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even-even soccer equipment network Nike is using the new design to eliminate the fear in shinpad football game time, but also solve the protective measures of the most important players in the football match. The new Mercurial Flylite Supelock Leggings board is Nike 2018 latest product innovation storm. this Leggings plate is in the original Mercurial Flylite based on the improved and the wear is simple, comfortable wearing them, you almost feel its presence. The surface This newbuffalo Bill announced that the team has renewed the main defensive front Jerry Hughes (Jerry Hughes). Hughes, who usher cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ed in the outbreak of the season last year, scored 13 hits in the 54 catch, made 18 hits, 10.5 hits and 3 shots for the quarterback. Bill has not yet revealed the details of the contract. But Buffalo News revealed that Hughes, 26, signed a $45 million contract for 5 years, which guaranteed $22 million. had many prediction to Hughes into the free market to remain optimistic, however Bill's series of Sean Mccoy ran Weile Trading (LeSean McCoy) and quarterback Matt Cassell (Matt Cassel) move to predict shock.According to the news reporter ESPN recently, British rugby star Tom - Boggs (Tom Burgess) in the trial last week New York giants again after the New York jets and buffalo Bill trial. Boggs, a former Australian rugby league player, once said his future dream was to become an American olive player. "I'm very interested in NFL," he said in an interview. "My friends around me know I want to go there, and maybe I can't get anything there." reports based on his trial, Boggs seems to still need to make the transition to. Jared before him Hayne (Jarryd Hayne) had 49 people in San Francisco and the trial in the squad finished 6 games. believes there will be more British olive players coming to the game in the future.The new home jersey inherited the landmark green tradition of the club, and continued the last one's vigorous green grass and introduced the unique local elements of Xinjiang. . The new shirt sleeves pattern inspired by the active in the Tianshan snow line near the "king of the mountain" - the snow leopard, is also the name of the Tianshan snow leopard club and new totem, the implication of the design team in the new season to go forward as the snow leopard, also called on people to protect the rare and endangered animal. lead in green and white ribbon is embedded in the word "Xinjiang", a specially designed size standard also show a English letter "XINJIANG", a symbol of the club's survival of the fan base. shirt collar after stamping with a roar of the snow leopard head, and with the same shoulder bright reflective material, highlighting the team on the field of aggression and dominance. from Xinjiang produced China famous jade and Tian Yuzhong - inspired, noble and Hetian jade white away shirt sleeves collocation snow leopard lines, in the expression of regional characteristics in Xinjiang also pass a "king of the mountain". Details of the design of A public campaign under the

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