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The official website of NFL | saints linebacker Scarlett Wright resigned two years ago to fight | football on Saturday was found to have appeared in a 2013 fight video uploaded to YouTube after the New Orleans saints linebacker giugno - Scarlett Wright (Junior Galette) may soon be in trouble. The video of was uploaded in March 2013, but no one was recognized in the video at that time. In the 1 - 44 - second video, a man now thought to be a gallett was shot to hit a few people with a belt, including a woman. He also pushed a few people and at least a fist. New Orleans's local media reported that Jiaren was not the only one in the video, but NFL has noticed the existence of the video and knows that it is related to the fight. In fact, the saints sent the video to NFL, according to ESPN. The time for the video to become the focus of the public is critical to chal. He had been accused of minor injuries in the first month, but the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping accusation was later revoked. Despite the revocation of the accusation, gallett was still meeting with NFL officials at some time in the late June to decide whether he would be punished by NFL. , the January event, may be penalized by NFL, but it would be interesting to see how the alliance will respond to this more than two years of violence video. is not sure when the saint came to find this video. But when the team contracted with 4 years and 41 million dollars in September last year, he probably didn't know this.NFL official website, linebacker David Harris added: when no hesitation in football Wo Aigo tiger news in July 17th this year, the new England patriots offseason more signings, signed long-term division rivals David - Harris (David Harris) may not cause concern. , the former New York jetliner, was cut off by his old host in June 6th. Though he worked for the first 10 seasons for jet, he didn't hesitate to join the Patriot when he had the chance to sign a two-year contract with him in two weeks. they contacted me and I decided that I wanted to work for them, Harris said on Saturday. They are great teams. They represent the highest standard of NFL. Why don't you want to be a member of them? in the second round of the 2007 draft, Harris has been the first midline of the jet. He has only been absent from one match in the last 8 seasons. His performance has always been very stable, even in the last season of 33 years old, he ranked first in 62 individual escapement. Harris will face jets for the first time in October 15th. Most jet fans would be unaccustomed to his clothes except for green. Although Harris chose the new host, he would have been able to retire for the jet if he decided. I was disappointed when I was cut off by the jet, Harris said. I wanted to end my career there. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) will be operated on. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to reports from people familiar with the matter, said the Atlanta Falcon star catcher will receive foot surgery on Monday. is a minor operation for Jones and does not affect his training camp. however, this means that Jones's foot to undergo surgery, he last season two toes and foot central ligament injuries, but he played with the injury. Jones fractured his right foot in 2011 and 2013. He broke second times, leading to his reimbursement for 2013 season. But after that, his performance was no longer blocked, becoming the most dangerous outsourcing of the league. although the latest operation may affect his off-season training, don't worry about Jones will miss the start of the season. In addition to being one of the best players in the league, Jones is one of the strongest players.The official website of NFL |JJ w his first secret signature shoes | football last month JJ watt (J.J.Watt) showed his own personal Logo, that is, his first personal series of equipment was about to come out. American time on Thursday, Watt's personal signature shoes came out in New York, but they were not stunning. , according to the Houston record, that Walter is very fond of his own shoes, which he calls the coolest in history. Watt told an interview during the exhibition: "if you can't get up every morning to be the best player, you shouldn't choose it." Watt has also become a Reebok fourth series of products have the signature of the individual athletes, previously were Alan Iverson (Allen Iverson), Yao Ming and Shaquille - O'neal (Shaquille O'Neal). is reported to be selling for only $99, and is expected to be officially launched in July 15th.

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