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The official website of NFL | giant coach players ready to answer questions related to | football coach and The New York giant suffered a reversal of the Jacksonville Jaguar this week, and the loss also cut off the possibility of their foray into the playoffs. For coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin), his position has become increasingly unstable. In the past 6 seasons, the team only Coughlin 1 times to enter the playoffs. Coughlin for their own situation also knew that he was in the morning local time on Monday, told the players need to be ready to answer all kinds of problems related with the team coach. As the reality is, as covelin is expected, more and more journalists, when they interview giant players, ask their personal ideas about their boss. coflin, in an interview, naturally ran out of question. He said: whether to continue to be a giant coach is not what I can decide. Now I'm not interested in discussing this problem with anyone, and I don't like people to study my current situat cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ion. As a coach of future Hall of Famer, although she was advanced in age but he always emphasized that, as long as our bodies will continue to extend his career. For their own future, he can not give an accurate answer. The only thing he can do at the moment is to tell the players to be ready to answer the questions in the interview.EA sports, a supplier of TV game, has recently said they will remove the Ray Rice of the former Baltimore crows, from the list of players on the Madden NFL 15 recently launched, which is supported by the players. The EA sports publisher says Rice will be removed from the game player list before Friday, and players will only need to be updated online. The reason for removing Rice is that he has no bottom line abusing the fiancee's behavior and has been expelled by the NFL. The EA sports Madden series is the oldest and most popular football video game. It has been popular since 1980s. It is also the first game to be updated every year, as a classic business case that is copied by other same types of projects.The official website of NFL, RAM lightning new stadium until 2020 and put into use in football nest is located in Wood County, California, and the new stadium, owned by Losangeles rams and Losangeles lightning, will be postponed until 2020. The two teams of confirmed that the use of the new stadium would be delayed for a year, and they said in a statement that more than expected precipitation resulted in the delay in construction. The stadium is expected to be in use in the 2019 season, but it will not be revealed until the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, southern California has experienced record precipitation in the past winter, the statement said. Although the drought in this area was relieved, the precipitation resulted in a large amount of water during construction, and no engineering could be carried out in wet conditions. The results of our great time and delay at the beginning of the month until the beginning of March from a loss of valuable time for two months. lightning confirmed that they would use the 30 thousand people's center to the 2019 season. According to Losangeles media, the rams are planning to use the Losangeles Memorial Stadium for two years - this is what they are now allowed to do with the lease of the University of Southern California. 's new stadium was supposed to hold a super bowl in February 2021. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the stadium needs to be put into operation before holding the two season of the super bowl, so the new stadium needs the permission of the team owners to continue to host the Super Bowl in 2021. the new stadium, worth $2 billion 600 million, will be the second league stadium in the League to become the home of two teams. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | lost Norman after the game to defeat reason shuffle | football and most of the effort the Carolina Panthers defensive group the same player, cornerback Josh Norman (Josh Norman) in the field of Super Bowl performance is not bad, with two damage at the same time the basic will pass the Denver Broncos wide receiver de Marius Thomas's (Demaryius Thomas) frozen. The whole game, the Broncos made just 104 yards of the pass code number. after the game, Norman was vague about why the team failed. In the interview, he kept repeating: it's hard to play two teams (It's hard to play two teams) at the same time. We do not know what is another team really means perhaps more like the Panthers, the offensive team rather than behaving, because the Panthers today received a total of 12 surface yellow, and mostly occurred in the kick-off. goes on, Norman said after the game. We must become stronger and overcome all hardships next year. Unfortunately, it will happen. Unfortunately, this is the super bowl, the most important competition so far.

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