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in this off-season, the Carolina Black Panther has lost a defensive key player. He is not Josh Norman (Josh Norman), but Roman Harbert (Roman Harper). Roma completed a one - year contract with the New Orleans saints in June, and returned to the saint he had been in for 8 years. This shows that the saints want to transform their second defence, but this not only means that the second defense of the saints is affected. Black Panther coach recently announced the adjustment of the team: "he is now in the saint, and I will guarantee that they will make every effort to get the information they want. Luo Man is a smart man, so we have to adjust to the offensive defense, we need to change a lot. all this is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping not surprising, cam - Newton (Cam Newton) password could not be adjusted, if not adjusted Roman court easily judge the next attack Panther is running the ball or the ball.Cincinnati tigers star wide receiver AJ- Green (A.J.Green) this season has been plagued by injuries, due to a toe injury, he has missed the last sixth weeks and seventh weeks, and the tigers in the two games and a draw, count fifth weeks of defeat in the patriot game has three rounds extremely, last week was the pony zero seal, offensive team is a big problem, they need to return AJ- Green. , according to the tigers official website, Green missed the training of the team on Friday, and was labeled as "questionable" by the team. This is not good news for Hue Jackson, who is at a critical position for the offensive coordinator. AJ- Green played in 4 games this season, each receiving yards are over 80 yards, size up to 18 yards. If Green can not battle No. two receiver Mohammed Thanou (Mohamed Sanu) will continue to bear the number one wide receiver functions, in sixth weeks he played well against the panthers.Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) will lack the help of the first to meet the Dallas cowboy in the next game. , according to team manager Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy), Jordi Jordy will not play in the match against New York giants. He will travel to Dallas and on the sidelines. from this week's news, this is the most likely decision made by the packers, and the decision that Mccarthy and Rodgers have been hinting at. In an interview on Thursday, Rodgers said that if Nelson was not ready to play against the cowboy, he hoped he would be ready to play next week. Nelson did not attend training on Thursday. Nelson has no doubt about the meaning of the packers. Nelson completed the 97 ball 1257 yards and 14 touchdowns in the season, his performance for the team and the offensive team to understand it. since 2014, Rodgers's quarterback score has been 15 points higher than other games in Nelson's game. The pass rate was 5% high and 37.7 yards in the field. packers fans should be thankful for the Cobb Randall (Randall Cobb) to play well again. Cobb ball in play in the season best 116 yards and 3 touchdowns. Can he replicate this performance against cowboys?Before , the Patriots had signed several running guards in the free market to enrich Duhem Lewis (Lewis Dion) and James White (James White)'s backcourt. But they still look desperate. , according to the ESPN reporter, Kristen Michael (Christine Michael) visited the Patriots on Tuesday in the United States. Michael was picked by the three runners in the draft of the draft this month. Michael last year at the Seahawks and the packers teams battle. He was once the Seahawks to punch the ball size and the number of attempts to punch the ball first, but the Seahawks did not leave him.

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