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Beijing December 19th, the Losangeles Lakers held the Jersey retirement ceremony for legendary star Kobe Bryant. Since then, there will be no players wearing No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys. , when the Lakers and warriors ended the second quarter, the lights on the scene dimmed. After a video was finished, Kobe and "magician" Johnson appeared in the center of the court. Johnson said passionately, "today NBA will be the first of the two shirts to retire. Who remember Kobe's 81 points? I believe that no one will be able to cut 60 points in the final battle before his retirement, and he will unite Losangeles together! " is the next Lakers owner Jeanne Buss, her with tears of excitement, once choked thanks Kobe contribution to the purple and gold for so many years, these years you have the opportunity to choose to leave, making a new world, but not you, contributed to this club, because of your great since then, the Lakers won't have any players wearing the number 8 and number 24." bath finished, the Staples Center sky appears 9 jerseys are former Lakers legend Wilt - Chamberlain: No. 13, No. 22, No. 25, Elgin - Beller Gail - Goodrich, No. 32, No. 33, "the magician" Johnson "Kareem" Jabbar, O'neal, No. 34, No. 42 James worthy, No. 44 Jerry - West, Jamal - Wilkes 52. Under , the number 8 and No. 24 jerseys appeared quickly, marking the formal retirement of Kobe's two jerse cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ys. The most important moment for , the speech of Kobe, after he said he hadn't prepared a speech manuscript, but the "black mamba" is still very emotional, with tears in her eyes. Kobe thanked the 9 Lakers legend and former Lakers owner Dr. Buss, and his family, he then explained the Mamba spirit: "Jersey itself is only a shirt, but only the spirit of hard work is the true glory." "Mamba out!" Kobe and his wife and daughters left, leaving a beautiful figure for people. in our heart, Kobe never out. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the InternetThe official website of NFL | San Francisco team of 49 people due to bad pitch conditions ahead of the end of | football training San Francisco 49 team at the Levi's stadium debut by the Denver Broncos and zero seal, their new stadium also suffered criticism. The 49 - man team was forced to end their open training at the Levi's Stadium on Wednesday in the United States due to a bad stadium. The 49 team subsequently issued an official statement, apologized for the inconvenience brought to all the fans, and before that court will host San Diego lightning team on Sunday home court resolved. Although the team can not immediately adapt to the new stadium that is not uncommon, but the 49 coach thinks the Levi's stadium can not guarantee the safety of the players. Steve and Johnson (Stevie Johnson) and Bruce Alington (Bruce Ellington) both fall down while training, and the grass on the court is even more numerous. The Levi's stadium was delivered in July this year, with a capacity of 75000 people, with a cost of $1 billion 300 million. news: San Francisco fans say goodbye to the old stadium hondis Candlestick ParkAuthor: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist in American football, the West Coast attack (WCO) is a common way of attacking, with the emphasis on passing the first stroke of second. has two similar but different offensive strategy system generally referred to as the "West Coast offense": (a) Don Coryell popularized "Air Coryell system"; (two) the more common attack system was invented by Bill Walsh, which is based on the characteristics of the short cross instead of rushing to pull the defensive work to create opportunities for long distance running and long. -- -- -- -- -- -- history and use of terminology The word " West Coast offensive" is now used frequently. The word was invented by the then New York giant coach Bill Parcells in 1985 playoff 17-3 defeat to San Francisco 49 people. At that time, Bill Parcells firmly believed that tough defense could prevent strategic attacks, so scornfully ridiculed the 49 attack group: "is your West Coast offensive the only way?" In 1993, Bernie Kosar used the "West Coast attack" to describe the attack of Dallas cowboys in 1993. Then it was publicized by Sports Illustrated writer Paul Zimmerman (nicknamed Dr. Z). 70s San Diego and Oakland Raiders played lightning attack on the west coast, called "Air Coryell system", the original Bernie Kosar is to express this meaning. But the reporter mistakenly applies what Bernie Kosar says to the attack of 49 people in San Francisco in 80s. At first, Walsh refused to make the word misused in its unique attack system. Zimmermann pointed out that Walsh once called him, "that's not my attack." But it's a pity that the name has hit a reputation. Nowadays, this word usually refers to a series of attack systems that pass through the ball to reverse the offensive space. It is not so closely related to the attack system of "Air Coryell system" and Walsh. West Coast attack: "Air Coryell system" Bernie Kosar used the term to describe the attack is Sid Gillman in the 60s AFL chargers and later Don Coryell in 70 and 80s in the St. Louis Cardinals and chargers used offense. Al Davis was then an assistant professor of Gillman, and later took it to the Oakland Raiders. After that, his successor John Rauch, John Madden and Tom Flores continued to use their basic principles and then improved them. The "West Coast attack" is used as the term used by Kosar. However, it is now commonly known as "Air Co〉"The official website of NFL | Garrett: we need to let the opponent | football fans shut up is different from team boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones). Dallas cowboy coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) is always concerned about the various shortcomings that the team exposed in the opening game, even the rival fans appeared on the grandstand. Garrett said: when you step back and look in the league that are important to the team, cowboy, 49, Steelers, packers, bears, each time they are away on a pleasant trip. Fans like to come to our home, and they like to see AT& the T stadium, like watching Cowboys playing. In particular, when you are a fan of these teams, you will do your best to come to the team to support the team. actually, Garrett doesn't say that because of a large number of San Francisco fans in the game, making him unhappy. His concern was that the team gave 49 people a lot of reasons to cheer and make a sound. Garrett responded in an interview: I think we gave the fans in the red shirt too many reasons to cheer. We did create some cheering opportunities for our fans, but for the 49 people, the result made the trip very enjoyable. They must like to come to Dallas to watch the ball. Garrett believes that the team must through their performance, the opponent will be firmly in the spectator seats according to fans, don't give them any chance to cheer.

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