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When football meets rugby! Messi C rob stars NFL when football meets rugby star tennis when football meets football, what happens? recently, NFL legendary star Troy · Polamalu and his teammates Ryan · craka, AIKE · Taylor came to China, and Shandong Luneng goalkeeper Wang Dalei came together for an interesting interaction. As the Steelers fans Wang Dalei said excitedly: "Polamalu is my worship safetys! I hope the Steelers to enter the fiftieth super bowl, a Steelers win is 09 years." This is not his first contact with NFL, as early as 2012, Wang Dalei had joined Gao Lin for the NFL super weekend. Dezhou people flush hand JJ· Walt and Messi close together Wang Dalei's love for American football is not surprising. Many football stars have a deep relationship with NFL. This summer Argentina soccer team in the United States and the Bolivia Dezhou confrontation, people rushed to visit military JJ· and Messi watts, intimate photo. JJ· W praised Messi is "the best footballer on the planet", Messi's "Superstar: concise and comprehensive as in the past". Aguero is much more excited than his friends. After taking a picture with JJ·, Watt, it is as hard as a small fan to suppress the excitement: "I posed with the world's top player Watt. Oh yeah! " C Luo C Luo and the former Cincinnati tigers take the place of Chad · AO Qiao Xin Ke is a friend for many years, the latter visited Bernabeu in 2011, received the hospitality of the Real Madrid team, and sent a challenge to C Ronaldo. 1 years after the Real Madrid training came to the United States in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the home court the Steelers before the start of the game a good fun, all the players try to play long distance. Barcelona is also a frequent visitor to NFL. Just this summer, Lewis · and Enrique's team came to 49 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping home games, and an internal rugby match was held at Levi's stadium. It is worth mentioning that NFL's fiftieth Super Bowl will be held on the pitch this season. this year in the limelight of Tottenham striker Harry · Kaine said: "when I finish my career, I hope I can become a member of the NFL, I want to be a player, even if it is a good game. I like this sport very much. I think I can do it. Of course, training is necessary. " Harry · Kaine was not the first top football player to have this idea. This summer, the German national team warm up is a guest in the United States.week sixth Thursday night game, Texas team against the Indiana Colts in the home court, as the AFC South title race game, attracted the attention of. The two sides before the record was 3 wins and 2 losses, but the Colts division record of 2 wins and 0 losses, Dezhou team has been partitioned game. the Colts' first game 24 than 0 Dabao Dezhou turn from a guest into a host defence group, but in J.J. w under the leadership of the Dezhou Yankees across the back, but the final by virtue of section fourth opponent pony two turnovers to withstand Dezhou's counterattack, winning 33 to 28. After the opening of , the people of Dezhou attacked advanced, but failed to get the first attack to end the kick. In contrast, the colts, passing the long distance Iraq after the opening two times, and finished with Hilton took a 40 yard pass to Dezhou before the end of people 10 yards, but 3 attacks failed to obtain a touchdown, the end of the first shot to attack. But the Colts offensive does not end, the Colts kickoff hand mcaffee Dezhou secret service group as a whole while sitting back, a short kick, the ball 10 yards to get out of their own. The Colts started second attack from the first half, "while the other lizuweiwen, a long pass found wide receiver Hilton, Hilton in the ball fell to the ground after up into the end zone, but after the game Dezhou team defender Jackson and Hilton in the end zone have physical contact, so the touchdown was canceled. When people look forward to Dezhou team again issued proof array after the Colts running back Trent Richardson bulldozers rushing touchdowns, helping the Colts 10 to 0 lead. 