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The official website of NFL | violate free agent signing provisions fined chief appeal fails | football , the chief of Kansas City, appealed against NFL's punishment for violating the free player's contract rules. It was rejected by NFL Roger President Roger Roger. The chief will not be able to get back the third round of the draft and the sixth round draft of next year's draft. But the team was fined from $250 thousand reduced to $200 thousand, while the coach Andy Reid (Andy Reid) fines decreased from 75 thousand million dollars to 60 thousand dollars, but the other part of the punishment, including the general manager John Dorsey (John Dorsey) $25 thousand in fines still remain unchanged. , we thank you for having the opportunity to appeal this matter. We know that we have a slight reduction in our fines. The team chairman Clark Hunter (Clark Hunt) said in a statement. However, we still believe that the facts in this matter and the Confederation of the alliance have always been inconsistent. The punishment for similar violations cannot be allowed to suffer the most severe punishment cheap nfl jerseys free shipping related to such acts in the history of alliance. NFL indicated that the chieftain had not reached the time allowed for such a behavior when he contacted the Philadelphia hawk's NFL Maclin (Jeremy Maclin) who was about to become a free agent last year. Mclean, who was finally signed with the chief of the sheikh, was still in the contract with the eagle. chieftain never denied that they had contacted Mclean at this time. We have to be responsible for what we do, Mclean said.this week Cincinnati tigers will compete for the division championship and Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver A.J.- Green (A.J. Green) naturally do not want to miss such an important game. In the week night match, Denver Broncos beat tiger with 37-28, but due to the T.J.- (T.J. Ward) and Wilde collision, Green hurt his right arm, leave early. Green said he received a X - ray test at half time, and the results were negative. But because of the pain, he chose on the sidelines. This season, Green has been troubled by injuries and still has a gap of 50 yards from a thousand yards. But as long as Green can play, he is the tactical core of the team's passing attack. If the win this week's game, the tigers will have the opportunity to become the No. 2 seed in the first round of the playoffs, so bye. But if they will lose the game, or to the No. 5 seed identity in the wild card race challenge Indianapolis pony. Green said: "my injuries are not serious, although there are some pain, but it does not affect the game. I'll be out in the last week and we'll get the game.NFL? Follow up the Jersey to seduce James reporter Gao Song reported James considered the rumor of playing rugby, and now has the following. NFL (National Football League) Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carol? Is he ready for the Jersey, with James on twitter ogle. October 13th local time, James on twitter updates the road: "cowboys, dolphins, Brown, lion, 49... There are 27 other teams. Who is it to choose? " At this time, the Seattle Seahawks coach Carol suddenly asked James on Twitter: "Hey, do you know how much our League Rookie salary?" After a long time, James replied, "yes, I know more than I do now, coach." after a while, Carol began to ask, "I think you should be a touch-downmaker scorer, but you think you are more suitable for pass rusher, is that right?" James's answer is simple and clear: "there is no doubt, the breakup!" Carol looked so happy that he replied, "I like it!" Maybe you should come, I will prepare some tryouts for you, see your catch ability." then, the Seahawks coach posted a photo on his twitter, is white Seahawks Jersey No. 1, above the number printed with "Lebron". At the same time, Carol followed James, but did not say anything superfluous. James saw the picture very quickly, and his reaction was, "pretty!" It looks pretty good. " is now the Seattle Seahawks not NFL giants, this conversation with coach Carol James, can not help but fall into a reverie. But when things come here, there is no following. 's rumor about James's change in rugby began at the earliest local time in October 11th. On that day, James asked ES-PN Rugby reporter John Clayton on twitter, "when is the deadline for the team to sign free players?" Clayton replied, "Lebron, I'm sorry to reply to you so late." The deadline is four p.m. next Tuesday. The free agent signing is before the last team is eliminated. Then, the two people started a dialogue, Clayton even helped James to make suggestions to see which NFL team was more suitable for him. As soon as the news of flows out, it attracts a lot of eyeballs from NBA and NFL. Of course, in the opinion of most people, it is only in the boring chatter among James. NFL storm response? Do not advise you to come in front of reporter Gao Song reported James's "gossip" with the rugby league was spread out, and the players from all teams of NFL could not sit. Face to 〉Bowling | to celebrate the Spring Festival the first 2016 dragon cup 2016 in January 18th, to celebrate the Spring Festival the first 2016 dragon cup in Shanghai Hao to start bowling, after 4 games, the players played a high level, the competition is very intense, the Zhang Peng 936, Cai Hongfu 900, Lin Jianfeng 875 is listed as 123. Another round will begin in January 25th. In the final, twelve names were taken into a set and the top ten in the final (including twelve). competition oil pattern

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