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The official website of NFL, (3/4) at week war wild card: Baer 167 yards broke the record in team history, the Steelers win 30:12, Dolphins Football nest Beijing time on Monday January 9, 2017 at 2:00 in the morning, United second wild card game kick-off in Pittsburgh Heinz Stadium: 10 wins and 6 losses in the No. six seed Miami dolphins away challenge 11 wins and 5 American League North title, the No. three seed Pittsburgh steelers. The two teams have played this season, the regular season for sixth weeks, the Miami dolphins defeated Pittsburgh Steelers 30:15 home court. Pittsburgh Steelers has three consecutive season into the playoffs last season, they defeated the Cincinnati tigers in the wild card round away, after the partition match regret not enemy Denver broncos. In contrast, the Miami dolphins or in the playoffs last Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the season of the 2008 season, and the last time they won a playoff game or in the 2000 season, the dolphins through overtime victory over the Indianapolis horse small adventure. home court against Pittsburgh Steelers attack first, to run Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) rushed the ball 11 yards. In Eli Rodgers (Eli Rogers) after the completion of the ball 19 yards, Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) with B cheap nfl jerseys free shipping en Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in the two pass, near the end of a road running under the cover of 50 yards, a touchdown. The Steelers took the lead in the establishment of a 7:0 lead. Ryan Hill in due to Tanzania (Ryan Tannehill) because of injury is still not available, the dolphins still sent Matt Moore (Matt Moore). He failed to lead the team in the half - field and had to abandon the kick after a first attack. Ben Rothlisberger's pass found Antonio Brown, Brown get rid of grapple 62 yards touchdown, the Steelers 14:0 dolphin. Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore long pass found wide receiver Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills), with 36 yards, dolphins kicker Andrew Franks (Andrew Franks) hit a 38 yard free kick, the game was 14:3. Steelers offensive group the game third times on stage, this time they put all the ball to leviant - Baer - he continuously punches the ball 8 times, led the Steelers to score line. The game has entered the second day, Baer 1 yards rushing touchdown. Kicker Chris Bose (Chris, Boswell) the additional points not shot, Steelers lead 20:3 dolphin. 17 points behind the dolphins need score: in the face of four stalls for 1 yards in the first half, the dolphins use fake punt tactics, safety Michael Thomas (Michael Th〉NFL's official website announced the | saints kicker Graham 1 | Rugby New Orleans saints hope to remain stable in the position of the kicker. According to NFL official website reporter, the team has reached agreement with the 37 year old veteran player Sean Graham (Shayne Graham) on the new contract. Graham will renew his contract with the team for 1 years, and in the last 2014 seasons, he has shot 19 shots in 22 shots. although the New Testament was harvested, Graham was not the only choice for the saints in the kicker position. He needs and a 2013 six round rookie Dustin Hoffman Hopki (Dustin Hopkins) competition. Hopki was signed by the saints in the final stage of the season after being cut off by Buffalo Bill. currently, the alliance has been trying to adjust the shooting rules, including the width of the ball and the additional distance. In this case, some players did not fit in. It is foreseeable that the alliance will continue to try in this area, so the experienced kicker will become more important. For the saints, they clearly want to leave a veteran in battle Graham, rather than a younger rookie.tiger news July 20th a series of injuries last season was to destroy San Diego lightning attack group. A year later, lightning was busy paying attention to the health of their first rookie. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo according to informed sources reported that this year the seventh pick out over Mike - Williams (Mike Williams) received second times after local anesthesia may be due to injury to the start of training camp in the list of parts in the field of lumbar disc herniation. Lafoluo said the good news is that Williams this week resumed training run and feel better "". NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that three to four weeks ago, back surgery is one of the treatment options, but now two people familiar with the matter said that Williams's recovery has made some progress and will no longer choose surgery. Williams in the rookie Mini camp in the offseason after injury, he was unable to train. When he continued to be absent, the pressure fell on the veteran Keenan Allen. Last season, he almost missed the whole season due to the tear of the front cross of the knee. He is now the leader in the position of Alan. when the full health, a variety of styles of lightning catcher, except Alan and Travis Benjamin - their long ball threat (Travis Benjamin), on the season breakthrough performance Terrell Williams (Tyrell Williams) and dongte rehl - Inman (Dontrelle Inman). In the array, there are also Melvin Melvin and Gordon Hunter and Hunter Gates (Hunter Henry) and Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates). The lightning attack group has great potential. did what they planned last year, but soon the injury hit them. Now lightning hopes that Williams can return to health rather than open another wave of injury.tiger February 27th news. The Lakers challenge the hawks in today's game. Eagle has just updated twitter, showing the Lakers' fans that they are watching today. "are these people on the game list today?" The eagle officer wrote. In the official twitter released some pictures, only a fan wearing a Lakers player langzuo - Bauer Jersey and other fans wearing jerseys for the Lakers jersey retired players: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille - O'neal, Magic Johnson, Michael Cooper, Nick Searl and Kareem van eijk - Abdul - Jabbar. In the process of finding the fans in the Lakers' active players, every hawk releases a failed picture, which will be accompanied by a "No". After finding fans who are wearing Bauer shirt, the hawk officer wrote "Yes" on twitter excitedly. The Hawk has 10 points and 46 seconds in the fourth quarter of the Lakers' game, and the Lakers have a 102-80 lead. (Editor: McHuoChenoda)

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