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had people's view on leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) on the body, now the key players attack another Pittsburgh Steelers because it failed to reach a contract and the absence of training camp. The team left Jiefeng Alejandro de Lucy - Vera Noe Wa (Alejandro Villanueva), the absence of the team's training camp, unless the team he thought it worthwhile to give a contract. If in accordance with the original contract plan , Nueva Vera next season can only gain 615000 dollars, due to the negotiations with the other team, so he will choose not to participate in the training camp as a protest. Vera Noe Wa, a 28 year old who served 3 times in the US army before becoming a professional player, has played 16 games in the past season. It is the key to attack line. Undoubtedly, he deserves a higher value contract.The official website of NFL | Jonny Manzel denied his plight | football earlier this week, Cleveland coach Brown Mike Pettine cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (Mike Pettine) said that he could feel, not as starting quarterback Jonny Manzel made appearances (Johnny Manziel) suffers in the path of growth. On Friday local time, Manzel responded to the statement, saying that the coach's speech was inaccurate. Manzel said, "I don't think he's right." Though I have been the core of my team in the past few years, I have participated in every attack and completed every competition. Now, the situation and identity are unfamiliar to me. Although the situation has changed, I have not been plagued by the situation, and I do not think I am in trouble. I will continue to compete and try to have a chance to play, but that doesn't mean I'm struggling now. Manzel believes that as a substitute can help him grow fast. He said in an interview that the most important thing at this stage is to learn, and the status now helps him to better understand the professional sports and understand his work. Manzel said he was able to feel that he was progressing, and he was looking forward to becoming a qualified first quarterback.Hayward will wear Allen's number in that year Beijing time on July 15th, Boston Celtic official twitter issued a GIF action figure, the show has just joined the star Gordon Hayward's jersey No. 20, and the opening: "simulation player in the forward position, we have come from the Butler University, height 6 feet 8 - Gordon Hayward. You are welcome to Gordon #." Hayward will wear the first Celtic star ray Allen's No. 20 jersey for the green shirts. According to the media, it also means that the Celtics will not retire Allen's shirt number. since entering the league, Hayward has been wearing the No. 20 shirt of the Utah jazz. Before that time, Hayward was also wearing No. 20 in his two years' college career. However, the Celtics' No. 20 shirt has always been considered to be the shirt that the team will retire for Allen. According to the US media analysis, ray Allen is also likely to enter the hall of fame. The Celtics should retire this jersey in the future, which means Hayward's number selection will be controversial. ray - Allen in 2008 the Celtics won the hero, but in 2012 he joined the Miami Heat team, he and Paul - Pearce, Kevin - Garnett and Rajon Rondo of the relationship between some taste. recently, the Clippers coach, Doug Rivers, also said that he hoped that ray Allen and former star teammates would reconcile their 10th anniversary win. ray - Allen has contributed 16.7 points, 3.4 rebounds and 2.7 assists in the 5 years in Boston. Foreign media analysis, although Allen's data is convincing, but 5 years only take a crown, for the history of 17 champions Celtics, will not have a big impact. at the moment, the Celtics will not have at least the ray Allen's retiring shirt in the short term because the team has no number to choose from. (Tim) statement: Sina Net exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint!San Francisco 49 quarterback Nick Colin - Capet (Colin Kaepernick) and the team signed a contract in particular, part of his security is $61 million, but it seems that the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) do not love on this type of contract. has learned that Wilson wants to get a $126 million 700 thousand 7 - year contract that is similar to the Chicago bear quarterback Cutler (Jay Culter). You have to know that Cutler's contract guarantee is close to $54 million. , a sports reporter said: "Wilson and Seahawks contract negotiations in the pursuit of Cutler's contract clearly, this is why Wilson will find Cook as a representative to help him because of Cutler's contract negotiations, Cook is down to talk about." learned that Wilson was not a number, but a contract that gave him a guarantee in Seattle, so let's wait and see.

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