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The lion wide receiver Kenny Song Di (Kenny Golladay) hamstring injuries has not ended. He missed two days this week after training on Friday, official confirmation will not play against the Steelers game. the rookie in the season opener against the cardinals in the brisk performance, the completion of the two receiving touchdowns. took over the Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) this week may be unable to determine the play. He has been restricted to training for his shoulder injury.Water polo | women's water polo a negative | host third group will play the United States for eight Cleveland July 23 Rome Xinhua (reporter Gao Jin) China women's water polo team today 10 losing more than 11 hosts Italy column group third world swimming championships. Italy team with the home situation, the start of the start of the two goals, fortunately, the Chinese team immediately shot into one point, since then the score has not been opened. The first secti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping on was one point behind 3 - 4, and the Chinese team made the first equaliser in the second quarter. When a Italy was sent off to the Chinese team and the Chinese team played 5 points in 6 games, the Chinese team scored another goal, but it was immediately recovered. The Chinese team was second, 6, 7, still behind. The third section China team two times fast from the periphery to intermediate score, but the shot of the Italy team is always difficult, although goalkeeper judgment is accurate, but can not stop the ball collision after entry, the China team will recover as the score 10 to 10 level. The last section, Italy team to guard against the Chinese team, and the Chinese team several shots were blocked or shot is not allowed, the result of the Italy team to win a ball. the game Italy team home court advantage is obvious, the audience chanting I-TA-LIA (Italy) for their team, each team goal or goal China team failed to try desperately to cheer, and in the Chinese team shot and his players sent off when they were booed by interference. was the final game of group A, the highest in the women's water polo group. This game decided the final group ranking, and decided the match situation in the rematch. The team of China was Hungarian, Italy and Uzbek, the team was third, and the Italy team was only Hungarian and the team was second. In the women's water polo return from the day after tomorrow, the Chinese team will play second American teams against group B and the winner will enter the top eight. China has never won the U. S. team before, so it's very difficult to get into the top eight.even-even soccer equipment network in the Champions League and UEFA Cup qualifying playoff after the end of the season in the Champions League, the 48 strong group phase has been born. As an official partner of the UEFA, Adidas has also launched a new European Union Cup Official ball in the 2017-18 season. Fengyun football shoes will be used for the Europa League group phase stage to the knockout tournament after all important use. "Condescending" A Senna in the Europa cup will be a powerful contender for the European Cup champion.The official website of NFL | saints rookie is expected to fill the Garrett departure | football last week, the New Orleans saints cut Chong military junior Garrett (Junior Galette) the news sparked controversy in September last year, the saints and Garrett signed a contract in 4 years and $41 million 500 thousand, less than a year will be cut out team could not help but let the outside world surprised. Gareth is off the main reason he was cut, but cut so talented players will pass a rush of saints defense have no small blow. Fortunately, the saints have a backup plan, the team already has a potential impact on people, he is the two round of this year show Hawuli - Kazakhstan (Hau 'Oli Kikaha kiikka). Kikaha was an excellent runner during his playing in University of Washington. His success rate was 3-4 in all the third draft of the draft. Of course, he still needs to adapt himself to the offensive and defensive level of the professional field. In addition, he was completely suppressed last season in the face of Stanford University Andrews Peter (Andrus Peat, who was also a saint new year this year), which is called the worst performance of the season, which is also worrying. But we are full of confidence in the potential new person, even if he is only used as a pure flush hand. on how to use the base card ah, can draw on the Elvis crow Saint Ndume Weil (Elvis Dumervil) use. The crow xhumo, playing gear ratio control in 56.5%, at the same time with Ndume Weil on the court, he is at hand in the 66.6% pass as file number. Always play so Jikaha the file number will be less than Garrett, but at chuandang ratio is higher than garrett.

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