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Tennessee fans eager to Titans to their new quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) expressed support. Titan finance director told ESPN that Mario Kobita's shirt was the highest in the league in May. , based on a study by a sports market company, said Mario Kobita ranked thirty-ninth of the world's most marketable athletes. For an occupation is not in the game played in the players this conclusion is more striking, but Mario Kobita at the University of Oregon is a popular Heisman winner, he entered the NFL after a huge number of fans. The clean and positive image of the field also helped him. (unlike a previously selected Jay Winston (Jameis Winston)) so now, Mario Kobita is one of NFL's top stars. But unless he can prove himself on the spot, the popularity will not last long. (editors: Yao Fan)1972 Miami dolphins undefeated to win the Super Bowl champion, and their "unknown defense" founder Bill Angsipage (Bill Arnsparger) died Friday at the age of 88. The team confirmed the news. Hans Page started his career from his alma mater, University of Miami, Ohio. His most successful experience was in Miami dolphin, where his defense system gained popularity and helped the team win the seventh Super Bowl. He then went to the giant of New Yor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping k and was a giant in 1974-1976. After this experience he returned to the dolphin again. In 1984, he returned to college football, the director of the Louisiana State University and the director of sports at the University of Florida. Hans Page returned in 1992 NFL, San Diego lightning served as defensive coordinator, helping the team into the Super Bowl in 1995 twenty-ninth. After the news of the death of , dolphins, lightning, University of Florida and Hans Page Shula, a hall of Fame coach who worked with Mr. Don, issued a statement expressing their condolences. According to Shura said in a statement, Hans Page made two championship level team, the 1972 season of "defensive ring" and the 1982 season of "killer bee defense" (there are 8 players in the defensive group name beginning with the letter B, under the effect of players strike shortened 1982 season, 9 games there are 5 dolphins game opponent scoring less than 14 points). In addition, he also innovatively replaced the 53 defense against the field, which changed the way the defensive team regular season is over 1/4, for the top places for partition and wild card has gradually warmed up for a top two division civil war is even more so. This Thursday night race will be the civil war in the southern area of the United States, which is in the most depressed season. Dezhou people (1-3) face the only two pony in the NRG stadium now (2-2). 's maximum view: Andrew - LAK (Andrew Luck) performance since the 2012 season in the league, every year have significant progress, however, the downturn at the beginning of this year to play a little so unexpected, failure of a surge, due to injury is hanging mianzhanpai. After two weeks of recuperation, though still unable to participate in all of the training, but the forecast will start the debut. Whether it is a temporary downturn in the trouble of injury or a career development bottleneck, the Dezhou people of the same zone are a good touchstone. German offensive team vs pony defense group called the "Patriot two team, coach and assistant, there are a lot of players in the Patriot force background, two quarterbacks more is the former Brady bench, just Marlott and Heuer two is far less than the. Malotle 4 games (3 starts) 720 yards 3 touchdowns but each had 1 interceptions, try to pass code only 5 yards out. In addition to Andre Johnson to become the number one foreign succession took de Andre Hopki (31 - 409 yards and 3 touchdowns last week, 22 times as a pass, reliable target) passing target only two members over lieutenant Shorts and Washington (the contribution of 200 yards out). The ground offensive in the Ariane - Forster just Comeback (8 rushing 10 yards off the ball) case, Bruce Polk the Rimes group of three people in the middle reaches of the league is not unexpected, and this will undoubtedly bear the main work with Forster, I hope he can recover at number one twice awarded the state. The same comeback in the last round of the all star left Jiefeng Duane Brown, on his return to the team to find the line dinghaishenzhen. pony defense offseason signing more veteran but no significant results, several main data is about 25. The overall impact was relatively average, and 5 players were captured 1 times each. Veteran Longford and two young teenager Parry, Henry Anderson - defensive front to prevent running, rushed pass hand except during Manning's locker room There remained but a single one. leader Robert Mathis, another first for many years and the effectiveness of Walden Trent Cole has repeatedly put pressure on but still no sacks record. On the interior side, Jay Freeman was unable to fight in a groin injury last week, and the 47 - time grappling veteran, De Kui Jackson, will shoulder greater responsibility. The defensive line, among the alliance first-class cornerback Feng tower - Davies and the first partner Daliusi - Butler, Jalil - Brown, Mike - Adams and the combination of Qiang Wei, the new aid Dwight Lowry had to face the jet Titan 〉The official website of NFL | Kam - Newton: today we have been defeated | football The Carolina Panther's winning streak ended, and the team lost to the Atlanta falcons for the second week. Four quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) said he was very disappointed, only to find the reasons from their own defeat. Newton said: there was nothing to say. Today we were kicked by our opponents and they beat us. In many ways, our failure is of course. We have a problem in the way we play today. This is the way of attack, defense, and special service. We missed some of the opportunities, and we knew we had the ability to finish them. We had a chance to revive, but we were still unsure of the opportunity. because the Arizona Cardinals win, 14 wins and 1 playoff appearances Panthers failed to establish advantage. They also need to be in the last week, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the game to win. Newton said: we did not get the expected results, but our previous training was great and now we need to focus on the next game.

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