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TBFan 3 years ago all the qualities that a great veteran should have are all embodied in him. TonyZhong 1 Building 3 years ago congratulations, Tom Brady! wufengsky 2 Building 3 years agoCongratulations to TB~ Aigo ~ congratulations; 3, the Seahawks 3 years agoCongratulations to TB , the history of the first quarterback deserved the throne; the 4 floor Seahawks 3 years ago TB the first two of the giant, the first time too careless, second times back luck too, to tell the truth that the two are optimistic about the patriot patriot, but really back luck too, thanks to TB, see the history of the game the first quarterback, wishes to open their own brilliant RW3 5 floor of the Seattle Seahawks 3 years ago 4, great, but in twenty-first Century the first QB name TB should temporarily in the bag of 6 langdao987 building 3 years ago congratulations, it's really not easy!!! Texans 7 Building 3 years ago milestone records, TB is worthy of the best QB, but the performance of RW3 today is also good. He is still long in the future. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Thanks for both teams! Let's have such a wonderful game! KAPEINIKE 8 Building 3 years ago I still think Payton is the most perfect in the history of the quarterback, I still think Rodgers is the best quarterback, but Brady is indeed the biggest winner hundred-percent, at this point, he looks like another witch Duncan, is the cornerstone of the construction team, is a perennial stable one, are not in the data the roost, but some years later look back at this time, he was standing at the peak; 9 floorThe official website of NFL | Dezhou Coach: clowney is back on track | football Houston Dezhou people at this stage is the most concern is the last show champion Judd clowney (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand recovery. The team hopes the two grade new rookie will come back in the new season, proving himself to be the top player to pick him up in the game. asked about the recovery of Obrien clowney, coach Bill (Bill O Brien) said: I am very satisfied with what he is doing. He is trying to overcome his injuries, although he is still in a recovery period, but he has proved his determination. He is now able to take part in training at the gym, but he still can't go to the training ground with his teammates. In any case, he's back on the right track. Dezhou's biggest demand for Klauni is to keep healthy. Although everyone is looking forward to seeing Klauni's combination with J.J. Watt as early as possible, the team doesn't want to upset Klauni's recovery plan. In order to train Klauni into the next Watt, the team is willing to wait for Klauni to recover to 100%.'s second line of the Raider seemed to have recovered some hopes after Wednesday's training for the foot injury David Emerson (David Amerson). But soon after the wind, Emerson failed to attend training on Thursday and Friday, and a Friday's injury report confirmed that he would be absent. This is not the only Raiders cornerback lost the first round of the show, gallion (Gareon Conley) - Conley calf injury, Demiteliusi - Mccrea (Demetrius McCray) knee injuries, two per capita will not play. T.J. Kelly (T.J. Carrie), Sean Smith (Sean Smith) and Dexter Macdonald (Dexter McDonald) are the remaining corner guard candidates for the Raiders. safety Carle Joseph (Karl Joseph) is listed as a groin injury can not be determined in may.Wu Minxia: no | Polo thought the London Olympics can double gold | but will take seriously Wu Minxia (data map) Cleveland February 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) diving champion Wu Minxia recently accepted sports reporters, whether in the London Olympic Games gold medal I want is not much, but I will treat each game. had passed 8 p. m. when she dialed Wu Minxia's phone, and she did not rest for a day. The team doctor is helping me with a massage and relax. That's the phone, Wu Minxia said with a smile. 2012 New Year's day, Wu Minxia and his teammates have been training base in Ji'nan closed training in winter, this time the body in good condition. in February 15th, the Chinese diving team will end the closed training in Ji'nan back to Beijing. The next day, Wu Minxia and 11 other players will embark on the eighteenth fina Diving World Cup journey, after the Spring Festival is also in the first battle of Wu Minxia. At that time, she will play with his teammates he pose for the women's 3 - meter plate and 3 - meter plate of two projects. World Cup will be held February 20th -26 in London Olympic venues, then a lot of men will be showed in winter of polished top difficult movements. Girls don't need development difficulty, this winter training we are skilled before action, improve the success rate of. Wu Minxia said. After 5 months of , Wu Minxia will return to the London Olympic Stadium, which will be the third time in her sports career for the Olympic Games. In the first two Olympic Games, she got two gold medals for women's 3 meter double event and Guo Jingjing's match. But they missed the gold medal in the single event. The Olympic Games in Athens won the silver medal and the Beijing Olympic Games third. London Olympic Games can be single or double, Wu Minxia laughs that he didn't think too much, but I will take every game seriously! She said. (finished)

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