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After 's first season for the first choice, Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) is obviously one of the top league players in the league. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver now want this level of salary. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that Brown will not attend the team voluntary offseason training, because he wants a new contract. Fawkes sports also reported that Brown was considering the absence of mini training camps and training camps to get a new contract. Brown signed a 6 - year contract worth $43 million in 2012. Since then, he is one of the best contacts in the league. The 26 year old player has completed at least 50 yards of the ball at least 5 times in each game since the 2012 season. Since the signing of the contract, Brown has completed 239 catches for 3197 yards and 21 touchdowns. Brown, who is 5 feet, 10 inches (1 meters and 78 meters) tall, doesn't have the typical figure of the ruling class. But his catching line running and kick-off speed enable him to break through numerous defenses. He is very important for the success of the offensive team and the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping safest passing target. now Brown wants to get the reward for his own importance. The NFL team won't give the players a contract because of the past achievements, but is based on whether they are useful in the future. Although the Steelers would not easily yield team, but Brown is one of the few non essential operation for the offensive team quarterback -- especially in the Steelers running back ray viand - Baer (Le'veon Bell) the next season in the first three games were suspended and the case. how long will the development of such a situation deserve attention when we are slowly approaching and as well as compulsory training England patriot Duhem - Lewis (Dion Lewis) scored 9 yards for only 2 times in the first battle of the season. Is it possible for him to make a fist in other teams? according to the Boston media, a number of teams contacted the Patriots to express their interest in the deal with Lewis. so far the patriots have not yet received a bid to make them satisfied. Now they run the health position adequate staff, Mike Gillette (Mike Gillislee), Leslie James - White (James White) and Rex - Burke Hyde (Rex Burkhead) in the play gained opportunity than Lewis, even Chris Hogan took over (Chris Hogan) the number of punches the ball than Lewis many. If Lewis did not have a chance to play in the Patriots, the patriots would be willing to deal with him. Lewis, a 26 year old, is now in the contract year and has a basic salary of $1 million 200 thousand this season. He may be an economical option for a team that seeks to re sign the runner.tiger news June 23rd 2014, New York giants owner John Mara (John Mara) said the quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) is still at the peak but also have good performance." 3 years later, Mara still thinks so. "we think he will be able to play for a few years," Mara said on Thursday. The difference between and 3 years ago is that Manning is now 36, and is about to enter his fourteenth NFL season. Manning, who has already completed 211 consecutive starts, has 3 years in his contract. but the giants began to plan the future of Manning's retirement, and they picked the quarterback Davies Webb (Davis Webb) in the third round of the show this year. The giant manager, Ben McAdoo, has said that the team is planning to make Webb the three quarterback, which will give him time to grow.The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: the thirty-seventh Super Bowl football | let me tell about the 37 super bowl, that is, the Oakland Raider lost to Tampa Bay pirates in the 2003 season. Why write this, I do not understand this history, but I found a strange phenomenon, the raid in the 2003 season a few years ago and has been on the rise, and their coach is Jon Gruden, but the 2002-2003 season Gruden to pirates, pirates in the super bowl beat the Yu Shihai raid who won the super bowl. The Raiders sent Gruden to the pirates for only one vote, and the successor's coach, Bill Callahan, was obviously good at attacking. didn't think much of Pirates before the game, but they brought their offensive team to the super bowl with strong defense. Obviously, the result of the competition is also the same. The pirates completed 5 copies of the game, of which 3 copied successfully ran back to the battle array, including 5 quarterbacks, which led to 34 points. Let's take a look at the quarterback data in this game. The pirate's Johnson pass 18/34 is promoted by 215 yards, and the 2 array is cut off at one time. The quarterback quarterback Gannon passes 24/44, promotes 272 yards, 2 touchstones, and the 5 history of the Super Bowl history. The final 48-21 pirate Raiders won the Super Bowl victory. After the season just one season Raiders coach Callahan class, two teams have gone downhill, the Raiders missed the playoffs after 12 years, and then only pirates in 2005 and 2007 in the playoffs, the 2008 season Gruden after being fired. A strange ending, isn't it? finally, let's talk about the 2002-2003 season's pirate defense team. That defensive team is considered to be one of the greatest defensive teams in NFL history. It can match the crow of the 2000 season and the 1985 season's bear team. The pirates scored 196 points per game that season, only giving each opponent 14.8 first attacks and limiting the number of 155.6 yards per pass. The defensive performance in the super bowl was all the best, and it became one of the greatest defensive performances of the super bowl. The 2002 season of the pirates defense group finally surrendered 19 games, 40 steals, 53 quarterback sacks and 9 defensive touchdowns record group. Tim Brown and some players publicly pointed out that Callahan sabotaged the thirty-seventh Super Bowl in 2013. It was said that he changed the attacking strategy from focusing on running to focusing on passing on Friday.

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