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Water polo | men's doubles 10 meter Taiwan Lin Yue / Chen Aisen | Chinese won 4 consecutive strong ascent Lin Yue (right) / Chen Aisen displays the gold medal after the award ceremony. On the same day, in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games men's double ten meter final, the Chinese combination Lin Yue / Chen Aisen won the total with a total of 496.98 points. Cao Can, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, China IOC official website news August 9th, 2016 Rio Olympic diving project continues, men's ten meter platform, Chinese combination of Lin Yue / Chen Aisen leading the way, to win the championship by 496.98 points, Chinese team to achieve four consecutive Olympic Games of this project, and Lin Yue / Chen Ai Sen also achieved double jumping Grand Slam (a collection of the Olympic Games, world championships, world cup champion). The United States 31 / Johnson with 457.11 points to win the silver medal, the combination Daly Goodfellow won the bronze medal with 444.45 points. Since the diving double project into the Olympic Games, China team lost the first man ten meter double gold medal, until the Athens Olympic Games, China team before recovering, and have three consecutive gold medal, the award was Tian Liang / Yang Jinghui, Huo Liang and L cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in Yue / Cao edge / Zhang Yanquan. Rio cycle, Lin Yue and Chen Aisen has become a fixed partner, two people got the Kazan World Championships, world cup champion Rio this year, in good condition. Lin Yue / Chen Aisen including the main rival in the final Rio World Cup runner up the combination Daly Goodfellow Rio, the world cup runner up Germany combination Klein / Haositing, London Olympic silver medalist Garcia of Mexico / Sanchez, Russia's Slech, Ukraine Minnie Nazarbayev / Dole / Gore J Corvo Geoff, the United States gove 31 / Johnson. The final has six rounds of action, the first two rounds are the prescribed action, the difficulty is 2, then the optional action. The first round of the game, Lin Yue / Chen Aisen choose the difficulty factor of 2 101B (forward somersault half pike) action, two people very good synchronization, the water tower also successfully suppressed, almost no flaws, they got a good score of 57, ranked first, followed by 31 / Johnson 54 points, wear Lee Goodfellow and Garcia Sanchez are 51.60 points, ranked tied for third. The second round of , Lin Yue / Chen Aisen choose the difficulty factor of 2 401B (inward somersault half pike) action, the two player action in a clean manner, open the link is slightly out of sync, but very small, they successfully control the water into the water, get the 57 points, a total score of 114 points, ranking the first. 31 / Johnson with 107.40 points, followed by Daley Goodfellow with 101.40 points ranked third, Garcia / Sanchez ranked fourth with 100.80 points. third wheel, Lin Yue / Chen Aisen choice 〉Buffalo Bill in the offseason is spare no effort to find talented players, according to reliable sources before the New York jets wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) is a meeting with Bill. HARVIN is 26 years old this year, on Tuesday was the jet jet termination, because of the introduction of Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and abandoned him, this also saved $10 million 500 thousand in salary space. It is reported that HARVIN and Bill coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) and took over the coaching relationship is very good, so his visit is not accidental. spent 3 teams in the 3 season last season in 2014 HARVIN, completed 51 catches for 483 yards and 1 touchdowns harvest.Atlanta Falcon has been looking for the successor of Toni Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez). On Thursday, the local team announced the signing of the two veteran's near front. The 30 year old Jacob - tamez (Jacob Tamme) and 27 year old Toni (Tony Moeaki) - Mo aiqi. last season with the Denver Broncos tamez over the past 3 years to complete the 86 ball. As a good catch to the proximal front, tamez last season finished 14 ball, 109 yards with 2 touchdowns. With the young Julius Thomas Feng proximal (Julius Thomas) the rise gradually in the team lost to tame their own position. Moedge previously played for the Seattle Seahawks, but his past two seasons have been plagued by injuries. Last season, he played only 6 receptions for 134 yards, scored 1 touchdowns. And tame, in order to catch the same Mo IKey known, this ability is also needed for the falcon. The two people's participation will provide more choice for Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan), but according to people familiar with the matter, falcons will continue to strengthen the position of the near front, and the team will do something in the draft.Kenny Britt (Kenny Britt) was less than expected in the first season of Brown in Cleveland. Cory - Coleman (Corey Coleman) was injured again. And the two people are now in new trouble again. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported that two people in the last week of Brown against Houston Dezhou people on the eve of the match against the curfew on Sunday by the team sent home. Two people would not have been out because of the injury. even if two people would have been absent because of the injury, team manager Hue Jackson did not reduce their demands. Two people were sent home on Sunday morning and failed to attend the game and the two people exchanged with the team's coaching team. They apologized for their behavior. Britt was far less than expected after signing a $32 million 500 thousand - $32 million 500 thousand - year contract with Brown this year. Last season in the Losangeles rams he completed the best career finish 68 receptions for 1002 yards and 5 touchdowns. But this season he only in 4 games in the 8 times the ball made 121 yards and 1 touchdowns . If he continues to perform well, he may be as likely as the former free players to be cut off. Coleman is likely to spend more time at Brown. Despite the outstanding performance of the first round show, he was troubled by injuries in a lot of time. But he is still the biggest hope of Brown's position in the outside. The most promising team and the old leader who was supposed to be the leader would look bad with the curfew. Jackson Rick was aware of this and prevented such a thing from happening again by severe punishment.

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