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Indianapolis pony has only three games away from their second consecutive Champions League champions, and the first one is the partition war against Dezhou people in Houston on Sunday. The pony hopes to win the game ahead of time for the division champion, and the Dezhou people have not won in Indianapolis, and the record is 0 - 12. "we will encounter a fiery Houston State team here, coach chuck Pajianuo (Chuck Pagano) said," we know what is the significance and results of this game, we all know. Now we need to focus on what we should focus on. We will remain focused in this process. I think everyone is very clear that this competition is very significant. Houston coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) warned the team that they didn't win in Indianapolis after winning the battle against Jacksonville on Sunday. "The important games coming soon," Obrien said, "in this week, we must keep fighting, I have to say some negative news, where we haven't won the ball, never win, we're going to change, let's change!" ??????????????3???????3????????????????The official website of NFL | pony and quarterback is negotiating contract | racke heavyweight Rugby , according to people familiar with the matter, Indianapolis Colts and quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) are making progress in the negotiation of heavyweight contract renewal. The two sides are expected to complete the contract renewal in July. Since the start of several rounds of negotiations in February, the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping two sides have been close to reaching a consensus on terms. The contract will undoubtedly make the highest paid quarterback in the league's history. At present, the highest paid player belongs to the Baltimore crow four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco), his annual salary up to $22 million 130 thousand after the contract. He is not likely to accept the price lower than this. , considering his age, performance and his hands, is not surprising if LAK's contract is paid up to $25 million a year. 's fifth - year contract option in the 2016 season was worth $16 million 155 thousand. If both sides failed to sign a long-term renewal, two consecutive two years of exclusive privileged label contracts could make him $25 million and $35 million, respectively. The three year 76 million dollar price tag may be based in contract negotiations. Clark said to NFL on Tuesday that he thought he could fix the contract. When the machine was right, it would be done, LAK said. To be honest, I don't spend much time worrying about it. The pony is holding a compulsory Mini training camp this week, and it is unlikely that both sides will complete the renewal before the mini training camp is over. But LAK's brokers and pony have stepped forward to overcome this obstacle before the next pony set foot on the training ground.The official website of NFL | football to lead a new round of Sino US diplomatic | football sports American football is playing a more and more important role in today's Chinese and American sports diplomacy. During an official visit to the United States just ended, Chinese President Xi Jinping was invited to visit the United States Lincoln middle school in Tacoma City, watched the school football team training, and received a gift to the school football players in front of the written No. 1, written on the back of XI football jerseys and a rugby. at the same time, China people's Association for friendship with foreign countries as to promote private diplomacy, link China folk and the people of the world, during president Ms. Li Xiaolin led a delegation to New York in United Nations Headquarters sponsored by the Secretary General of the United Nations Office every woman every child initiative high-level meeting, also met in New York with the global market NFL the United States responsible for the occupation football ·, executive vice president Mark Waller. Mr. Waller gave a comprehensive introduction to the development of rugby in the world, including in China, to the president Li, and the two sides have increased mutual understanding and communication, laying a good foundation for further cooperation. has successfully changed the world's Ping Pong Diplomacy since 1971, and successfully opened the door of Sino US relations and set up a model of sports diplomacy. Sports has always been a bridge and channel connecting friendly communication between Chinese and American people. With the deepening of Sino US sports exchanges and cooperation, the ball is driven by the ball, and American football is becoming the main force of sports diplomacy between the two countries. As the first major sport and the first professional sports league in the world, has great influence on American Professional Football League NFL. 70% people in the United States are NFL fans, and the number of viewers watching the Super Bowl in the NFL finals is even more than the number of voters involved in the U. S. presidential election. In recent years, the number of NFL fans in Europe and China has also been growing rapidly. According to authoritative statistics, at the end of 2014, Chinese fans who expressed interest in NFL and American football had reached 17 million 700 thousand. In fact, the number of American football fans in American football has increased by 10 times in the past 5 years. The number of clubs and teams in American rugby sports has reached nearly two hundred. Chinese youth in the American rugby movement not only improved their physical quality from speed, agility, flexibility, but also cultivated their leadership, teamwork and courage. cultural exchanges between China and the United States has played a unique and important role in sports as the link bridge and link between the Chinese and American people, with its unique charm has become the cultural exchanges between the two countries in the new round of lubricant and propeller, led by the American football sports foreign is Sino US relations continue to accumulate positive energy.31 year old cornerback Leon Holzer (Leon Hall) is currently the biggest free player market cornerback, but puzzling is that the free agent market has opened more than a month, Holzer has not been able to find a new club, visit the Dallas cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals have failed to reach an agreement, this can not help but let people guess the reason. The day before the media Dave Lafamu (Dave Lapham) said that at the end of the season, Holzer soon after receiving back surgery to repair his injured intervertebral disc, which may be the main reason for other teams on the sidelines of the. in addition to the back injury, Holzer has also been twice suffering from a rupture of the Achilles tendon, combined with the age of 31, will inevitably be in the free market. But Holzer last season in Cincinnati tigers well, in the case of combat injuries proved that he is still a good angle of groove guard, can still occupy a space for one person in the league. It is reported that in addition to the cowboy and the cardinals, also intends to present in the dolphin, dolphin former tiger defense second tier coach, he is likely to play a key role in the recruitment process, also have the intention to provide the contract. At present, the reason why dolphins haven't made substantial progress is that Holzer's asking price is relatively high. Holzer hopes to win the last big contract for his career.

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