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The official website of NFL | will expire on 2016 12. The Seahawks football | is the time to pay again. Seattle Seahawks twelfth logo and related products if you want to continue to use it in 2016, they need to pay a lot of money. It is reported that 12 people this is the first registered trademark in 1990 by Texas A&M University, then in order to use the trademark year Seahawks need to pay $5000 fee. Dezhou aandm Seahawks and the earliest trading began in 2006, in 2011 had an update. The agreement continued until the end of 2016. It is reported that the new contract is likely to increase a lot. seems Seahawks owner Paul - Allen nouveau riche (Paul Allen) the need to open the wallet.The official website of NFL NFL | why players earn less than the NBA | rugby player - in fact, it's about simple mathematical calculations and complex negotiations. has allowed each team to spend 24 million dollars more in the free market this summer because of a new and lucrative TV relay. this makes this NFL feel a certain degree of distress. in June 30th, the NFL quarterback Andrew - LAK signed the highest salary in history - 140 million in 6 years, with an average salary of $23 million 300 thousand per season. Just two days later, NBA also broke the biggest contract -- Mike Conley has cheap nfl jerseys free shipping reached 5 years of $153 million maximum salary contract with memphis. NFL players complaining, said his bad sport. Rugby researchers are wondering why such a deal can be discussed over and over. All Internet users are in a frenzy. However, it is difficult to blame for those players on the NBA of the contract of the people Matthew fly into a rage, Della Vedova has prepared four year contract signed a $38 million, timofey Mozgov also broke the news received four years of 64 million - two people signed it in the finals of the seven minute war but grab No. Again, a big contract is placed in front of the players, and they have no reason to sign it. If the team manager keeps a single injury for an injury, he will be demoted to the centre of the second half of the season in the second half of the season, which is 64 million dollars. That's their right. actually happened in NFL, and we forgot about it. OK, those athletes who complain about NBA's spending spree and their experts should shift their frustration and confusion to solve the problems that have already been exposed. admittedly, NFL players do not have much money, but this is their own problem. Last season the NBA salary cap is $70 million, this season will rise to more than $94 million, and by the end of the 2017-18 season, that is the problem of 1 million in 7 million. NBA is a nearly perfect economy - they have increased their active funds by 50% in just three years, while maintaining the same cost. This is a perfect interpretation of inflation! As a result, the amount of the contract began to increase dramatically. In fact, NBA is not willing to suddenly see so dramatic changes, their intention is to cap growth rates to five years above -- ten years -- a little bit better every year. 〉NFL starts, for all successful teams into the playoffs, the real battle finally broke out! But not every team plays the same number of games in the playoffs. If you just contact NFL, maybe you will be on the playoff picture above this season are confused; never mind, today we are going to tell us about science is how to carry out the NFL playoffs, later you will be able to NFL playoff schedule system is a basic solution! which teams are qualified for the playoffs? two Federation, the National Football League (NFC) and the American Football Federation (AFC) each of the 6 playoffs, the Federation of the 4 partition their division titles (the best record in team Division win the Division) can obtain the playoff qualification. No matter what the team has done, it can go to the playoffs as long as it wins the division champion. this year, for example, Mustang, patriot, tiger, Dezhou people are beautiful four division Champions League; Panthers, cardinals, Vikings, red respectively in 4 division Champions league. The remaining 2 seats are called the wild card association in addition to record 4 division champions outside the rest of the team in the top 2 teams qualified for the. , because no matter how bad the result is, only the divisional champions can get the playoffs seats. Therefore, sometimes some teams with better performances will not be able to enter the playoffs. How do do the same? when there are 2 or more teams at the end of the regular season, NFL has a detailed and complex ranking way to decide which team can enter the playoffs and the seed ranking order of the playoffs. ranked as follows: - partition - record record against the same opponent record - district record victory gold - Gold - and race classification data in different areas; draw: the mutual record - district record against the same opponent record (at least 4) - Gold - Gold race victory - points, points and by array data. The results of the two teams are also the same according to the above two principles. seed displacement is currently in the divisional Championship playoff, according to the record of quality from high to low, occupy the 1-4 seeded wild card team, according to the record quality accounted for 5, the No. 6 seed. high ranking advantage is that you can have home court advantage (1, No. 2 seed can also get a wild card free week treatment). race if you count the super bowl, NFL can be divided into the 4 round of the playoffs, respectively is the wild card week, finals week, Federation Championship week and the super bowl, the first 3 rounds in the Federation held the last two conference titles join the super bowl. first held in the wildcard week, in this round, the No. 3 seed home court.Tony Romo, who doesn't care about back injuries and training for the rest of the season, is ready to start a golf career this year. , the CBS current commentator will take part in the PGA tour in Dominica next month. He has been granted a sponsor's exemption from the competition. The competition will be held in 3.22-3.25. ROM had tried three times to qualify for the United States open, and at present his score was -0.3. "as a professional athlete, the desire for competition will remain in my heart forever." "Golf takes up most of my enthusiasm outside of the family and the rugby," he said in an interview. The chance to have a chance to participate in the PGA tour is really a dream come true. Thank you very much for giving me such a chance to compete with the first class players.

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