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even-even soccer equipment network Desanto Corporation in Japan to join J Tokyo league team FC (FC Tokyo, FC Tokyo) jointly announced the team's 2018 season new home court Jersey, with "flame Knight (arthritis Knight)" as the design concept, the traditional blue and red team showed the burning passion of the flame in the cold environment new jersey. in the "flame" Knights under the guidance of the concept, designers will be attached to the burning passion of the players, like the knight armor, while showing the team and powerful fashion appearance.American football is the most popular sport of the American people, and the super bowl of NFL is the most spectacular event of the sport. Nowadays, NFL is becoming more and more popular in China, and more and more people are beginning to pay attention to American football. In fact, the rules of American football are very simple, as long as there are several core rules that can be understood: How does score? American football score is divided into three kinds: array, shot, security. : touchdown players in the touchdown zone receive pass, or the players to promote the ball into each other end, single scored 6 t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ouchdowns. shot: by kicking the ball, the ball is kicked into the back of the array and shot 3 points in a single shot. security: offensive defense stopped in the other end section, the defending 2 points. also, in touchdowns and a chance to score additional points, the parties can choose on the 2 yard line to attack an array, if 2 points can be obtained. Or choose to shoot at 15 yards and get 1 points after the hit. How does the attack move forward? is divided into 2 ways of attacking and advancing: passing and running. First, the number of backward passes is not limited when the attack is attacked. Second, after the kick-off line, the offensive side has a chance to pass the ball forward. offensive side has 4 attack opportunities, the 4 attack in the cumulative advance of more than 10 yards, you can get a new 4 attack opportunities. if the offensives think that they are not sure to advance more than 10 yards in the fourth attack, you can choose to kick the ball and kick the ball to the other side. The opponent started the counter attack from the place where the ball was stopped. hasn't figured it out yet? Read and recite the full text! And then look at this video:The official website of NFL | patriot 11 year veteran or find another way out | football Vince on Thursday, the new England patriot defending Vince announced that he will not appear in the patriot's list next season. The veteran has spent 11 seasons in the patriot and has won 2 Super Bowl for the team. : "I'm in a bad mood now." this gives me time to think about it, think about my family, and see where I have been and where I haven't been. But I always remember that I was a member of the patriot. , the 325 pound player was selected in Miami in 2004. After that, he helped the Patriot win a super bowl and the latest super bowl as a new man. But because his contract will be 4 million dollars next season, and the next season will be 14 million dollars, but the money will ensure a practical runner for the team. is 33 years old. He missed 14 games last season because of injuries. But after that, they all went on to play, including 3 playoffs. They also contributed 28 tackles and third career cuts. Volflock said: can I play? Of course?? I still love this job, so I can make sure I'm going to do something for the Patriots. It's my home.The official website of NFL | Super Bowl MVP - Joe - Montana | football almost all NFL players have the experience of playing College Football. However, during the University honorary life sized does not guarantee the occupation career so smooth, Heisman (American college football player's highest honor) winner also Matt Leinart lost in the team's bench occupation; on the contrary, there are people in the University honors completely inadequate, but became the occupation league's top superstar. For example, Tom Brady. The hero of this article, Joe Montana, belongs to the latter. teenager: the unexclusive sports teenager June 11, 1956, Joe Montana was born in a small city in Pennsylvania, called New Eagle. Influenced by her father, Joe Montana was showing athletic, high school is the school basketball, baseball, football star. In fact, after helping Ringgold high school win the state championship and be selected as the best team in the state high school league, North Carolina gave Joe Montana a basketball scholarship offer, and promised that he could participate in basketball and rugby team in University. Fortunately, the future Hall of fame quarterback refused the scholarship. He chose University of Notre Dame in Indiana and worked alongside the childhood idol Terry Hanratty. University: the magic quarterback that reverses the sex high school Montana once took 223 yards in a game and got 3 passes and 1 shots. ???????1????????????????3??Montana???????????????????? turns up in the sophomore. The former coach Ara Parseghian resigned because of heart, instead of the previously coached the Green Bay Packers Dan Devine. After spring training performance of Montana, Devine Fighting Irish (University of Notre Dame finds that he is the best candidate quarterback of the team). The skeptics said: who is Joe Montana? Devine replied for the next few years I pointed at him for dinner. Joe Montana University was the first to prove that he was playing at the University of North Carolina in 1975. On the road, there were 5 minutes and 17 seconds left, and 6-14 of the University of Notre Dame fell behind 8 points. Montana took only 1 minutes and 2 seconds to lead the team to complete the reversal. Finally, University of Notre Dame took 21-14 of the victory to leave the North Cathedral hill. Next to the array.

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