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Real Madrid has released a new Adidas stadium shirt for the 2013/14 season. The jerseys were inspired by the success of the club in 30s, 40s and 50s. It can be said that the success of this time also laid the status of the most famous club in the world football. Real Madrid is a long history club. From the mythical Estadio Chamartin to Santiago - Bernabeu. Many years later, Real Madrid became one of the most successful clubs in the world, attracting numerous giant stars to join the Legion of white clothes. Such as Gento, Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas, Zidane and stars such as the achievements of today's real madrid. After 's new home shirt, Adidas and Real Madrid wanted to create an inspiration from the retro style. The royal blue and white color combinations mimic some of the glorious time of the 30s, 40s and 50s. The light orange color shows the connection with the home shirt. has used the cotton "mixture" fiber for the first time, helping the shirt to appear more antique, without losing the latest technology of Adidas. Fans can buy new passenger cheap nfl jerseys free shipping shirts at the royal official website, Adidas official network and most retail outlets.The official website of NFL | [] the weakest area: expert perspective of "national calamity" in the South or | Rugby Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist this season fifteenth weeks of the end of the regular season, the League of nations in 11 wins the Cardinals playoff spot, packers, lions, Seahawks, cowboys have achieved 10 wins, 9 wins, even the Hawks are likely to miss the playoffs this year for the fierce wild card visible. But now look at the playoffs against the table, the League of nations South team but with less than 50% winrate occupy a No. four seed position. Review the history, the last twelve years, the four giants won the 3 Southern Division champions, and the season before the League of nations to be optimistic about the outside world team this season but in southern collective diving, what is the specific reason? What kind of secret sorrow? The following is my analysis: Atlanta falcons: role player collective pits Falcon play this season form can be divided into two types: first, thirteenth weeks against the Cardinals game, the first section of tyranny rely on the long ball opponent 17 points, then hold the game; two, fourteenth weeks against the packers, the first half minutes to teach a man to be the opponent, then the second half counterattack too late. As the protagonist of Hard Knock, the Falcon season's slogan is "Rise up". Although the season's performance is definitely smaller than that of last season, the competition is even worse than last season. Why? In the last two weeks, it was a very different game, and what was it? The key problem of or in defense group, after the end of last season, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan promised to change the defense quality this season, his strategy is to imitate the Seahawks 4-3 and 3-4 mixed defense, hope from strengthen road defense. The coach arrangement is one thing, the player's tactical execution is another Falcon defense and no pavement to solve the actual problems, but also Its loopholes appeared one after another. ball defense. The front is full of anti running Falcon defense type thick big, basically no impulse transmission technology, coupled with Oce, Cory beelman - especially Mooney, ora Jonathan Massa and Marley koua West - Goodman is the League at several transfer efficiency outside the lowest pass defender, Falcon hardly rushed to threaten each other. Inside the guard Paul - Wollo is one of the lowest efficiency alliance holds inside linebacker, miss sackin as homely food, marking is also a problem consciousness. After the defensive line, Desmond trufan special has proven himself, he will be better than his brother Marcus and Isiah close to cornerback, but a team with a top cornerback is absolutely not enough, other positions like Dwight - Laurie, Robert - Robert - well, Mai Klein Alfred well have suffered career lows, the ability of veteran William Moore was injured early reimbursement, so the Falcon rushed pass perennial adverse, team defense line is very easy to be.some time in trade rumors, the Seahawks quarterback Colin Capet decided not to sign Nick (Colin Kaepernick). Some people think about it, is it the money problem that leads to the failure of the two parties? reliable source tells you that it's not a matter of money. This is and the Seahawks responded by match, coach Peter Carol said earlier that Capet Nick "ability" in the league as a starter, salary cap space for this type of evaluation of speech are generally not related with the team. eventually decided not to sign the Seahawks starting quarterback level, should also have the first array themselves in. The current performance of Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) does not require a team to start looking back. currently has three Seahawks quarterback, the other two are Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin) and Jack (Jake Heaps) - Xipu adams.Inspired by street football, the new German team shirt is designed to be a two - face style, and the inner layer is fluorescent green, which can be used for training group vests. And behind the neckline of the shirt is printed with the words "Bolzen. Kicken. P hlen." (German: street football).

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