I won't be surprised. Of course I'm grateful to the teams who want me, but I've been very good at the pirates. I haven't heard about where I'm going to deal with here. I will continue to do my best to help the team win. and he has an annual salary of 1 million dollars this year. The big contract will continue until 2016, but for those who are eager for the playoffs and dedicated to enhance the passing power, this figure is not excessive. He has a height advantage, a good relay technique, and it looks good for the Dallas cowboys in the NFL news editor Kevin Patras (Kevin Patra). Since the 2009 playoffs in San Diego lightning team, he has not experienced the playoffs for 5 consecutive years, but he still believes that the next tour will be realized the pirate team who is now in a disastrous state. He said: "I came to the pirates and wanted to go to the playoffs." Since coach Smith (Lovie Smith) - Ravi came after his mentality and the goal is to unite all of us. I hope we can reextend the tradition of winning the Tampa Bay, where the shirt will continue to win.independent investigator Wells Wells (Ted Wells) submitted an investigation report on the game of "air valve" in the last season's Champions League match with Roger, Roger Goodell and the patriot of England. The report is now open to the public. the 243 page report, but the following are some of the results of the survey part summarizes Wells: "we think that Jim - Mcnally (Jim McNally) (the Patriots locker room staff home court judge) and John Just Lemos Ki (John Jastremski) (an assistant equipment in the game with the Patriots) ball after the referee deliberately checked the possibility the ball is greater than the possibility of deflation they didn't do it on purpose." "based on the evidence, but also our point of view, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) (at least approximately patriot quarterback) know that Mcnally and Just Lemos Ki will be the possibility of improper behavior of the ball is greater than the possibility of deflation do not know," the report also said so. reports that the rest of the patriots are unaware of the matter. "We believe that the evidence does not prove that the other patriots are involved in or are aware of the rules that violate the rules of the competition or deliberately avoid the rules mentioned in the report. We think the Patriot team owner, Biliqieke coach Bill (Bill Belichick) or other coaches in this incident investigation no wrongdoing or misconduct is known." Godell issued a statement in the report: "I want to Ted Wells and his colleagues conducted a thorough and independent investigation appreciate their findings and conclusions are shown in the full report," Godell said: "the recent events which involve breaking the rules of the competition, Troy - Vincent (Troy Vincent) (Note: NFL game in charge of operations executive vice president) and his team will consider what measures to take to the conclusion of the report to respond, there may be a disciplinary punishment, at the same time will make the necessary changes to the rules of the game in order to prevent future such incidents happen again. At the same time, we will continue our unremitting efforts to protect the fairness of the game and promote fair competition. " After the announcement of , Patriot boss Robert Robert also made a statement: "during the nearly 4 months of the investigation, we have been cooperating with the investigation and waiting for the results of Robert". Disappointment is not enough to express our response to this report which does not include any irrefutable or strong evidence to prove that we deliberately bleed the ball in the Champions League. Tom Brady's father also defended his own son: "I for his son's good faith without any doubt -- not at all. In this country, you are innocent until you are proved guilty. It seems that Tom was guilty before being proved innocent 〉Two playoff victory against Karlsruhe, let the burger still maintained since the 1963-64 Bundesliga season since the first perfect attendance record, the new ball collar after the slogan "Nur der HSV (Hamburg only)" proud to display the great achievement, only the Hamburg Bundesliga team is the only full time.

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