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Minnesota Vikings were on the way from Miami dolphin team to Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) one day after they announced the departure of veteran Greg Jennings (Greg Jennings). Jennings was expected to be surprised, but it was only Wallace's deal that accelerated the process. Jennings, 31, has been able to earn $8 million 900 thousand this season, but since 2010 he has not received a thousand yards in a season. compared with the young team - Johnson Charles took over the ball (Charles Johnson) and jarius White (Jarius Wright) data to look good, but the last two seasons rarely saw his size ball scene appeared. currently needs over teams such as the Oakland Raiders have higher requirement on the speed, Jennings advanced in age is not necessarily appropriate. Ted Thompson (Ted Thompson) will bring him back to the Green Bay Packers as fourth received?of the new England patriots run Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) to crea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping te a record in team history in the United States Sunday the end of the game. in the game he completed a 1 yard touchdown run with the ball, it became his fifteenth touchdown, also created a new season record, after completion of the single season team patriot 14 touchdowns player is hall of Fame star Curtis - Martin (Curtis Martin Martin) in 1995 and 1996 were completed in a single season record of 14 touchdowns. Blount's 1 yard ball helped the team lead 10 to 3 at that time, and this season is also his career high. Before Sunday, he scored 1029 yards in the league's fifth place. on a complete single season 15 touchdowns running back or Forster (Arian Foster) - Ariane, that was in 2012. Barack Obama Obama delivered an impressive speech on Monday to congratulate Denver wild horse on winning the fiftieth Super Bowl champion. He did not hesitate to mention the strong defense team of the wild horse in the speech of winning the fiftieth Super Bowl champion. said kicker Brandon Macmanus jokingly (Brandon McManus) is the offensive team group "core", Obama will be the focus of the ball impact hand von Miller (Von Miller) and DeMarcus (DeMarcus Ware), will then end to now retired quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning salute). , "last year was a high standard year. The wild horse won three Super Bowl Champions of Shi Di, through the victory of the Carolina black panther," Obama said. "It doesn't mean that their games are always beautiful, or they can be described with beauty. The coaches admit it is a hard man. Last season, the wild horse scored a record 11 points difference in a battle or within the scope of the victory, not one of the best defensive teams in history, you can't do this. Obama finally turned the topic back to Manning. "Next is the person that appears in every advertisement. Whatever you need - insurance, pizza, Buick - you can spend your daily life on what this person sells, "Obama said. "You know who I'm talking about - it's Payton - Manning. I have to say I'm glad to be able to receive Payton at the white house before I leave office. Anyone who has ever witnessed one of the greatest footballers in history knows that he has won the most victories in history, the most MVP, the most passing number and the most successful touchdown. "he's the only quarterback that won the super bowl for two different teams. We are obviously disappointed to see him retiring in the spring this spring, but as a little older than him, I sympathize with his ideas. Playing games next to these people will have an impact. " this will be Obama's last meeting with the Super Bowl at the White House. In addition to praise for the wild horses, he expressed his support for the Chicago bear again. "I will continue to support the bear team. But I have to give them a compliment for the outstanding performance of the team. "NFL official website | Mario tower will not attend the draft | football At 's NFL show this year, two highly selected players may be absent at the same time. Shortly before , Winston Winston announced that he would be absent from the draft convention because he needed to accompany her grandmother at that time. Now we know that another quarterback of high draft will be absent, too, Jameis. according to ESPN reporter, Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) will be absent from the Chicago draft convention, because he will accompany his family to Hawaii for vacation. if you have seen the Heisman awards, you will understand the great influence of Mario Kobita culture for Polly Slovenia, and he will speak Samoa. many years ago, Joe Joe (Joe Thomas) said he would be absent from the draft convention. After that, he never regretted it. We believe Winston and Mario Kobita will do the same.

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