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Japan Osaka cherry football club and PUMA hand in hand to release the team's 2018 home, the home and the Asian Champions League stadium shirt. as the 2017 season J1 League Championship, Osaka won the league championship to Sakura There was no parallel in history. in South Korea coach under the leadership of Yin Jinghuan, finally let the beginning not captured the Japanese occupation league championship team to achieve the dream. Osaka Sakura season 2018 home court continuation of the club's iconic shirt shirt with pink appearance, called the LIGA Collection template, and this PUMA sponsored erval template the same shirt. The home shirt has a simple white collar and a white decoration at the cuff. The white Form Stripe stripes from the shirt collar to the sleeves create a classic retro appearance. The shirt is added to the club's cherry dark lines, and the 11 cherry blossoms all over the shirt symbolize 11 people fighting for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the team. The left chest badge above add a symbol of champion gold star, a symbol of the team final round of Champions dream moment of glory. In the new season of , Osaka Sakura shirt used the same template as the home court shirt, and the passenger shirt continues the tradition of the former white ground. The shirt collar and cuff are decorated with pink color, and the pink Form Stripe stripes extending from the shoulder to the sleeves are more striking in the white shirt. PUMA also prepares a brand new home for Osaka cherry blossoms next year in the Asian Champions League. The jerseys are designed by the team of the 2013 seasons ago, which are usually used in the powder / deep blue stripes shirts, and the two color stripes with gradient designs show the strong strength of the team on the field. new season Osaka cherry main guest field and the sub - crown Home Jersey have already begun to accept the reservation.Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) is about to enter the fourth season of his career. Most people think Griffin is no longer the Griffin of the rookie season. His knee injury has destroyed the athletic young quarterback. In the face of doubts, Griffin is still confident. Griffin said, "I don't think it's necessary for me to stand out and explain to others why I'm stronger than some people. What is more important is my performance on the court. I am the best quarterback of this team and I believe I can be the best quarterback in the league. What I'm going to do now is to show that. " then Griffin explained his foothold in this statement: "in the occupation sports level, if you give to others, you are not the most top competitors. To reach the peak of your own and to make the best of yourself, you must believe that you are the best. Of course, I firmly believe that I am the best, and every day I do better than I did yesterday. "The former Washington Red - skinned quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) visited New York jets on Friday in the United States. ESPN was the first to report the news and was later confirmed by FS1 and Fawkes sports. has released the 26 year old quarterback with red skin this week, and Griffin has become one of the focus of the free market for the rest of the season. Griffin's visit and the jets quarterback and apparently not Ryan Patrick Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) to complete the contract, according to the news after Griffin is not on the list of candidates in the jets quarterback. Griffin's rookie season was exceptionally bright, but he only completed 20 matches from 2013 to 2014. He only won 5 of them. He failed to play in the 2015 season, and was eventually replaced by Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins).Cleveland Brown coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) on Saturday after the end of the training for Terrell Pryor (Terrelle Pryor) issued a warning for the future, but when players sidelined due to a hamstring injury when it is difficult to make a difference. "he was unable to train it to keep the team opportunity every day is reduced," Pettine mentioned Pryor told the media that the absence of training. in Pettine and Brown sign Pryor and try to let him they are holding speculative mentality transformation to take over. Now, it seems that the chances of Pryor are getting less and less. He two before Brown's pre-season game was not played, and this month at the end of the day of layoffs is in sight. as to take over from the hamstring injury recovery for any one veteran is very difficult. But when you're a player in the transition - like Pryor - it's definitely a very different challenge. in any case, Pryor should pay attention to the words in mind and pettine. If he can't go back to the training ground, his NFL career may be in danger.

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