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The - Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) is Pittsburgh Steelers a big show, as one of the best quarterbacks alliance, is also the team's appearance. He represented the team boarded the ESPN week night game poster is right and proper. and Bishop - Sanghi (Bishop Sankey) is the Tennessee Titans second round pick this year, so far this season, he started 2 of 91 games and scored 357 rushing yards and 1 touchdowns. So when you see him and the big book on the poster in a week and one night race, you are sure to be as shocked as Sanjay. Sanghi said, "it was a shock to me. Looks very cool ah, I have chance and Wallace such characters together in the poster. Honestly, I have no outstanding contribution, so I was very surprised. I think there are so many good people in our team that can appear on the poster. " Sanji was no hindrant to the start of the start. A year ago the Steelers rookie running back Liweien - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) in his first 10 games 102 red ball only got 339 yards, and le Sean Mccoy in his 09 year of his rookie season 10 games before the 86 red ball won only 353 yards. But now Baer and Mccoy are all the league's trump guards, and Sanji, like them, was selected in the second round. sang Ji said: "you may think that is a good thing but I stand head and shoulders above others, just want to help the team with more points, and we rushed the ball in efficiency is high, our attack will be better. I've always had a dream that I could go on a week and one night game be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cause every fan would see it. Now that dreams come true, I'm excited. "The official website of NFL |: Graham Witten has always been my idol | football in this season, we've heard countless about the Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (Jason Witten) is discussed. In the past season, we heard Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) and Murray (DeMarco de markum - Murray) to help with talking about Witten affects them, no matter or in person on athletes. We also hear Toni Romo (Tony Romo) said Witten is perhaps the most wonderful cowboy. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) also said it is the best Feng Witten near end of the past ten years on rugby. On Thursday, the reporter interviewed the New Orleans near - end Jimmy - Graham after a professional bowl practice. in practice, replacing the injured Denver tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) in the Western occupation bowl turned into the original first lineup of Graham, this should be a tribute to the Graham will attend the tenth occupation bowl veteran Feng said the near end. the first thing I told him the thing is, you know, you are my idol, all the time, Graham said, whether in the field or field I try to imitate what he had done, not only because he was to do the correct behavior, and he has always been there in the past. He made his contribution to the community is very large. So I tried to be a man like him, because he was such a person. Graham and Wei Teng has participated in the occupation bowl, their manager is the same person, Jimmy seckerson (Jimmy Sexton). But at the same time the proximal front, differ in the way of playing, Graham sharper, like the wide receiver position, and Witten is more like a traditional proximal front. He is one of the goals I want to be or try to catch up every year, Graham said, and I also want to work hard to be his type of near end.compares Beck Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) with Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) as lazy, but Mayfield still wants to make herself farther away from Manzel. this season won the Heisman Mayfield is considered one of the best quarterback in the draft this year. Comparing him to Manzel is due to these reasons: two people are very short, two people will make some decisions, two people are star players, a large part of the reason is that their emergency response capabilities enable them to transform the smashed attack into a brilliant attack. But that's so far for Mayfield. "I want to show what I am. Everyone portrayed me as a bad boy, like Jonny - Manzel, "Mayfield said. "I love the game. There's no doubt about that. I am a sensual player. I will do anything to win. I like to be with my teammates, to lead the team and to take responsibility. The truth is. If I care too much about Manzel, I pay attention to the wrong thing. " but there is no doubt that the atmosphere around the University was also around Mayfield as the circus atmosphere around the University. After training a lot of reporters followed him, but due to family reasons to postpone the arrival in the old bowl after he became the most anticipated player. It is rumoured that he tried to avoid physical examination. His earlier height was considered a shortcoming by scouts. But Mayfield said his mother was sick. That's why he plans to participate in physical examination as well as every other player. The Denver Mustang coaching team will be in charge of the North team, and they ask Mayfield to be a member of the North team. If Mayfield does not have a real similarity between the field and Mayfield, the wild horse should be the first team to know that.The official website of NFL | opener: Seahawks shield spear Lee Kennedy in the packaging industry | football Beijing time on September 5th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL2014 season opener by the Green Bay Packers against the Seattle seahawks. Seahawks home court to defend the dignity, the final 36:16 victory over the packers. opening both test each attack, did not come up with his hand said the offensive weapon, and packers due to a foul, the Seahawks once four punt into 15 yards and won the first work, the Seahawks politely scored 3 points. then, is also a punt, turn the Seahawks turnovers, the packers grab the ball. Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) a few passes to Nelson, left the Seahawks defensive challenges, and to promote the success of front 2 yards, by David John - Kuhn (John Kuhn) sudden strong road touchdown. second, Seahawks offense more flexible use of a false, cheat all run from defence group, unmarked Ricardo - Locket (Ricardo Lockette) after the ball challenged the packers safety, easy touchdown. change to the packers offense, they are different as expected by the short advance, however the ground offensive began to play a role, but ultimately depend on the sign of Rodgers's long pass, tapping into the end zone before the Seahawks, and shot 3 points. after the Seahawks star running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) - beast mode start, take over the game, continuous running ball forward, the final touchdown. until the end of the first half, the Seahawks leading the packers at 17:10. ???????????????????????????????????íž????????????????????????????????????????????3????????????????????????????????????????????????íž1??????????????-????|3??Byron Maxwell?????????????????????????????? Fortunately, the packers defensive blood group is not cold, crisp in the end zone before the stop 3 attack, Hai Ying shot, the difference did not open too much. after that, the two sides started the war again, the third quarter remained less than 5 minutes, and the packers attacked on their own 10 - yard line. Rodgers was the defensive end Michael - Bennett Eagle (Michael Bennett) captured and killed and dropped the ball, the ball rolled into the end zone, although the packers hold the ball right, but still by security, the Seahawks scored 2 points defense group. the end of the third quarter Qianhai Falcons quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilso〉

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