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The official website of NFL | Edelman on jet fans mocking banner: This is interesting | football the new England patriots coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) don't care about the traffic team training ground, but at least one team star for this Thursday's practical joke amused. was asked how New York jet fans flew over the head and pulled one of the liars to look up! The banner, wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) said to the media: you know, actually see something very interesting. ?????????쨢??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? support Biliqieke Edelman said, his comments sounded like his boss never noticed the banner. Really, you face the front, then you hear the whistle you will proceed to the next stage, so the coach there roared at us and asked us to the next stage, Edelman said. You can't even really think about it. The coach always has his way to make us concentrate. no one will than jet loyal to the Brady 4 games more exciting, these tortured fans have long fingers, waiting for the Patriots in the American League East domi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nance die. but to get Biliqieke attention can only occur in one place on the course. related reading: The 2 Beijing tigers baseball | Homer engulfed Jiangsu huge horse! Baseball League points lead bowling | Diego back, Jiangsu TV sports channel "challenge champion" is recorded in | Video: the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling grand opening! |2017 men and Women Handball handball World Championships host | only European countries | pending bid for Chinese hand Co bowling | Chongqing honglink bowling alley in June 2016 third week tournament player Cui Jie 1348 points to win the hands curve! bowling |2016 national bowling championship in the northern section of the north, Jiangsu winning team champion | Shanghai the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling bowling tomorrow officially opened! The official website of NFL | Aigo trading malette | backup quarterback football | China tour's first stop squash squash ended Wang Weicong Li Dongjin to win a The official website of NFL | - Toni's continuous failure this season is so painful for New York jet, but for his coach, Rex Ryan, he may not be on the jet plane for a long time. But it seems that he knew his fate before the start of the season. according to New York reports, Rex heard a lot of news, many of his friends in the League also told him that the general manager of jet is ready to replace the team manager after the season. Rex responded to the calmness: "he must think it can let me go." has achieved 2 wins and 9 losses with its record. The jet has been identified with the playoffs. Firing Rex has become a top priority. But Rex seems to care only about the next match. said, "we're running well, I think it's a challenge for us and we're going to do better." Rex in their first two seasons as head coach of the jets led the team two times to enter the American League finals, but never won the victory, the quarterback is always a big issue for the team, earlier this week, Rex said Smith once again prepared to enable the keno (Geno Smith) to replace Mike Vick (the first Michael Vick).The official website of NFL, MLB in metropolitan New York signed Tim, Seth Tibbott - Rugby nest The MLB team the New York Mets gave former NFL quarterback Tim Thibault (Tim Tebow) a contract. in short, this is a new Yorker, you have been looking forward to the trend of Seth tibbott. New York jets do not let him play, but the 29 - year-old will be joined by the 29 - year-old newcomer to their small affiliate teams. Coincidentally, in Seth Tibbott joined MetLife on the same day, the new season will start NFL. more than a week before the trial held Thibault showed his baseball skills, this could attract almost every major league club scouts in. Although the Scout is best for him, it is also a good or bad, but it is clear that most of them will see the potential and give him the opportunity. In the worst case, most of the people found the best person to make their own propaganda. Seth Tibbott will bring the highest in team history and ticket revenue to the surrounding minor league team. And in the best case, they can do well when others laugh at them. let us good luck at NFL's career in MLB. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL official website | San Francisco 49 people fired cornerback Chris Cook | Rugby San Francisco 49 people in the local time on Wednesday announced the team interior guard Chris Cook (Chris Cook) cut out of the team. 28 year old Cook in March last year and 49 people signed a one-year contract last season, the team played 6 games, in stage 48 after a hamstring tear. Defensive bid farewell to the 2014 season. The new season 49 cornerback situation has been basically clear, Jimmy - Ward (Jimmy Ward) occupy a starting place, another seat in Telameien - Bullock (Tramaine Brock) and Sallis Wright (Shareece Wright) between, in addition to the Tang Dynasty (Dontae Johnson) with Johnson, Marcus g Rome (Marcus Cromartie) pedicle and Leon - Mcfadden (Leon McFadden) and has no substitute rotation, the position of Cook. Cook's future prospects are not clear, the former two round show has excellent physical condition, 6 foot 2 is consistent with the trend of the pursuit of a league cornerback now, but the biggest problem is that he can not always stay healthy, the past 5 seasons played only 29 games.

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