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A victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers Blake Boteersi (Blake Bortles) gains a number of new fans, but the fans actually support the Cincinnati tigers. in the Jacksonville Jaguars 45-42 victory over the Steelers, the tigers fans generously express their gratitude to the Jaguars quarterback, they told Bret (Blake Bortles) - Boteersi foundationcontributions. , as of Tuesday, a total of more than 100 fans donated nearly 5000 dollars. The money will help intelligent and growing children and adults, as well as emergency rescuers in local communities. The tiger fan's behavior originated from the local radio host suggested that they follow the buffalo Bill fans. The latter in tiger beat Baltimore to crow from touchdown pass to quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) under the name of the fund, a total donation of more than $300 thousand. who knows what's going to happen next? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping If Bortel J and Jaguar defeated the powerful new England patriots in the final of the United States, there may be other fans' donations besides tiger fans. Well, maybe not Steelers fans.The official website of NFL | pony resigned after the end of the season will not renew ppagano's | football coach According to sources from ESPN revealed that in the playoff hopes on the occasion, Indianapolis Colts plan at the end of the season and coach chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) contract, and general manager Ryan Grieg Sen (Ryan Grigson) will at least help the team to find new manager,. The consensus of is that Pagano would not return to the next season after he refused to renew his contract, but he played poorly this season and deteriorated the relationship between Pagano and Grieg Sen. According to , Grieg's help in finding Pagano's successor does not guarantee that he will remain in office next season, according to people familiar with the matter. If the new manager has his preferred general manager, Grieg will not return. Team owner Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay) will also play an important role in the search for the new manager. in the last season into the American League Championship game, the pony has entered the Super Bowl expectations before the start of the season, but they have the worst record since 2011 (7 - 8) and they will be from Grieg Sen and Pagano in 2012 for the first time since the team missed the playoffs face position. On on Wednesday, Pagano said he planned to do his best to ensure he was able to stay in office. The pony needs to beat Tennessee Titan in the next game and need the help of the other eight teams to win the southern Champions League in the playoffs. It's hard for to blame Pagano for the bad performance of the little horse this season. After a series of injuries, bad performance and bad tactical command, the pony still could still have a faint playoff hope.EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel) completed a record on Sunday in the United States, a record that no one had ever had to do before. , with Buffalo Bill losing 31 to 34 to Jacksonville Jaguar, Manuel became the first quarterback to lose in 3 countries. He also lost to Atlanta falcons in the Canadian series. if the NFL alliance has developed well in Europe, I think it is necessary for Bill to avoid a game in a country.when the San Diego lightning and Joey (Joey Bosa) - Bosa continue to struggle in the contract issue, there may be a sign of progress. restarted negotiations after more than two weeks in the United States, after more than two weeks of contact. but people familiar with the matter say the two sides are not close to reaching a consensus. Lightning has always insisted on the need to accept some Bossa signing bonuses deferred payment terms and salary offset terms, according to ESPN reports, to $17 million lightning botha signing bonuses "nearly half of" postponed to March next year issued, and hope all Bosa in 2016. Second clauses will help cut in the lightning lightning and botha he and other team signed when saving a penny. Barbosa party insisted he will not agree with the two clause. Only negotiation is not enough unless one side concession. But also reported that Barbosa doesn't get the respect of lightning. Some people know that the relationship between the two sides has been "repairable". finally, Bosa will almost certainly and signing of lightning. Can not imagine the overall pick out for the season and next year's draft. But not because they start negotiations means approaching consensus.

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