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Our football equipment network on 2009, the French Football Federation and Nike to 45 million euros / year, record prices signed 8 year sponsorship contract ended and Adidas cooperation. The contract, which began in 2011, is due to expire in 2018, and the French Football Association has begun to search for a new shirt sponsorship contract.The official website of NFL | rams running back bench will be suspended for 4 games without pay | football The NFL Alliance announced on Friday local time that the Saint Louis rams Trey Watts will be banned for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 4 games because of violation of the Allied drug regulations, which will not get any salary during that time. At the age of 24, Watts, the 24 - year-old as a substitute running guard, had only 14 stalls in the last season and 30 yards out of 7 times. Before the start of the new season, with Zach - Stacy (Zac Stacy). In addition, rookie Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli has not recovered, the team had to consider increasing the Watts playing time at the beginning of the season. lost the last chance to get into the runner's rotation after being banned from the competition. If the ram still keeps him in the battle, he will be a full time special service player. The 2 year run Wei will be back in October, when the rams against the Arizona cardinals.The official website of NFL | forty-ninth Super Bowl TV ratings or new high | football over the past 13 years, the ratings of the Super Bowl have been rising, and last year, 111 million 500 thousand viewers watched the game. As a sporting event, the super bowl will be the top of American TV history, which is unsuspense. The popularity of the super bowl is spread throughout the country with American football and its entertainment, and the following is the data of the Super Bowl ratings: the first Super Bowl: 24 million 400 thousand forty-fourth super bowl is the last time a qualitative leap in the yield of the season, then growth has been steady, even 10 years ago, the Patriot Dynasty, defeated the Hawks also increased by only 8 million 600 thousand viewers, since the 2010 growth rate of 10 million 600 thousand of the value of no drop. , even in the last super bowl, we saw a considerable increase in audience rating. That's why we believe that we will hit a new peak this year.Rasheed WallaceBomani Jones welcomes 4x NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace to the show to cover a variety of topics, including his three-point prowess as a big man (1:36), generational differences in the game of basketball (3:20) as well as career stops in Portland (9:05), Detroit (17:24) and Washington (28:17). Plus, his time at UNC (30:06), why he played in Air Force 1's (36:15) and why he won't give up his 90's hip-hop (36:22).Play | Download | Apple Podcasts | RSS

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