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The official website of NFL | crow 5 distance play saints | kick football Beijing time August 29th, the 11 round of pre-season matches, the last round of the same round, and many other wars. The most anxious game is New Orleans saint's home game against Baltimore crows. The final match is: Crow 22 to 13 win the saints. the game highlights a lot, crow team last season all star kicker Justin Texarkana (Justin Tuck) completed a total of 5 times the kick, and backup quarterback Taylor Reed Crow - Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) performance of 17 passes successfully completed 105 yards forward 10 times, with 1 touchdowns and a steals. The four points of the saint's substitutes, Griffin Ryan and Griffin McCown, are relatively inferior. The number of the two players is 150 yards and the completion of a pass is 150, but Mccoy's 4 passes are 4 times successful. The of the game can be said to be a play war, the first quarter than the opening 5 minutes, Turk completed a 46 yard free kick, after the ball back to Saint Mccoy, the way to reach the smooth progress of crow front 2 yards short passes to running back Teruileisi - Cadete (Travaris Cadet) completed a touchdown. The second section of the game 8 yards to crow quarterback Taylor diotte - cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Thompson (Deonte Thompson) to complete the touchdown, the game will enter the kicker's performance time, tenth minutes, the saints kicker Derek - Tim (Derek Dimle) took the lead to complete the 23 yard shot, fifth minutes, 27 Turk crow second yards shot, the last 49 seconds again to complete the 45 yards long distance shooting Texarkana, section second of the last 1 seconds, Tim completed 49 yard super long-range shooting, halftime buzzer. The third and fourth sections respectively completed the Turk 32 yards and 24 yards to play. The two kickball was spelled for the focus of the game. the game two teams performance can be said to be satisfactory, backup quarterback performance are qualified, the two teams play in hand is to give the fans a big surprise, everyone is to understand the Turk for a long time, but the saints Tim as a rookie kicker who can finish 49 yards of buzzer shot for the saints it is no small surprise, maybe next season, you can see the saints more play score. The advantages and disadvantages of teams is also very obvious, the Crow City tournament third high conversion rate, reached 11/19, and the Saint 0/7 data is a bit poor, the biggest problem lies in running the ball, the game ball was only 42 yards rushing yards, 214 yards of the huge contrast crow gap, you know crow main running back Rice did not play the game, the saints defense is still eye-catching, 2 steals, and 2 times the number of bird crow arms, let st 〉does not have a new rookie quarterback or a high level of output that can continue to be stable, and so does most of the new rookie. As the seventh rookie in 2014, the number 7 gave him the magic power. Evans, the Tampa Bay pirate, took 7 shots in the last three games and got 458 yards. It took 209 yards in last Sunday's game and became the youngest player in NFL's history to get more than 200 yards of the ball. He is also the history of the NFL the first 3 consecutive games at least 7 catches for 100 yards and 1 touchdowns rookie. so far this season, he has the ball 794 yards, 7 touchdowns. Receiving yards to lead all rookie receivers, and the Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) with 768 yards followed, buffalo Bill team took over Sami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) for 649 yards, the New Orleans saints Brandon - Kukes (Brandin Cooks) for 550 yards. , and if he can continue the trend of the last three weeks, it will be enough to refresh the NFL rookie catch up in 17 weeks, which is 1473 yards created by Bill Bill in 1960.The official website of NFL, the main Broncos defensive end injury early goodbye to the new season, football nest ????????????????????????????????????????????????-????Vance Walker?????????????????????????????????????????????2016?????? The Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said in an interview: Vance before training camp in the performance is very excellent, we will fully support his rehabilitation, believe that he will return full of blood. Mustang last year starting defensive end Malik - Jackson (Malik Jackson) ushered in a sharp season after being signed at the Jacksonville jaguars, Vance Walker was considered to be the first candidate to succeed Jackson position, now only the heavy Mustang either to the other three defensive end Jared Coric (Jared Crick) and Billy (Billy Winn) - Wayne, this year's two round pick Adam - Gexisi (Adam Gotsis). of the three, the upper limit of the maximum Gexisi, he tore the medial collateral ligament of the knee at the end of October last year, but now he has been cured, two times in the game for the first weeks of pre-season game by quarterback out in a hurry.In the base |2014 "East Asia Cup" women's softball team won the runner up Title Chinese | Japan 2014 East Asian Cup women's Softball Tournament ended today in Ronggui Shunde District of Guangdong city of Foshan Province east coast Chinese fashion sports base in the south. The China softball finals against the Olympic champion Japanese team, but due to heavy rain according to the final cancellation, softball wears sends the system of competition rules, the first stage of the poor performance of Chinese team won the runner up, the Japanese team won the championship. is the first stage of the competition ability of China poor, were more than 0 to 7, 0 to 1 loss to the Taipei giants of the Chinese team and the Japanese team, only to win the weaker South Korean team, ranked third. In the post match Chinese Pelosi, softball again with 4 to 1 victory over South Korea, and the Chinese Taipei team to get the qualification for the final. In the 11 day of the morning of the key war, the Chinese team to 4 to 2 Taipei Chinese team, broke into the final. But the committee finally cancelled the continuous rainstorm final, according to the competition rules, the Japanese team won the final, Chinese team runner up, the Chinese Taipei team and the Korean team won the third and fourth. (Chinese sports newspaper reporter Huang Xinhao)

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