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in the 11 season, twice won the Super Bowl champion, twice elected occupation bowl and finished 592 after the ball, Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath - Miller (Heath Miller) retired. The Friday afternoon issued an official statement announcing the news. Miller is currently the team's history of the number of passes, the number of catching the ball and the number of hits the most near end. He ranked second in the team history, fourth in the number of players. In the league's history, only 12 near - end fronts were over 6000 yards, and Miller was among them. As a pronoun of reliability, missed only 8 games in 11 years in 11 years. The first round show first started 167 games in his 168 career and never missed the playoffs. He laid himself up as one of the Ben Roethlisberger's favorite passing goals of the Ben Roethlisberger. this news may make the Steelers in the free agen cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t market or find a substitute for the draft. The team picked Jesse James (Jesse James) in the fifth round of the draft last year, and James finished 8 catches in the rookie season. 32 year old Matt Spas (Matt Spaeth) contract one until the 2016 season.on the second half of the season in the game, 49 people running back Sean - Deluo (Shaun Draughn) to the fans and the team left a deep impression, is a rare bright spot in the team. ?????????????49?????????????????????????|??????? 49 general manager Trent Bahrke (Trent Baalke) said: "although Sean is the team before entering the season, but his performance is very good. He did win everyone's respect, and through his own efforts, both on the field and in the field, we all expected him to stay in the team. in October last year, Cleveland was sacked Brown Drogba, then 49 people to sign him. In his first 6 games, 76 times a total of 263 yards. Unfortunately, he has since been included in the injury reserve list because of his knee injury. The next season, with Carlos Hyde (Carlos Hyde) the Deluo comeback, is expected to become the team to stay No. 2 running back.The official website of NFL | Sherman: Tom Brady is the best active | football quarterback ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Since Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) has been retired, actually not what this topic argument: even Robert '(Rob Gronkowski) - Marcus and Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) also have the same answer. When was recently interviewed by ESPN, two people were asked who was the best quarterback for NFL and gave the same answer. Tom Brady ( Tom Brady). He is, 'said gloon. Russell (- Wilson) (Russell Wilson) is a great quarterback, a trump quarterback. He is worthy of praise. as for Sherman, he could have given Wilson a vote, but he was not the answer to his choice. Tom, Sherman said. the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brady's choice for a very simple reason: he is an active quarterback get most times champion. Kobe (- Bryant) (Kobe Bryant) was not the best player in NBA because of his five rings? Tom has four rings. So he's the best, of course, if the title number is the judgment standard, then NFL second is either good quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) or Eli Manning (Eli Manning), two people have won two champions. Then have a ring of Werwilson, Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rdgers), Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) and Joe Flacco (Joe Flacco). in Brady after retirement, he announced his retirement when it is about the best active quarterback really gets interesting when the debate began.The official website of NFL | rams rookie Robinson will play multiple positions in football offensive attack | The Saint Louis rams' new rookie Gray Robinson (Greg Robinson) will be at the same time as the attacking and protecting fronts. Robinson is mainly in the position of cutting front, of course, versatile, of course, will add a lot of points. He confessed that it was a bit difficult to play 2 places at the same time. Before the rams have a left Jiefeng Lang Jack (Jake Long) and guard Roger Safford (Rodger Saffold) due to injury, is now being restored. Although the two are likely to take part in the third pre - season in Cleveland, Robinson is still the main fighting force. Robinson joined the rams for 2 seasons at the Auburn University. He was the second young player in the training camp. Young is his advantage, he will mature in the original position, but it looks like he is ready to take 2 positions at the same time.

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