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The official website of NFL | if the lack of cowboy Toni Romo to | football Toni (Tony Romo) by the Dallas Cowboys back injury is still the largest uncertainty this week, whether the game is still a question. Even if this week can play, also will be no small trouble, in the face of tough rushed passed the Arizona Cardinals, let Luo Mo take the rest of the week is the most secure way. by is undoubtedly the most important core cowboy, his basic passes without obvious defects, whether it is 0-9 yards short and 10-19 yards from 20 yards long and above, Romo can be very good control, the three ball scores were +3.7, +7.8 and + 4.8. And by substitute Brandon Vuitton (Brandon Weeden)? Last season, Vuitton ball precision is more than 68.2%, in the face of red cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pass under the pressure of the ball precision ratio plunged to 50.8%, ranked 41 in the countdown to the third quarterback. Good at Vuitton in the distance passing, last season in the distance passing score for +11.5, only +0.2 long is not satisfactory, it is only a bad -5.9. If the Vuitton play, coaching should develop more in the long ball tactics. but passing attack protection cowboy this season to do front is not in place, the total pass cover only score ranked twenty-fifth in the league, and given out rushed transmission technology is far less than the competition this week by Vuitton, the cowboy is most likely to increase the running back Murray Demark (Demarco Murray) attack ratio.NFL official website |49 running back into the Hyde injured reserve list | football Carlos - Carlos Hyde had a great potential for the start of the season, and his season ended in a list of injuries. 49 people in San Francisco announced on Saturday that Hyde had been put into the list of injuries due to a foot injury. Then their close - end forward Blaine Leonhardt (Brian Leonhardt) was promoted from the training group to the list. Hyde against Minnesota Vikings season opener in rushing 168 yards and 2 touchdowns, let the people of the former two round pick a breakthrough season of hope. But it was the only one that Haide had shot over 100 this season. He lost to the Seattle Seahawks in seventh weeks he suffered stress fractures in the foot and never come back. Hyde the second grade season finally finished 115 to punch the ball for a 470 yard (every 4.1 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns). Sean - Shaun Draughn and Travis - Cadete (Travaris Cadet) will undertake most of the punching tasks in the absence of Hyde.three Baltimore crow starters were included in the list of suspects, but near the end Erwin - Daniels (Owen Daniels) was a Sunday night match against Pittsburgh Steelers biggest problem. Daniels, the second catcher of Raven, returned to training on Friday after he was absent from training on Thursday. He missed the match on Sunday. "In fact, I will then decide whether to play Erwin" game time, coach John Hargreaves (John Harbaugh) said after Friday's practice. defensive end Chris - Candy (Chris Canty) and guard Marshall (Marshal Yanda) - Yan was also included in the list of questions, although two people have participated in training on Friday, Candy due to wrist wound infection and missed the last four games. "Generally speaking, I feel good and healthy." Candy said, "I think the coach feels that I have recovered well. I am very hopeful of having a chance to play for the team on Sunday."At present, Jamaal Jamaal, the chief executive of Kansas, has completed the right cruciate ligament repair operation. The best case is coming back next season, Jamaal. coach Andy Reed (Andy Reid), the team coach on Wednesday, said that all the progress of the operation was very smooth. The team's official Instagram also released pictures of Jamal in the hospital. this Sunday the Emirates will face Pittsburgh Steelers challenge.

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