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Our football equipment network Manchester baby fans set includes a home court short sleeved race suits, and striking details of the team into the shorts and socks, with excellent style to the beloved team. Theannounced the Atlanta falcons cornerback Jaron Collins (Jalen Collins) due to the violation of regulations and union of drug abuse was suspended without pay for 4. "we were disappointed to hear about Jaron today," the hawk chief, Dan Quinn, said in a statement. "I've talked about it with Jaron, and I think there's no doubt that he's going to learn the lesson." The falcons gave Collins a chance last season and picked him in the second round of the draft. Collins admitted that he had failed a drug test many times during college because of marijuana sucking. Collins was disappointing in the rookie season, jus cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t starting 2 games. He was regarded as a kind of Falcon dare to physical confrontation tall players, can on the outside and Desmond trufan special (Desmond Trufant) partner, and Robert Alford (Robert Alford) as the groove angle guard. As a result Alford continued to serve as the first outside corner guard, while Collins made 12 escapement without breaking the pass. Collins can participate from the beginning of April 18th offseason training and preseason training and competition. is not well aware of whether Collins can make a contribution to the team next season, and the falcons may choose the horns in the draft.Daryl Bevier (Darrell Bevell) at the end of the Seattle Seahawks coach. long time as the Seahawks offensive coordinator of the Bevier team has been fired. In addition, the Seahawks also sacked in 2011 and Beaver joined the Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cabot (Tom Cable). also, defense coordinator Chris Richard (Kris Richard) has been allowed to look for other teams' teaching opportunities, and he is not expected to remain in office. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol ( Pete Carroll) that for Richard from the other team will have a new start is a good thing. Richard recently attended an interview with the Indianapolis pony chief. Beaver has a lot of flash point in the Seahawks for 7 years, but also has a long hidden danger. He helped the Seahawks win forty-eighth Super Bowl champion, helped quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) and a number of offensive players. however, despite the Seahawks generous investment reinforcing line but few results. Especially in the 2017 season, the attack team often only relied on Wilson. Wilson became the only player in the history of the season to get all the number of passes and at least 30% shots. In addition, due to the failure to make the Bevier Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) and Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham) two by the Seahawks high draft pick players into the team offensive to deal was criticized. joined the Seahawks before, Beaver in 2006 to 2010 served as the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator. He will find a job very quickly in the alliance, with great connections and brilliant resume. compared to other teams, the Seahawks coach began looking for action late, but Carol and Werwilson worked together and let the Seahawks become an interesting point. Carol is also likely to be promoted from inside the team.(Anna Burge) - Anna Burch this year is about 97 years old, she is a native of Minnesota Master, this week will be the first time she came to the scene to watch the Minnesota Vikings game against Houston in Dezhou. in August this year, Anna had come to the new home court Viking visit, but she did not think that they have the opportunity to watch the scene, she was reportedly invited to watch the battle scene, on the day of the match from her 97 birthday only 11 days. Anna interviewed. "I thought they were joking at the beginning. It's unbelievable. When my grandson told me about all this, I didn't know how to describe it. Maybe it was a dream come true." is the fact that Anna after his son started playing football as a NFL fan, when the Vikings came to Minnesota in 1961 after she became a Vikings fan, she said tarkenton (Fran Tarkenton) - flange is her greatest love of the Vikings players.

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