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The official website of NFL, RAM Vague Jilly: the second grade is a nightmare season, football nest in a successful rookie season he became the offensive rookie of the year that after the Losangeles rams running back Todd Karli (Todd Gurley) spent a miserable season in the second grade. Gly in the two grade season and the entire ram attack team as a big performance decline, he averaged each time to push the ball can only advance 3.2 yards, in all punching balls more than 150 times of the runner in the bottom. on Tuesday, Gly was asked how to evaluate his 2016 season when he was on the NFL website. is like a nightmare. I still can't believe the performance of the season, he said. It must be a difficult year, and it is a process of learning for me. The record is only 4 to 12. I don't want to feel like that again. Gly said in December the rams offensive group described as high school team group, then rams consecutive games suffered defeat, which led coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) fired. But now the Karli explanation says he just evaluating players rather than coaching. in the first four career starts every punch ball code number more than 125 yards, Karli used by everyone and Hall of famer. But then he had only one cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hundred in 24 games. Since 1970 the country United Union and has not played running back season and averaged so many times Karli punches the ball (17.4) but did not have a red ball number 100. rams have now been replaced by the coaching staff. Gly is still talented, but can the new coaching team inspire his potential in the 2017 season? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL's official website, if you need to retire, Fitzgerald Duncan will choose a way in football nest Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is not sure when he retired, but he knew he would not do with vigour and vitality. on Thursday, Fitzgerald said he did not want to organize such a full of praise, gifts and ceremony before retired tour, Kobe Bryant, Derek and David Otis Jett do. In contrast, more love another Fitz retired star players, the great star only sent a statement to inform the public of their own to retire. this is a whole team game, not me alone. Fitzgerald said, I'm just one of the 1600 NFL players. Although I enjoyed the time of playing, I wouldn't try to make every decision of my own. It's not my character, it's not my way, I think I'm more like Tim - Duncan. on Sunday may be his last game, but he still has a chance to get the league this season first ball number, because the current leader Antonio Brown (106 times, 102 times Fitz will be rested for 17 weeks). But Fitzgerald himself did not want everyone to put him on the ground too early and would only wish to have a low profile. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Purple and Lily is the world famous Florence Club Le CoQ symbol, the designer of sportif interpretation of the great tradition of the club in their own way, embodies the elegant Purple Jerseys, fans can in daily life is also proud to wear V, rib collar and cuffs are added into the white decorative line, on both sides of the body are there is a white line. Xiuyou left a huge "Viola" print, in order to express the fans respect, the slogan "orgoglio Viola (purple pride)" appeared on the shirt collar.a few weeks ago, I gave NBA2K Online game in Huairou film base. The film studio called Wang Xing, a young man can be interesting. On the first day, he said to me the 3 most classic black Philadelphia 76 shirt. He said to me, "Miss Yang, I heard you came to wear it specially. You see, from today, every day is not heavy. we Beijing boy, say do it. That's really not the same day. With nearly half a month, I go there every day to see what star Wang wears, the king and the warrior, the Lakers green Nicks, and everything. On the last day, Wang Xing also wore the first day Iverson. He said it was consistent. He also brought an old version of Iverson to me. He said, "Yang, you can wear this picture. Let's take a picture together. When was leaving, I told Wang Xing, in fact, I bought the first shirt, also Iverson, have a chance to show you. finally turned out today. Come on, star Wang, look at all of them. this was 16 years ago in the 2001 NBA finals. In the first game, Iverson watched 48 points and blocked the Lakers alone. That's his first lifetime career. I bought this jersey and wore it all over to the end, so I didn't even take the time to visit Washington. It was young and not very professional at that time, and it was also wearing the interview. The Philadelphia daily news reporter interviewed me and said the Chinese journalist was a Iverson fan. You see, seeing the shirt, the stories behind it all come out. what do you want to say? Do you ask me that this picture is me? How did I get this right now? You shut up for me... Anyway, when I scanned the picture, my wife, Hong teacher, looked at the picture and looked at me. He looked at his lips and said, "well, it seemed that it could still be..." well. That's not the point. The point is, in every shirt, there is the story of the year; in every shirt, there is a soul that makes you feel like it. I probably don't have as many stars as Wang, but I have a lot. Every one of my shirts was bought in the United States when they were interviewed or explained. I put some of them out and see each one, and I can tell a bunch of them. you see. green Nowitzki. You can certainly notice that the calf logo above it is an old version. The sign has been replaced in the 2001 - 02 season. When the mark was used, the Mavericks' home was the reunion hall, and the young Nowitzki had a golden plate. Yao Ming, 11. See the deep blue and above Shutiao, this one exists only in Dayao's rookie season. The TOYOTA center has been completed, which is the last quarter of the Compaq center. Dayao has a thin face, thin upper limb. He was wearing this dress, from Indianapolis science hall hall Kangsai to click into place stadium, in the face of the strange.

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