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before the start of the season, J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) revealed that he had been living in a friend's house throughout the summer. He often sleeps in the kitchen in order to get the time to train. This offseason, Watt is ready to change your plans. He said in an interview with Houston media recently, he had been in a all did not know where to buy a log cabin built by, he will offseason training there. Watt said, "it's really small, but what I care about is to be able to train well at the end of the season." I like it there, there's no media, no one is bothering, it's great. " This season watt broke up again and set a number of records at both ends of the attack and defence. The 25 year old defensive end is a hot candidate for the most valuable and defensive players of the season. Watt explained to reporters why he did so: "I will spend the offseason here. I am such a person, and it suits me very well. That's what my friend said, and he told me that I should go to a wooden house. I plan to build a gym there as soon as possible. "Detroit quarterback Matthew Staffordshire Matthew Stafford defeated the Oakland Raiders quarterback quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) on the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping US time Monday to become the league's highest paid player. when Carle learned the news, he did not have any jealousy, and expressed his sincere blessing, "Matthew is worth it all." I am happy for him. He is a good man. I like to talk with him. My first response to his big contract is congratulations. I hope every quarterback can win a higher contract in the future, beat him and beat me, hoping that everything will continue to rise. Carle not only congratulates Staffordshire, but also hopes that the price rise trend will continue, that is to say, the future will be Staffordshire to congratulate other players. currently Carle's contract is $125 million for 5 years, while Staffordshire's contract is $135 million for 5 years. let us look forward to the birth of the next price contract player.The official website of NFL | eighth weeks in London season Preview: Lion | @ Emirates Rugby this season's NFL International Series will be held on Sunday. The third and the last game will be Kansas City chieftain (2-5), playing at the Wembley Stadium as the home team and the Detroit lions (1-6). The lions have come to London for second years in a row, and last year they reversed the killing of the falcons in a half - field 0-21 - lag, and they hope this time will also be triumphant. But now they have a bad record, and it's no easy thing to do. The male lion originally expected to focus on building the road attack this season. Unexpectedly, the bad performance of the offensive frontline made the main runner and rookie Amir Abdullah rush out of 222 yards. The second ranked player is Staffordshire, the main quarterback player who punches the ball 62 yards. And last week, the offensive coordinator Joe long Bardi and the attacking front coach were also dismissed. In passing, although trapped to brush out the ball is poor, Staffordshire only 1866 yards, but this year is full of blood returning Megatron Kelvin Johnson can still achieve excellent performance of 574 yards, two extra receiver Golden Tate and Theo Reddick have backup running back 318 yards and tied for second. The lion was able to play in the playoffs last year and the defense team was able to break out. However, due to the loss of personnel and injuries, lions are only sixth in the defensive season this season, with 392 yards missing, and 4 times more than last year. Take the defensive end has 6 sacks - Kiel under the Ansari is their few bright spots. was compared with the lion who had won the first win of the season, and the chief's record was only a fifty - step smile - two wins. Last week over the Steelers ended slightly decline, hope came to London for the first time to get a good start. In the Jamal Charles because of a knee injury after the season, Liao Hua as pioneer undrafted Kendrick West scored 22 last week to check at 110 yards of 1 outstanding performance matrix. There are 39 pick 531 yards 1 touchdowns scored the number one wide receiver Jeremy Mclean will be absent because of a concussion or a week after the comeback. Chris Conley and Albert Wilson two rookie wide receiver in last week has excellent play, coupled with a new generation of the same No. 87 tight end Travis Kelsey. Arrakis Smith - male short enough weapons. But the offensive line will be a new problem, and manager Andy - Reed will be forced to use the fourth different set of attacking frontlines this season. The chief defense group is a galaxy of talents, Mr. billion new Justin - Houston made 4 sacks, but the team was captured and killed the king as a meat shield 3-4 defensive end Allen Bailey (4.5), Houston's partner, Harry also has 3 -. Rookie cornerback Marcus Peters had 3 steals and 10 damage pass, grab the number or the more than 2 team. Long - Parke and Eric - Berri cancer safetys combination also have 1 steals money.The official website of NFL | embarrassed moment: the lion proximal front due to prevent dog urine a sprained ankle | football doesn't know why the Detroit lions always need to face some unspeakable injuries. Last season, their Nate Burleson Brecen broke her arm in the car to catch the falling pizza box. This year they linebacker Stephen Tullock (Stephen Tulloch) for celebrating a sack lead to ligament injury, plus the Jose Ferrer (Joseph Fauria) in order to prevent the dog pee hurt his sprained ankle. is injured after Ferrer attended a friend's volleyball match, when coming into the house in order to prevent a puppy's doorstep pee, he decided to use his feet to drive it, the final result obviously, this is not a very interesting story. now, the rest players of the lions team need to be extra careful. They need safety measures when they do everyday things. It seems that bad things are always accompanied by teams.

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