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NFL's official website | wave will be a great loss of | football chiefs Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday announced their star defensive spike wave (Dontari Poe) - Don Terry will accept back surgery, the absence of training camp at the beginning of the season and even part of the game. Once the wave is unable to return before the start of the season, it will have a great impact on the chief. wave is one of the best defensive players in the League at present. He is one of the few inside defenders that can always be in good condition and health. He is also the only three front-line player in active duty who weighs more than 300 pounds and has more than 2600 stages of play. The other two are Damm Kong Su (Ndamukong Suh) and Mohamed Wilkerson (Muhammed Wilkerson). wave rookie season is black and white, but with the 2013 season, new coach Andy Reid (Andy Reid) of the office, the wave potential was completely out of his season total score from -14.5 to +15.4 to points, wherein the anti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping run score increased from -9.3 to +9.2, the progress rate of fourth in the league. The wave's prevention and stop rate was 7.6% in all inside defenders eighth, and the 55 time forced the opposing quarterback to hurry out and put in the sixth inside defender of the United States. Wave has gradually become the pillar of defense chief, was his team rushed to contain the players such as Harry, Chuan (Tamba Hali) and Justin Houston (Justin Houston) to the other side of the offensive line raging et al. The chieftain's opening season is not easy. They will face Dezhou wild packers and tigers in succession. Only second weeks are home games, and they cannot get enough rest on Thursday night. The lack of wave chief is likely to fall into the plight of.Jacksonville Jaguar won a quarterback in the third place of last year's draft, which made them have different attitudes towards the 3 ranking this year. The Jaguar general manager David Caldwell (David Caldwell) revealed in an interview that the team may deal with the first round of the year. "We have not made a mistake in the last two years," said Caldwell. "We are going to be more open to the draft this year." The number 3 of Jaguar seems to be valuable. If Tampa Bay pirates and Tennessee Titans did not choose to take a quarterback, the team with the number 3 sign would have the chance to win one of the best two quarterback. Caldwell added: "I'm looking forward to having a team to contact us, but as we all know, the quarterback's position is not easy to predict. As last season, the quarterback fell to the first half of the first round, so many times you didn't really know the value of a certain position. , there are many other places in the current Jaguar. It is necessary to reinforce Caldwell's position. He hopes to exchange high rank for multiple valuable ranks so as to upgrade the team. On the other hand, jaguars also need excellent punching hands. If they can't get a deal, No. 3 will ensure that they can take the next top hand.Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) recently helped the U.S. consumer product safety conference to do publicity, publicity is the main content of the fireworks hazards, promotional content will be released in July 4th before. learned that Pierre and Paul once told the chairman of the organization that "it is really lucky to be alive," because he lost some fingers in his right hand accident but not worried about his life. Pierre and Paul have told good morning reporters in the us that he will keep away from all fireworks in July 4th this year, and celebrate this day in other ways. , in fact, in the past month, Pierre and Paul sent a lot of training videos and photos on social networking sites, in order to prove that they had recovered from fireworks accidents, and wished him a good performance next season.The official website of NFL | Aigo backup quarterback dispute two year round pick preemption | football last week, after the performance of Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallet) in his reporting performance, did the new England patriot lineup change in the depth quarterback position? when Tom Brady (Tom Brady) local time on Friday against the Philadelphia hawks only participated in the two wave of attack on the fate of the rest, is a rookie Jimmy - Benguela Mandelbrot (Jimmy Garoppolo) became the No. two quarterback. Grab Lo quickly led the offensive team finished two impressive scoring offense, first is to complete the full guard James Devlin (James Develin) touchdown pass after pass to wide receiver Brandon Rafael (Brandon Lafell) completed a touchdown, and at the same time, frustrated malette only sidelines. Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) NFL is the most difficult to predict one of the coach. He has the habit of trying to turn the team's depth to the top of the game second weeks before the season. now think are become the number one Glasgow lock Brady is stupid bench. but if the Patriots last only two quarterback, mallet is the one to leave.

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