's Dezhou offensive, but the offensive line is to protect the Colts ball impact hands after explosion, failed again, punt end. The Colts third offensive efficiency is extremely high, 2 minutes to complete the 4 first downs, and advancing to the people of Dezhou before the end of 5 yards, thanks to the J.J. w stand out when the key off Iraq after passing a Clark sacks. But clearly the overall defense of Dezhou people can not resist the field is full of offensive weapons of the pony, running back Ahmad Brad Shaw with Iraq after passing touchdown, the Colts in the first game was in the middle of the 17 people in Dezhou has more than 0 leading team. Dezhou team in the third attack, attack protection front completely transparent, the Colts pass into shock hands such as a place where there is no one, 2 successive Dezhou quarterback sacks. The Colts punt after undaunted, Clark a run, the key moment to complete the two third conversion, won the first attack, completely broke the Dezhou people's defense will. The Colts in the first quarter before the end of follow up a victory with hot pursuit, a second called timeout, Iraq online make tactical adjustments, Dezhou missed nearly end Frisoni, Iraq to the ball to once again, the Colts 24 touchdowns, leading to 0 at the end of the first quarter, a record of Dezhou team history first day the biggest drop points record. to start the second quarter, Dezhou team offensive team in Ariane - Forster's 28 catch and pull off screen code is 20 yards after quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as if wakening from a dream, passing accuracy also increased a lot, after 3 times the opportunity to get a first attack after the shot, but the critical time 〉 ponyOakland Raiders announced James Jones (James Jones). The former Green Bay Packer took over only a season in Oakland and had to try to find a new host. last season, Jones became a goal 112 times, completed the ball 73 times, the team is a stable goal. However, the number of codes and the number of arrays made Jones finally abandoned by the team. The main reason why the 31 year old Jones left the Raiders wide receiver position is for continuous reinforcement. The team first from the free market to sign Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree), then in the draft pick Cooper Amari (Amari Cooper). After 's disarmament Jones, the Raiders will make up about $3 million 500 thousand in salary space before he is the highest pay outside of the team. For the veteran, he will not stay in the free market for a long time. Last season's performance has proved that he is still an excellent player who can contribute to the team.The official website of NFL | Iraq four turnovers, jet away unscathed | football Beijing time on the morning of September 22, 2015, the last battle of NFL second weeks was struck at the Lucas Oil Stadium. Last week the unexpected defeat of the Indianapolis Colts buffalo Bill took home court in New York hope body jet to harvest the first win of the season. How the jet's defense forced the 3 times and 1 times to drop the ball. In the end, the jets defeated the pony at 20:7 and returned to the whole body. In the first quarter of , the pony attack team didn't find a good way to deal with the rush of the jet. The quarterback also had to rush to pass the ball many times, so he sent a copy. In the face of the pony send gift, jet with heart, a foul by the pony, jet Liangong 5 times in small Malaysia 10 yards, and finally by the receiver Eric Dekker scored a touchdown. The first part of the game is the passenger jets 7:0 ahead of the jets. In the second quarter of , although the pony defense team made a mistake in the jet production, the attack team was really tired, and it couldn't form effective propulsion at all. Jets made a mistake in losing the ball, but missed the 48 - yard play before the midfield. But he still took a 10:0 lead in the first half with a kick in the first half of the game. midfielder, jets quarterback Fitzpatrick 24 to 15 to get 158 yards and 1 touchdowns and 1 steals, receiver Dekker 8 catches for 97 yards and get a touchdown catch. As for the pony, LAK 14 passed only 5 in 52 yards and 1 times to cut 1 times, and run Gore's 7 run to 41 yards. the second half began, first attack ponies playing extremely hard, although often in the 3 offensive can pass smoothly, but they are in the sixth round of the 3 offensive attack, Gore in front of the ball to fall before nearly 10 minutes of effort will vanish like soap bubbles. And then, the LAK sent second copies of the field. The two error of the third section made the pony still not able to rewrite the score. The third race also ends in the jet's attack. The score is still 10:0, and the jet is leading. In the fourth quarter of , the pony finally opened, and the 26 yards pass reached Mon Cliff accurately, helping the pony catch the score in 10 minutes before the 7:10. But the jet is still in color, and Fitzpatrick's 15 - yard pass allows the jet to get a 10 point lead again. A jet 17:7 pony. To take the third out of Iraq steals, completely ruined the pony to turn the tide. The jet set the score at 20:7 with a 46 - yard kick in the 1 minutes of the game. The jet smooth victory on the road, is the same as in the pony Seahawks season two game losing streak.

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