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The official website of NFL | Vikings and defensive tackle Johnson agreed | football 3 years the New Testament Minnesota Vikings before the open market is not active, but they are for free team players are getting attention. On Sunday local time, the Vikings announced that they had agreed to a 3 - year New Testament with team defense Tom Johnson (Tom Johnson). both sides did not disclose the specific allocation of the contract. According to the lovers, the renewal value is about 7 million, including 1 million 500 thousand of the signing bonuses, of which 3 million are guaranteed. Last season, Johnson finished 6.5 times, the team is an indispensable hand. The 31 year old Johnson's most common position was the 3 position of the five - point guard. Before the start of the 2013 season, the Vikings and Johnson signed a 1 - year contract with a value of only $845 thousand. However, Johnson's performance is far beyond the team's expectations. After finishing his best season, the team decided to send a long contract to keep the veteran defender. The team has revealed that the team wil cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l continue to actively strive for more excellent players in the free market.The opportunity in NFL is more and less. Those ready can become famous. Those who are not ready will be worthless. The position of the Indianapolis pony's running guard is the most recent example of the one or two polarization. no one will think of Daniel Heron (Daniel Herron) is the leader of the ball and become Red Pony quarterback Andrew ruck (Andrew Luck) reliable target short attack. But the main running backs Ahmad Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) of the injured and another running backs Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) is like a tree of termites that collapse makes Herron come into sight. "When the opportunity comes," Heron told the local media, "you have to really grab it and make good use of it." has achieved a 7 - 1 record since Helen, who got the first starting position in twelfth weeks, became a more important part of the offensive team. In the 2 playoffs, he was unquestionably the main runner. Although every time he rushed the ball 3.4 yards of the data is not surprising, Herron has the strength and size of the obtained explosive punches the ball style opponents defense appalled. Perhaps more important, in recent weeks, Herron played an important role in passing attack. In his opponent blitz quarterback the recognition progress is very large, earlier in the season this is his weakness, he also made great progress in catching. In the team that took over the T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) responsible for the long ball case, Herron is the largest number of ball team in the past two weeks. "my goal has always been to come to the team and get better every day," Heron said. "Every day, we try to show something different to the coach. It's probably passing the ball, hitting the ball, catching the ball as a running guard, the secret service team, no matter what it can stay in the team. I'm still trying, still not satisfied. " Helen's drop is a problem, but when the season goes to this stage, the horse will need Helen's play to challenge the new England patriots on Sunday. had no ball in the first week to play as the main force in the United States Championships. This is NFL.The official website of NFL and Ron - Rivera Kelvin - Benjamin, worried about weight football nest The Black Panther took over Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin), the best rookie of the once hundred weeks, and once again suffering from the problem of weight. Panthers coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) two years ago, Benjamin said in the offseason training weight increased significantly. This Saturday, he said Benjamin was overweight again. he's a little heavy, and he knows it himself. We've talked about it. He knows what he should do and has done well. Rivera said, do I worry? Of course, I have to admit that he is overweight, but he is also working hard. He trains every day to finish what we let him do. He is very strict with himself. Benjamin was bothered by the Florida State University, which was considered an important factor in his ankle injury. I hope the black leopard will be able to adjust the adjustment this year. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Dwayne Harris took over (Dwayne Harris) is one of the Dallas Cowboys season to rest players leave a big contract, Harris this summer and the New York giants reached a 5 year contract worth $17 million 500 thousand, for their cowboy lost a good return hand. Dan Bailey, the cowboy kicker, said, "unfortunately we lost him, but you shouldn't blame him. That's part of the business." Barry is the kicker of the team, so he often exchanges with Harris in his regular training. He said Harris: "he is a very careful guy, so he can finish 17 times in the special service, where he will be a good player." Harris is the first team to win the team in the past 2013 seasons and 2014 seasons, but he wishes to remember his score better than the secret service team. 's former teammate Danny Mccrea (Danny McCray) said, "Harris is a great player, but there are many others in the team who can contribute to him as well as he does. We will find someone who will replace him." Harris is a 2011 sixth round pick him, including 2 punt return touchdowns in the highlight of the cowboy's 1 90 yard kickoff return touchdown.

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