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Hello, "the king of London" is coming to the welfare again! Recently, the king of London life uncomfortable, play 2-1 not enemy Chelsea, my Eagle has fallen into the relegation zone, we need all the strength to let us leave this does not belong to the Crystal Palace area, with 8 matches, let us in the comments area to see the big family of the best wishes for our relegation! You to levy, I'll give you a new season Crystal Palace shirt! activity participation: focus on Crystal Palace know the ball, and the flowers of this article article below message, until March 16, 2018 before the Levy of most fans will get the new season Crystal Palace home court shirt! round of Crystal Palace Gailou activities fans are winning the nickname , @ bubble; levy data on the round top are very close, but he is still with a small advantage let us congratulate the fans talent shows itself! Do not win the shirt fans do not lose heart, our activities will be a lot of time, maybe the next winner is you!Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) last month have emphasized the team slot over Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) the importance of, and called for the team to renew t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he contract with the versatile player as soon as possible. On Monday, local time, Cobb said in an interview that his future goal was to continue to catch Rodgers's pass. Cobb said: "there is no doubt that I want to stay in the packaging industry. But as I've said, business is part of NFL, and you're not sure what's going to happen in the future. All I can do is do my best to do my work and wait to see what happens. I hope to continue to be a member of the packers for the next season, no matter what, time will give the answer. " is only 24 years old, Cobb has gradually grown into the most efficient receivers of alliance. According to statistics, the 2014 season, Rodgers will pass as Cobb goal, quarterback passing score as high as 134.3, this association score to lead the league. Last July, the New York giants and Victor Cruze (Victor Cruz) signed a 5 year contract worth $43 million. In order to retain Cobb, packers also need to send the same level of the new testament.Water polo | nineteenth national lifesaving Championships supplementary notice nineteenth national lifesaving Championship supplementary notice teams: according to the requirements of the regulations of the nineteenth national lifesaving Championships to ensure the smooth progress of the competition, the following supplementary notice is given as follows: 1, competition time and place time: 14 to 17 2017 09 months (sea surf lifesaving September 14th, swimming pool lifesaving, September 15th -17 day) location: the first Beach Surf Life: Qingdao city (Shandong province Qingdao City Nanhai Road No. 15) swimming pool: Qingdao sports center national letter swimming pool (Yinchuan Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong province 3) two, competition report to (a) please each team report in September 12th, 13, to the respective Check Inn Hotel lobby, each team hotel will be determined before September 5th, published in the Chinese Swimming Association, Chinese lifesaving Association website, the organizing committee will also call to the team. (two) report to process each team arrives at the report office and needs to complete the following report process: 1, information registration and audit of the team; 2, pay the related expenses (if the wire is sent, the cost is checked); 3, receipt of documents, information, and so on 4, hotel front desk check in. (three) needs to carry data 1, participants' registration information and ID card; 2, if the invoice is opened, it is necessary to carry the paper invoice information with the official seal (for example, the special invoice for VAT should be provided by the general taxpayer). (four) insurance service please make sure that each team athletes, and in September 1st before the electronic version of the form will be athletes insurance information (Annex 1) by email to, in order to provide insurance services for athletes. three, cost (a) the organizing committee according to the registration team of gender and number arrangement of standard rooms, such as a team with special needs to upgrade to a single room, in the hotel room under the premise, according to the actual number of room demand quantity and the arrangements of the organizing committee room, according to 300 yuan / day / (RO), charge. 〉The official website of NFL | Brown four Weimaikaoen injury better expected to play football | Cleveland Brown's old quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) was trained for two days in a row. Local time on Friday, Brown announced the latest injury report, McCain is in doubt. He was injured in the right shoulder during the match against Saint Louis rams last week, leaving the game in advance in the fourth quarter. after the news that John McCain will miss this week's game, but now his injury is better than expected. This week the Brown match will be 5 - 2 in the Arizona cardinals. If McCain cannot catch up with the game, quarterback Jonny Manzel substitute (Johnny Manziel) will be promoted to the first. Previously, coach Brown said the team under the full support and trust, mccain. According to reports, the pass to McCain Friday local time, said he has been feeling a lot better. occupation Jiefeng Joe Thomas left the bowl (Joe Thomas) also expressed support for McKoen: I believe that he will be able to play, he is a strong player. No matter what the situation, he will go forward. Although there is not a small distance from perfect, Maikaoenben season is still remarkable. At the moment, Brown is 2 - 5, and the team's bad defense needs to take the main responsibility. This week in the face of strong Cardinals offensive, the degree of difficulty of Brown's self-evident.

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