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NFL official website |2011 will be the first to come to Newton will be the first? | football In the fiftieth super bowl of , there are two matches of the top players in the same competition. This is the first time in NFL history. Now let's review the draft of 2011, if everything happens today, how will the teams choose? 1: Carolina Panthers - Newton (Cam Newton) cam black leopard actually chose Newton. This season, Newton used 35 passes to reach 10 goals and a regular season MVP proved to him that he deserves the number one. 2 Denver wild horse: JJ watts (J.J.Watt) wild horse originally chose Miller Miller (Von Miller). Miller is really competitive, but Watt met Watt's season quarterback and Miller, and Watt had better ability to run away. 3 buffalo Bill: von Miller Bill is the original choice of Marcel (Marcell Dareus), Miller dareus occupation career 72 games to finish the 60 quarterback sacks, won the 50 Super Bowl MVP, who choose not to vote for him. 4 Cincinnati Tigers: AJ Green (A.J.Green) The actual choice is Green , but so far we still have a problem is the selection of Green or Julio - Jones (Julio Jones), although the Jones data lead, but we see the 2014-2015 season, Jones as the target is 366 times, while Green is only 249, but the total number of Green touchdown to 11, obviously higher scoring ability of Green. 5: Richard Sherman - Arizona Cardinals (Richard Sherman ) is the actual choic cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e of Cardinals Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson), but Sherman's performance is clearly better, in the face of the league's top receivers, in front of him when the ball score is the 68.02014 season of only 48.4. 6 Brown, Cleveland: Julio Jones At the time of , Brown traded to the Atlanta falcons, the falcons.NFL official website, Tennessee Titans and bench quarterback Matt Cassell a new contract for 2 years in football nest Tennessee Titan left Matt Cassell (Matt Cassel) for another 2 years. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that according to people familiar with the news, Titan and the veteran quarterback renewed 2 years, and the contract value was 5 million 250 thousand dollars. 34 year old Cassell can get 2 million 750 thousand dollars for the new season. Rapoport had previously said that the renewal of Cassell was a priority for the Titan. Cassell played in 4 games last season, passing 51 times 30 times successfully gained 284 yards and 2 touchdowns 2 passes by steals. The role of the first Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) after a fracture of the fibula at the end of twelve became crucial. Cassell in the sixteenth week team to 17-38 loss to the Jacksonville jaguars, but in the regular season finale in 24-17 against Houston in Dezhou. His performance was not excellent, but his familiarity with the Titan's offensive system was his advantage. When waiting for the Titan Mario Kobita rehabilitation, Cassell will need to run the most off-season training. Cassell's career in the thirteenth season, Cassell, played for the new England patriots and the Kansas City chieftain in the early days of his career and wandered among a number of teams. Then he worked for Minnesota Vikings, buffalo Bill and Dallas cowboys. can doubt how much Cassell can offer, but Titan obviously likes the performance they saw in him last season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.New York jets has hired Mike Makanan (Mike Maccagnan) served as the team's new general manager. In a news conference on Tuesday at local time, Makanan said that the team will operate actively in the free market and strive to bring more star players to New York. Makanan said: "I am willing to build through the draft a strong team, but we can not ignore the importance of free agent. We need to be as active as possible in the free market. " The jet cap present situation is good, the team provides enough space for the salary for Makanan chasing stars. experts believe that since the past few seasons the team on and off the court's performance makes the fans very disappointed, Makanan's office is the new government took office three fire. He needs to stabilize the mood of the fans as soon as possible and lay the foundation for his future work. Some media believe that the jet in the offseason was more "blind", the team is currently in urgent need of star players to lead the team to move forward. Makanan need to make some special decision in a free market, even if it is not the best choice.eighth week race: Ryan led the team to challenge London lions defense second games this year in London by the Atlanta falcons game at Wembley against the Detroit lions "home court". Seven weeks later, the Detroit lions relied on steady attack and strong defense to win 5 wins and 2 defeats, ranking the first in the League of nations north, and the falcons recently 4 consecutive defeats, ranking the third in the Southern League of nations. The two teams that think the strength of the two teams are more likely to have a one-sided situation. only from the attack, it will still be a very exciting game, because both sides of the offensive group regardless of personal ability or the overall strength has very strong competitive power, the only problem is Calvin - Johnson (Megatron) is able to advance the injury. But even without him, the lions led by Stafford have won in the last two games. The game is still a little bit more: see one: how do the lions prevent lions Defense this year picture is too beautiful, the way Damm hole Su led the defensive front than the jets front can be said to be ifheavier, see who is right: end - Ansari (13 years Ezekiel fifth place, PFF rushed from score 1.5), right tackle Nick Faria (11 years, thirteenth place, 7.7 points, red) left Jiefeng Su (10 years show Bangyan, 4.7 minutes passed, Chong) left winger Jason Jones (08 years of the 2 round, at -3.6 points). With the number of rotations, 20 games, 27 hits and 69 rushing shots were taken after seven matches, and their total defensive number is 471 yards. What is this concept? That is, 1 times every 4 defenses can threaten the quarterback of the other, and the lion's score is tied with the New York giants in the League of eighth. Do not pass mark, ranked fifth in the league, 4 defenders in total score of 2 points or more, to get a positive score passing mark. this Sunday, Matt Ryan will lead his team to face the Falcon terrorist defensive team, although they pass protection among the league's twenty-first, but Ryan and his two all star wide receiver Julio Jones, Roddy White still made 8.8 League ninth pass grades. Is this hard or spear shield can be announced Sunday. point two: front - line show's counterpart ??????????5?|?????8?|????????????????????-????????????????4????????????????????????????????????????????????????????T??????????????????????????-6.0??-3.9??-3.5??????3?????????????????3???????3???????11?|?????????? In London this week tournament, he will direct against the last fifth place - Ezekiel sixth weeks in Ansari, Ansari against the Vikings game the beast level data: 4 sacks, 1 times and 4 times to hit a shot, single game total score 5.4 points, end 〉

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