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The official website of NFL |2015 AP North forward | football season nearly five years with the Steelers two busy crow tiger quietly rise, The new supersedes the old., powerful United North like open season ago almost booked a wild card playoff, even can sweep the United two wild cards. The new season, whether the situation will change a situation of tripartite confrontation? Can the next dog, Brown, be able to surprise people again? Pittsburgh Steelers is confident: talk about leviant - Baer and Antonio - Brown, Baer has the perfect modern running back figure and dodge skills, which helped him in the red ball or ball always flash turn maneuvers while Brown is press forward to the enemy's capital, perhaps the only one in the League to complete all the tactics for the catcher, to be like the same huahuachangzi plump. This helper is far more than just the two of them, Weiss Mata - Bryant, Marcus and Witton, old and solid Seth Miller, you can hardly expect them who will burst at what time. In addition, the offensive front also must not be underestimated, the pavement cover fifth in the league, pass Protection League ninth, Ben, Baer and Brown have no doubt is the league's best QB-RB-WR combination, with the players around a perfect fit, let the Steel cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ers have a perfect offensive with. concern: admire the Steelers dedication, their three consecutive first round selection linebacker, really effective, but other positions have the depth of concern. Cameron - Hayward is indeed a very powerful defensive front, but his teammates are far less than ten years ago is so tough, another defensive end even can not find qualified first. After the defensive line Polamalu and AIKE - Taylor retired story need not repeat, but the Steelers offseason short and not trying to find substitute, plus the two round cornerback Golson Senkui this season, the Steelers defensive line after the most stable or perhaps just joined in less than a month, Brandon Boykin, if steel the curtain will appear big hole, then the defensive line will be duty bound. In addition, kicker Sean Sue shamrock in the hall of fame after the injury season is equal to the secret service less spiritual pillar. unknown factors: on the last season - Roethlisberger went broke out, many people think that this is as unalterable principles things, after all this brilliant career, three Super Bowl twice won the trophy, the elite four Methodist should help the team win the championship four points, and in turn, who should also grow into elite passer. At the end of the year, the three diseases and two pain of the body were no longer in sight. With the departure of Polamalu and Taylor, let the first become the core of tactical and locker room leader, the moment people are old, Wallace is late, at the age of 33. is expected to score: 10 wins and 6 losses (AP top card) award forecast: Big Ben for MVP, best attack groupSami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) is likely to return to the stadium for the first time since second weeks. After left the list of injuries, Watkins was listed as unsure in the injury report. team manager Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) may be very confident for Watkins's appearance. He said he thought Watkins was able to play, and he said, "we will let him play." Bill formally activated Watkins on a list of 53 people on Saturday. Watkins's return is a great advantage to Bill's passing attack. In the absence of a good offensive player, Bill had a very bad pass. Four sub - defense Rhodes - Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) field has only 193.5 yards of pass code (thirtieth of the 33 quarterback). In the 2 games that the took part in this season, Watkins completed 6 hits and got 63 yards. He faces a difficult challenge to Jacksonville's fifth defender in the back of his return. ????????????????-??????LeSean McCoy????????????????????????????????????????? He was thought to be in the game all week - and Ryan was also optimistic about his appearance. The backup running guard Mike Jilisili (Mike Gillislee) (hamstring injury) will determine the absence of competition, which means Mccoy will bear the most rushing task, Jonathan - Williams (Jonathan Williams) and Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) will serve as a substitute.The official website of NFL | Ricci incognito or Bill starting | football the rest of the season, buffalo Bill gave Ricci - Richie Incognito a chance, and obviously he was worth the investment. in February this year, Bill and Ricci signed 1 year contract on a Monday U.S. time coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) announced that Ricci will become the first team left guard. Ricci played 8 seasons in the NFL last season was released, people thought he will completely leave the stadium, for the 8 years of occupation career veteran is best known for his 2009 was selected as the league's most dirty player, and the 2013 season with his teammates Jonathan Martin (Jonathan Martin bully) event. Ryan said, "one thing is for sure. Ricci will be the first player. He is in good form. I am the person we need. Obviously, he didn't waste his time. obviously Ricci will get a new chance to help Bill rebuild.The official website of NFL | Manning for next season | football return not to say yes or no After lost the playoffs thirteenth times, Denver wild quarterback quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) is not yet ready to return to meet his seventeenth season next season. in 13 than 24 lost to the Indiana Colts home court, Manning said in an interview: I'm very disappointed, I need time to recover, we say tomorrow. I can't give a simple answer to the return of the next season. and reminiscent of the playoffs, the 38 year old veteran has also vowed to return. but after a playoff interview, Manning said there were a lot of factors that would affect the return of the next season. He replied, "there may be too much, I can't answer one by one, if there's a coach leaving the team," he said. I need time to clear my mind and see how my body is. Manning averaged 4.6 yards per pass on Sunday's us half finals and failed to pass the long distance pass to de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) and Emmanuel al Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders). He completed 26 of 46 passes with 211 yards and 1 touchdowns, and 1 off the ball. Manning's contract expires in 2 years, and he has a non - guaranteed salary of $19 million in the next season.

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