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The official website of NFL | Rudi - White is absent for training this week to play football | doubt Atlanta Falcon Rudi White (Roddy White) missed the team's training on Thanksgiving Day because of an ankle injury. Despite a continuous absence of 2 days of training, coach Mike - Smith (Mike Smith) is still confident of his love. Smith said: I think he will be able to return to training tomorrow, and I believe him. When asked whether White played in this week with the Arizona Cardinals game, Smith firmly replied: yes! despite his coach's confidence in White's injury, the continuous absence of training is not a good sign. White himself did not accept any interview, and we will continue to pay attention to his injuries. In addition, spike Paul Suoliai (Paul Falcon Soliai) as the absenc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e of training, he will accept the examination tomorrow. Smith believes that even if the absence of all training this week, Suoliai still could return to the team in the game before. in addition, another foreign relay Harry Douglas (Harry Douglas) has returned to training. If White's injury can't be restored to his expectations, Douglas will take more responsibility in the game.The official website of NFL | Seahawks cornerback Marx, he dismissed | football broker NFL from the 2015 free agent market officially opened in less than a week's time, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) is going to change your own agent. It is reported that Marx, fired the original agent Jason (Jason Chayut), check the Iliad and the next week with another broker in hand. Maxwell the chicken change agent behavior is rare, even a few managers in the NFL League also surprised, one said: why? This makes it difficult for people in every circle to understand. , according to the regulations of the players' Union, a player must be able to sign a contract with a new broker after five days after he has cut off his agent. Therefore, Marx will not be able to sign a new broker this week. In addition, the tailor has a high reputation in the circle, but he refused to make any comment on the matter.San Francisco team of 49 people and the loss of a defender, they (Strong Safety) Becia Qiang Wei (Antoine Bethea) in the game with the Mustang injury. is over - Latimer Bei Xiya Cody (Cody Latimer) in the Mustang outside for injured, his head was hit, and he was the doctor into the locker room, he was initially diagnosed concussion and missed the rest of the game. Becia in the offseason with just 49 people signed a 4 year contract worth $21 million. Before, he played 8 seasons for the Indianapolis colts. In the last 6 seasons, he has been the first player in the pony team. 49 people want to fill the bay with Whitener West (Donte Whitner) from left blank. at present, the situation in beasia is not quite clear. Before he returned to the training and competition, he had to pass the concussion test first.The official website of NFL | outside the saints took over as boss | rugby football team site New Orleans Saint Marquez Marques (Marques Colston) has now become the venue of rugby league (AFL, a rugby game indoors, less than NFL), and a shareholder of Philadelphia's soul. That means he's not just a player, but a small boss of a team. This team is currently the largest shareholder, the name is the owner of the ESPN Analyst (Ron Jaworski) - Luo yavorsky. He has recently told NFL officials that Kerr Stone has bought part of the team. actually, it wasn't Kerr Stone's first acquisition of a team. Over the past two years, he was the occupation Indoor Football League (PIFL), the first shareholders a team in Pittsburgh. Kerr Stone, 31 years old, said he was very willing to become a shareholder of some teams last year, which will help him expand his social life and set his track ahead of schedule after his retirement. In an interview last summer, he revealed that I was trying to make some changes to my identity. Some are planned and some are opportunistic.

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