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The official website of NFL, the veteran receiver Eric Dirk visited Tennessee, the Titan football nest tiger June 15th news, Eric Dirk (Eric Decker) quickly began to find a new host. , on the first day of his becoming a free agent, revealed that he met with Tennessee Titan. New York jets formally cut Dirk on Tuesday after they couldn't find a deal. , 30, was 30 years old with a torn shoulder revolving muscle and a hip injury that needed surgical treatment, which led him to just 3 games. intended Dirk to be an interesting move for Titan. They have already had a lot of good players in the catcher's lineup. In the first round of the draft this year and third they chose Cory - Davies (Corey Davis) and Taylor (Taywan Taylor) - tevan. If Titan finally signed Dirk, the quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) would have more pass goals. Titan chief Mike Muraki (Mike Mularkey) said the meeting was to understand Dirk. and from the outside point of view, Titan is an ideal new place for Dirk. His wife is a country music singer. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which cheap nfl jerseys free shipping does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Australia football star Hein debut at NFL | stunning football San Francisco 49 people in this offseason has seen a wave of star players leave the team. Can Jared Hayne (Jarryd) help fill the gap? , the former British rugby league star, has been impressed by his dynamic performance in the pre - season on Saturday night. is the number two runner behind Carlos Hyde (Carlos Hyde), and he scored 64 yards in the team's 10-23 defeat to Houston and Dezhou. One of his best performances was to break through the 53 yards of the Dezhou defender. I saw him across the sky and then Yiqijuechen, backup quarterback Gabot Bollinger (Blaine Gabbert) said this wonderful rushed the ball. The line is very good to stop all opponents grapple fullback Bruce Miller (Bruce Miller) to a person open, a huge open space for Jared, he let the opponent safetys grapple and missed almost a touchdown in the open. hyine said to the media that he felt relieved after his debut in the NFL game, he said: I put a lot of pressure on myself. I want to play and join the team. I don't want to play and look like an English rugby player. I want to look like an American NFL player, and I think I did. in addition to punch the ball performance also completed a 33 yard punt return Hines have a chance to stay in the team currently 49 PFLP, running back position and Hyde, Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush), Ken DELL Hunter (Kendall Hunter) - Davies and rookie Mike (Mike Davis). coach Jim Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) said he must compete to get the chance to stay, but if he can repeat the performance again, the Australian who has changed from rugby league to NFL runner will have the chance to stay in the team.Handball | Bush for the United States Olympic delegation | incentive for | hand off Players Association Luca local time on July 21st, U.S. President Barack Bush in the White House Rose Garden for the Olympic team. At the ceremony, Bush delivered speeches, congratulated all the athletes who were selected, and encouraged them to carry forward the spirit of Olympic higher, faster and stronger, and striving for good results to win glory for the US team. , as a friendly Ambassador of the United States, you will convey to the athletes and all Chinese people from all over the world the values of American people's love for freedom and respect for human rights. President Bush inspired American athletes. Bush will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in August 8th and will watch the sports events of the previous days. I want to pay tribute to all the athletes, and I can't wait to share with you the joy of victory. Bush said excitedly. the US team of more than 400 people going to Beijing will be the largest team in the history of the Olympic Games. They will be formally stationed in the Beijing Normal University in July 25th to begin the final training and preparation of the Olympic Games. (Wu Ying)The official website of NFL | signed the Miami dolphins running back Isaiah pidde | Rugby the Miami dolphins in the local time on Thursday announced that the team has run with free agent guard Isaiah pidde (Isaiah Pead) signed a contract, and according to the official website of NFL well-known media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the dolphins running back Bobby for another Rene (Bobby Rainey) for trial. Peder by the Saint Louis rams in 2012 (now Losangeles RAMS) was selected, Peder is considered to be an excellent power and flexibility and vision of reading the stars of tomorrow, but the past four seasons, Peder played a handful of advantages, these so-called no show, the hundred-percent of smuggled goods. During the period of validity of a total of only 19 pidde rams rushed the ball 78 yards, most of his time is spent in the secret service. He also worked in 2013 for violating drug abuse policy by the NBA for the 2014 season, due to a knee medial collateral ligament tear and reimbursement, the 2015 season played in only two games were ram in Pittsburgh after being sacked, although the Steelers signed, but has not been activated to a list of 53 people. dolphin's action is a pure supplementary depth. In the main runner Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) leaving Dezhou people, the dolphin team is left with Jay Agayi (Jay Ajayi) as a running guard. They are in urgent need of reinforcement in this position.

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