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original title: the shirt rising memory eternal yesterday, the Lakers issued an official announcement that they will play the two retire rites of 8 and 24 for Kobe, who announced the retirement of last season, against the warriors in December 18th. There are many interesting stories about the retirement of the NBA shirt. retired two numbers because it's Kobe When entered the league, Kobe was wearing No. 8 Jersey. It was said that Kobe grew up in Italy. When DAntoni played basketball in Italy, he wore the number 8 Jersey. In his childhood, DAntoni regarded DAntoni as an idol. Kobe gave the explanation that he wore the number of training camp before he became a professional player. The number he wore was 143. When he joined the Lakers, he chose No. 8 because it was 1, 4 and 3. Wearing the No. 8 shirt, Kobe hand in hand with O'neal had three consecutive titles, and had a single cut of 81 points. After losing the first round of the playoffs to the sun in 2006, Kobe decided to change the number to meet a new start. In high school, he was dressed in No. 24, and No. 24 was his father's number. The reason for changing the shirt number is Kobe's explanation, "the meaning of No. 24 is 24 hours." I want to put all my e cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nergy into basketball. That's why I choose No. 24. " After changing the No. 24 shirt, Kobe won two championships, two finals MVP and a regular season MVP. Kobe retired, the outside world has been guessing which number he will retire, "I feel more comfortable in my role in the No. 24 shirt. When I wear shirt No. 8, I face more challenges. "Kobe himself was also hard to decide. But he preferred 24. After all, he is the absolute core of the Lakers. Yao Ming, China's first man, then, what is the retirement of the Jersey? NBA jerseys retirement is the team's team number who has been playing for the team is officially sealed, the number will not be used by any player of the team. The retirement of the Jersey is the team's behavior and has nothing to do with the league, so there is no clear condition for the retirement of the NBA shirt. The Jersey is occupation career players get the mark, the team recognized the need to have a basic condition of players in the team during the meritorious, and popular. in February this year, the Rockets in the home court for Yao Ming held a retirement ceremony, his No. 11 Jersey in the Houston archive, NBA alliance chairman Xiao Hua, the Rockets owner Alexander, former Rockets general manager Carroll Dawson, Rockets center Olajuwon, the history of the legendary Yao before teammate Francis, Tracy McGrady, Mutombo and other heavyweights attended the ceremony. Yao Ming was first selected by the Rockets in the first round of the draft in 2002. NBA career has always worked here. It is the most successful Chinese player in NBA, and the first Chinese player to retire in the history of NBA. Yao Ming is also the seventh player who retired from the Rockets. The three team left its name only Chamberlain recently, the Jacksonville Jaguar management did not want their fans to watch the ball all over the game. Those with tickets fans sent a letter to the team so they don't always stand at the initiative of the stadium. team management said: "we received a lot of reports from individuals, indicating that many fans ignored their fans in the region and always stood watching the games." The team had to send letters everywhere. "In order to be fair to every fan, we agreed that the fans were cheering for the team. But when the game is going on, we hope you don't stand up so as not to obstruct the eyes of the back row and the surrounding audience." , considering the league's twenty-eighth place in the League last year, is hard to believe that fans can affect other people in the stand. But over the past few years according to the team's style of play, standing supporters might block our sight to see Chad - Henny (Chad Henne) was killed. but it seems to be a big problem for the court to stand watching the ball, so the Jaguar wants to make sure that it doesn't happen again. But for those who want to stand to watch the whole game, it will blow their confidence and stand up to give them the courage to support the team.The official website of NFL | w restructuring contract for the people of Dezhou for the eight million rugby | space Houston Dezhou's ace defensive end front J.J. watts (JJ Watt) completed a reorganization contract with the team. , according to ESPN reports, after the reorganization of the contract, Dezhou made up 8 million dollars in salary space, and his 10 million dollar player salary was converted to signing bonus. also dropped his salary from $21 million 969 thousand to $13 million 969 thousand. Watt took the last personal record of 20.5 escapement last season.The hawk chief, Doug Pedersen (Doug Pederson), had been directing the quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) for three years in the chief. The first quarterback Nick - Fowles (Nick Foles) served as a substitute for Smith in the 2016 season. two are happy for Smith's big contract to get red skin. , "I don't want to face Smith two times a year," Pedersen said. "But I'm happy for him. I think it's good for him and red skin. He will be able to afford people's expectations. He is the top player in the professional players and can drive the people around him to pursue perfection together. I am glad that he has come to our division and is looking forward to fighting with him with his team. Fowles says hawks, cowboys and giants are ready to fight a "good quarterback". , "red skin can get Smith's four point guard is really lucky," Fowles said. "Time spent in Kansas City is my favorite career piece. Although there is always a variety of reasons to criticize him, he is the real winner and look at the achievements of his last year. He is not old yet, and is still growing. I worked with him every day. He was one of the smartest players I've ever seen. He was very athletic and able to finish the key. But the most important thing is his authority in the dressing room, and everyone will believe him. Red skin is really a treasure. I am happy for Smith. "

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