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The official website of NFL and Bill, the second grade linebacker Reggie Grande, football training return nest Since linebacker Reggie Grande (Reggie Ragland) in the summer of last year his ACL has changed many. The team replaced the manager, the general manager and the defensive style, which gave Ragland a lot of work to make up after his absence. Return to the show in 2016 two round of personal training team in the off-season training, marking the start of his catch up. is able to return to the training ground, especially in this week, to take part in training, which is a great feeling, said rag lander. We will watch the recovery every day. It will depend on the feeling of my knee. Most of the time, I feel good on my knees. All the team staff did a good job for me. Everyone is great. So I am grateful for all this and I am grateful to have these people to help me return. in Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) era, lagland is considered to be the 3-4 insider guard, but in Sean Mcdermott (Sean McDermott) era, what role does he play in the 4-3 defensive formation remains to be seen. Maybe until rag lander is licensed to be fully trained and the team can watch how he looks like that on the field. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The officia cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l website of NFL | Vikings seems to have lost confidence in Paterson took over foreign | football the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver of the second grade Daryl - Paterson (Cordarrelle Patterson) this season was disappointing, the season before experts fans are quite optimistic about Paterson this season can easily win over thousands of yards and grow into the League first-class, but so far, Paterson always depressed state. the Vikings have been trying to give Paterson the ball, he also designed many ball tactics, but never have let the Vikings coach Mike tzimol (Mike Zimmer) have lost confidence in an interview this week, said Paterson and Teddy (Teddy Brigdewater quarterback Bridgewater) with the poor is more Paterson's own problems. Cimol said in catching the interview, "we always try to involve Paterson in the pass attack. We also hope that he can participate in it. But when passing, the catcher must be in the right position to receive the ball. team's offensive coordinator Norv Turner also said in an interview: when we were faced with red skins, we successfully passed 26 times (Paterson only caught the ball once). To tell the truth, as long as passing passes can be successful, I don't care much about who is catching the ball. Paterson on his performance is very sad: I need more out of space, I need to find my state to help Bridgewater. When asked how he would help Bridgewater, Paterson replied, "concentrate on running my route. If the opponent comes up against me, I will teach him how to behave.The official website of NFL | group interview revealed: why the Seahawks coach is outstanding cornerback? | football Author: all lustre strong recently Haiying OTA (organized training team activities, voluntary), has just joined the Seahawks before the eagles cornerback Cary Williams in an interview, revealed some interesting topics. (coach) they always told me to be more patient, Williams said that there are a lot of very complex requirements, with the other teams I've had a lot of different, they focus more on the details, not in that every hour and moment of these details, and confirm that you want in each file are concerned about these details. now the sea eagles is best known for their defensive backs (commonly known as the second tier), and in the past two seasons, they pass defense can be regarded as the best ever NFL. They have three All Pro second-line players - Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. And they choose cornerback figure standard led the entire alliance current, higher, stronger and longer arm, we can see this trend in the two session of the draft; and in the free agent market, origin of the Clemson University cornerback Byron Maxwell 6 round pick from the sea eagle away after one of the League salary one of the top cornerback. Figure standard can be learned, but no team in the League to duplicate the Seahawks second-line another success: in the past few years they can always make cornerback new tune complete transformation rapidly, almost done the plug. I think this is because coach Pete Carroll and his team have strong abilities in developing and training players so that they can quickly integrate into the team system. As long as we find players who are physically and mentally consistent with the requirements of the team (long legs, fast speed, aggressiveness, and high confidence), we quickly train them to adapt to the team system and succeed. so, what Cary Williams said in an interview with the Seahawks coach are concerned, those small details for each file, completely validated my thoughts. I think the Seahawks coach group's attention to detail, even to a certain pace to tune the player's hand with, to ask accurate placement of every one of the basic skills of the players have trained with clear requirements, to meet the needs of the team system perfect operation. Cary and Williams also proved that the Seahawks requirements on these details to much more than the other team, after all, before Williams played for three different teams. like last year, widely known as sea hawk 〉 escapementBrown Cleveland new general manager John Dorsey (John Dorsey) took office less than a week, but this time is enough to make him for the squad under some conclusions. Sassy - former executive vice president of Brown Brown (Sashi Brown) during his tenure to help the team accumulated a lot of picks, but at the same time, Brown can not win, this let the team player personnel department to evaluate the player suffered a lot of criticism, there are many reports pointed out that the differences between coaching and management. In an interview Thursday, Dorsey made it clear that the former management of the operation of the team in the past 2 seasons is the root problem. Dorsey said he would "try to" get coaches need players, also said he believed Brown's lack of such a player. "you know, you have to introduce players like that," said dorsey. "You know, I just said it. The people who managed the team before, the previous management, they did not introduce real players. 's assessment may make some players dissatisfied with the players currently playing for Brown. But for a team that only won 1 Games in those two seasons, it is hard to find other explanations for bad performance. To the west, he was lucky to Sassy Brown he left a lot of picks to select real players, the West will have the opportunity to use right in the draft of these a few months later.

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