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China bowlers coming to the United States for the first time in the PBA | bowling game sixth pBA world bowling series (pBA World Series of Bowling VI) will be held from October 23, 2014 to November 2nd in Las Vegas City Entertainment South America (South point Casino) held. pBA (occupation Bowling League) bowling world series, the full name of "pBA World Series of English Bowling", referred to as WSOB, participants must be a member of pBA, is one of the representatives of the world's highest level of sports bowling annual event. pBA currently has 19 members in China, and these members are eligible for participation. Some Chinese members will take part in the competition. This will be the first time for Chinese bowling players to take part in the pBA competition. registration fee is $900. start time: August 15, 2014. places for 240, at least so far. the schedule of the 2014 competition is as follows: will be participating in the cheetah (Cheetah), viper (Viper), chameleon (Chameleon) and the scorpion (Scorpion) four pBA animal oil type game. Each type of oil type is played in 7 bureaus. the top 32 winners of each oil game. The single oil bonus of 2013 is as follows. The bonus this year will be basically the same as in 2013. After the end of the four animal oil competitions, the World Championships (World Championship) were held. The first 60 winners of the World Championships are awarded. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping four species of animal oil each of the 7 bureaus at the end of the total score of the total score of the top 25-60 of the world championship is the 25-60 place. The top 24 of the four species of animal oils entered the "World Championship", using the World Championship oil for the 24 round of the cycle race (Round Robin). 24 players circulate each and the other 23.The official website of NFL | Pierre Paul finger amputation | Rugby New York giant defense cut-off Jason - Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre Paul) was injured in a fireworks accident this week. According to a reporter on the NFL official website, Pierre Paul has agreed to receive an amputation of the right index finger. It is reported that amputation will be beneficial to the recovery of Pierre Paul, which will shorten the recovery time. The reporter also revealed that no accident, 2 months later Pierre - Paul will be able to return to the game. earlier this week, there were media reports that the giant had withdrawn the $60 million New Testament that had previously been offered to Pierre Paul. It was reported that the players had no intention to accept the team's contract. There will be no progress in the contract problem before Pierre - Paul returns to the game and proves that he is still able to make a contribution to the team. The fireworks event Pierre Paul, also let people think of the hall of fame safety Ronnie Lott (Ronnie Lott). After the small thumb amputation, he still fought in the League for 8 years. As a defensive side, Pierre Paul needs to fight against offensive fronts with his hands. At the moment, we cannot be sure how much amputation will affect his performance.in the first week of the Monday night race alliance continue to arrange the two history of the team, 49 people of 5 titles will face in home court history playoff wins the Vikings field No. more than 2, it is worth mentioning that 49 people in the home court the Levi's stadium will also be held in the fiftieth super bowl. the biggest aspect: Adrian Peterson vs 49 defense group last season, the most active ran Wei, Viking star Adrian - Pedersen (Adrian Peterson) on suspicion of child abuse case only played 1 games, after a year of rest Pedersen is eager to have him to stand again hit single season 2500 yards record, and 49 will be the first touchstone. Looking back on the 12 season, Peterson came out of the double ligament tear and serious injury and ran out of the 2000+ data to bring the team into the playoffs. 49 defense group in the offseason suffered a huge blow, inside linebacker leader Patrick - Willis ({Patrick Willis), a veteran defensive end of Justin Smith (Justin Smith) and other important players either retired or free players to other teams, it is difficult to keep the past few seasons the League leading level, plus the first game have to face the terrible Pedersen, prospects. But as the saying goes, tiger is not going to fail. 49 people have changed the new commander Tom and Sura, and have launched a large number of young players. By virtue of the spirit of the first calf and the advantage of the home court, 49 people have never been able to make trouble for Peterson. Viking attack vs 49 defense Pedersen ran out of the 12 season 2K code, then the quarterback Pound even appeared as Peterson ran the ball ball size size predicament. But this is different from the past, now the Vikings quarterback Tactic Bridge Voight (Teddy Bridgewater) although only second years, but has shown a new generation of outstanding potential, with excellent passing accuracy, the overall view is good, even he will focus on occupation football season in December as the best quarterback. The team also trained more than young players around the "water bridge" construction, Charles - Johnson, Liu Jie, Wright, Kodak Gabriel Paterson and on the season bench running back Mike McKinnon, plus over Mike - Wallace, tight end Kell Rudolf two experienced players hold the line. Have bottomed left Jiefeng Khalil Matt (Matt Kalil) and center for veteran John - Sullivan featuring the line. Now the Vikings, Pedersen single-handed no longer rely on a person to carry the whole offensive team forward, plus Peterson comeback season the Vikings a tiger with wings added, the attack can be quite scary. The rise of and the Vikings instead, 49 defensive group in the offseason, Willis suffered a "extermination Massacre", Justin Smith retired, and the first two members outside Davis Coulthard and Cox angle Weikulifo collective job 〉The official website of NFL | shooting in public places, the packers tight end boast rugby | Antilles was arrested for the Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew (Andrew Quarless) - Kwame Antilles, a positive offseason on Saturday morning on a detour. Miami Beach police direction NFL official network confirmed that the 26 year old player was arrested on Saturday morning and charged with a misdemeanor charge for a public shot. According to the official website of NFL the police report, the police received the alarm call between the two men and a woman quarrel after the two shots heard in the vicinity of a garage. The police out of the police after a few blocks away and found a black Porsche. ?????????????????????????????????????????3? Police found that the gun's bullet coincided with the shell found near the scene. The police reported no casualties, but still detained by police praised leeds. , based on the final penalty for his charges, may be punished by the NFL personal behavior regulation. Kwame Antilles in last season starting 11 games, the ball 29 times to obtain the 323 yards and 3 touchdowns. This offseason he got quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) highly, which said he was ready to make progress this season. this event may make progress difficult to become a reality.

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