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"On behalf of UMBRO Canada colleagues, I am very proud and excited to release the latest version of the" red "Canada, Canada UMBRO vice president Michael · Schoemaker (Translator: this gentleman named Shoemaker.. Shoemaker) has been said," we can put together a mark and the Canadian Association is proud of our trademark double diamond. In the most important year in the history of Canadian football, our shirts will wear the same colors for fans of all ages and heroes in their minds.In 1931, Kingdom of Spain was disillusioned and the new Spanish Republic wa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s replaced, so all the symbols of the royal family were banned. It also includes the club badge on the crown, the team name once again become the Madrid club. However, the club badge and a symbol of Castilla ribbon. Marked by M.C.F, Real Madrid badge again change.The official website of NFL | giant with Eli Manning finished 84 million | football contract is the New York giants and their quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) to complete the contract. , according to NFK media, reports that the contract will be announced on Friday in the United States, which is worth $84 million for a period of 4 years. In the 2014 season, Manning came to his rebounding year, completed a 4410 - yard pass, 30 and 14 times. has been traded by giants since 2004. Manning has become the symbol of the giant. He has been taken up the top 3 times in the league, but he has won the Super Bowl Honor 2 times. The completion of the contract indicates that Manning will retire from the giant.The official website of NFL | Griffin III: I can't football for my teammates to be careless with | The Washington Redskins quarterback again this week to become the focus of Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) is the focus of everyone's attention as in the past. In last week's game, the Redskins with 7-27 defenseless in the home court by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the underdog, Griffin said after the game: one can't make bricks without straw, if his teammates poor performance, then it is difficult to have as good quarterback. Griffin's casual criticism of his teammates has also led to the discontent of Jay Gruden, the red head coach. The chief coach of Griffin, who has been making the decision to criticize the love general publicly: for Robert, he must understand that the most important thing is himself. He must first take care of himself, rather than always pay attention to others. grunton also said in an interview that Griffin's performance was unsatisfactory. As the people at that time, Griffin did not choose silence, he said in the social networking platform on their own: I can't put my teammates thrown under the car, they can not be careless with. It seems that the farce will continue, and we will continue to focus on the development of the event.

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