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The new season, home appliance brand Sè LECO has once again become a "blue eagle" New Jersey chest advertising sponsors, cooperation from both sides of the last time (season 1982-84) inspired design team in New Jersey, Jersey chest to restore the club in 80s the last century classic "hexagon" badge. new shirt by Macron brand Italian slim, key areas of the mesh fabric has good heat dissipation. Small pores on both sides help the players to heat and sweat faster in the movement. In detail, two new jerseys have a unique embossing pattern after the collar. The content of the new pattern is the name of the club -- "SS Lazio (Lazio Sports Club)".on Wednesday local time, announced before the Indi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping anapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals defensive end Cory - Redding (Cory Redding) is a 2 year, $6 million contract agreement. Redding has been stable in his 12 years of career, his attendance is very high, at least 25 escapement every season. The pony, the team defensive striker in the offseason on strengthening position on Redding made a comprehensive investigation, the team believes his age will affect his future performance, so choose to break up with him. 34 year old veteran had at the end of last season that he will consider or retired, but the Cardinals' sincerity or touched him. Redding decided to complete the occupation career last ditch, he and the Cardinals coach Bruce - A Ryans (Bruce Arians) have close relationship, this has to a certain extent about his decision. Last season the cardinals in the second half of the season because of injuries frustrated. The team hopes to be able to stand on the defensive and make a breakthrough in the new season.has two black leopard veteran announces his own decision on the future. After Thomas Davis, Thomas Davis Lille announced that her career would be a rest after next season. "this will be my last year." The card Lille said in an interview. The card Lille began to play with the black leopard since 2004. Last year, he was affected by the neck injury only in 6 games. He has been selected into the professional bowl 5 times and remains at the top level. But the age and the erosion of injuries can not be ignored, the team is also required to reduce salary restructuring contract is possible. Lille has a bottom salary of $4 million 750 thousand next year and a $2 million 750 thousand list of bonuses. card Lille said: "from the humanitarian point of view, I am trying to ensure the privacy of my own medical staff." So there will be a "Lille woke up to see his stiff neck, neck injury is foreign said"."The official website of NFL | Aaron Rodgers people wish | football through their own Aaron Aaron, the quarterback of Green Bay Packers, is the pride of sports in Wisconsin, USA. His talent, talent and most importantly, he led the packers to win the forty-fifth Super Bowl champion in. recently visited some civilian middle schools by Rodgers, hoping to motivate these poor children through their visits, and help them fulfill their dream of university through their own efforts. In fact, these visits were just the ideas of the principals of these schools, and they did not expect Rodgers to come. when the children saw Rodgers's arrival, they cheered: my day! And Rodgers's team recorded these as images. These images will be placed on Rodgers's website. This is Aaron's series, which aims at focusing on people who make positive actions for their society. Rodgers hopes to make more people understand these people through their own efforts.

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