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look at their city's new season's new season's new season, Manchester United 2010-11 season home Manchester United 2010-11 season guest shirtThe official website of NFL | Kham - Newton: because I am a black | football quarterback League Fans for the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) the view is extremely polarized. , the super quarterback, is likely to take the regular season MVP of the 2015 season, but his every celebration has brought a lot of criticism. recently said, "because I'm a black quarterback, many people don't like me, because they don't have to compare me to who I am," Newton said recently. But your fans, whether you win or lose, they know what they should do, they will support you no matter what happens to you. Of course, people's evaluation criteria are based on their own ideas. Newton has completed 3857 yards pass and 35 touchdown this season, leading the Panthers to win 15 wins and 1 losses. At present, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he is going to enter the super bowl. At least, his performance has not been controversial.Carolina Black Panther coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said that the team will play the runner up strategy in the match against Chicago bears on Sunday. because the first running back Williams Dean Gloucester (DeAngelo Williams) because of a sprained ankle can not play, No. two running back Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) due to a knee injury against a doubt, so Rivera had to declare folsy - Vitek (Fozzy Whittaker), Darin Reeves (Darrin Reaves) and the recent signing Chris Aug Bong Nayar (Chris Ogbonnaya) will play the ball right allocation. Vitek and Reeves will get the main running task, but he still tend to use the "good". Rivera said: "who could play good one who can get the ball, an opening, everyone will be holding the opportunity, if can like folsy preseason game against Kansas and Pittsburgh Steelers chief game as well, that he is exciting for us is." In the 2 games prior to , Vitek completed a total of 162 yards of advance and 2 matches, and did a good job in the pre - season. now David Mike - Bert (Mike Tolbert), and Ricci (Richie Brockel) - brouncker unable to play fullback candidates temporarily vacant. At least this week, the Black Panther didn't sign a free player to replace the position. Rivery said the near end Brandon Williams (Brandon Williams) and Ed Dixon (Ed Dickson) will help to play this position. But at least whether Dixon is in the war is not yet to decide. Stewart was well trained but not enough to play. "He needs further efforts." Williams may have more than 2 games in his absence, and his ankle is still unknown. And the leopard game advance team in the League ranked twenty-ninth in the league, each time only a poor 3.1 yards, which is the main reason for the continuous loss of the ball. The star quarterback Caim Newton (Cam Newton) is running less and less. It is one of the most dangerous four seasons quarterback players in the first three seasons, and now he runs 8 times and 33 yards in three games. coach said: "our decision depends on his feelings. Everything is based on his body. We will not give him too much pressure to run. As you can see, it all depends on his own feelings." The good news for panther was that defensive end forward Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson) started normal training on Friday and decided to play on Sunday. It would be great to lose Johnson's loss for the Panther's defense, because the violence against Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) was impossible.this offseason before the Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Dirk (Eric Decker) as a free agent to the New York jets, the Broncos also signed the Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) to replace Dirk position. Dirk often lamented him from Manning with quarterback Payton (Peyton Manning) of the top team came to the keno Smith (Geno Smith) and Michael Vick (Michael Vick) led the team. , in an interview with the New York Times, revealed, "to be honest, I often feel disconsolate when I see the wild horse team. When they beat their opponents again and again, it's really a strong team. " Saunders took over 954 yards in the League to take over fifth in the league this season, while Dirk ranked sixty-second in the 450 yards. Dirk said, "Saunders was doing a good job for me. So, sometimes it's hard for me to accept his achievements as well. But that's rugby. But to turn back, who says we can't become a strong team? But we obviously need to do a lot of improvement. I appreciate Manning and de Maurice - Thomas (Demaryius Thomas). They and I are very good friends, but I often feel very sad. " Dirk did not say he regretted leaving Denver as a big contract owner of $36 million for 4 years, and he was happy to come to the jet fleet. But Dirk is bothered by his complex feelings at the moment: from a top team to a team in the top rank.

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