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The official club logo printed on the shirt front St. Pauli and the club was set up in 1910, of course, also printed with Hummel's iconic herringbone pattern. This retro - style shirt also has a uniform collars and cuffs. This shirt with cool style in the rear collar inside printed in a small skull. This shirt has two styles of short sleeves and long sleeves. The design is low-key and have good taste, will sell.Andrew - Andrew (Andrew Luck) has been haunted by injuries this season and has been out of two games in a row. According to reports, this week Indianapolis's Pony will continue to arrange the veteran Matt - Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) first. On Wednesday, local time, LAK said in an interview that he had tried to pass the ball and no longer felt pain. last month, the pony announced that his kidney injury and abdominal muscle injury would be absent for 2 to 6 weeks. Although LAK is sure not to be operated on, his injury problem is still the number one problem that the pony has to face. Coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) said on Wednesday local time: "Iraq needs more time to recover, the current team is unable to pro cheap nfl jerseys free shipping vide specific and accurate return schedule." related sources said that most likely to return in mid December, he may choose to play with Jacksonville Jaguar or Houston Dezhou. The first pony 6 wins 5 negative provisional Midland south, the same record with the people of Dezhou. It is worth mentioning that 40 year old Hassel Beck won the first 4 games of the season.The official website of NFL | week tenth Thursday night game preview: Bill @ jet | Rugby tenth weeks of competition started from the civil war in the United States and East, and buffalo Bill was expedition to the New York challenge jets. Bill manager Rex Lane returned to the metropolitan stadium. In the new England patriots have almost booked the first partition case, two teams will kill a wild card playoff places in order to fight at outrance. The 5 - 3 - negative New York jet scored the best first nine weeks of the first nine weeks since 2011. But under the lead of the former boss Rex lane, the jet has lost three games to Bill. The Ruian jets starting quarterback Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) - has the good season, 8 games with 1790 yards, 13 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, Brandon Marshall took over this season to pick up 730 yards receiving yards and scored 5 touchdowns in the help of veteran and run outside; David Chris - Aiwoliben season, 544 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns. But three people are injured and may be absent from the civil war this week. It was also possible to miss the night race with 6 professional bowl center Nick Mangold. Jets attack group wings face anti biography is not good Bill also need to work harder. The jet attack team is facing a big challenge, but it is expected to effectively curb its opponents by defense. Despite limited defense capabilities, the alliance's strongest 3-4 defense front line will continue to press Bill's road. This will be the key to their victory. Although had just recovered from a three game losing streak, but buffalo Bill's life is not easy. The main defender Sean Mccoy could run the game because of a shoulder injury absence, although this year's rookie running back Carlo Williams to recover from a concussion after still doing well, but in the face of anti running group alliance strongest attack, Bill road will become very difficult. But the gratifying news is that Bill's main quarterback, Taylor Taylor, was completely back. The season became the first black quarterback this season with high optical performance, in 6 appearances, 1278 yards and 10 touchdowns to explain his strength, at the same time as a running pass combined quarterback he had 231 yards rushing yardage and reached 2 array. The main receiver Sami Watkins performed well in the last game against the dolphins game, but in the face of King Lives island and second league cornerback Rome grams pedicle joint strangling the performance is not stable, the Bill ball group will likely be more distress. Though Rex Ryan said before the game, he would have broken the former grade quarterback quarterback Geno Smith IK Don Aime Parry (IK.Enemkpali) in the pre season training camp as one of the team leaders of the competition in. It seems disgusting to the opponent, but Bill needs more effort and luck as a guest in New York!The official website of NFL | Carolina Panthers and center Ryan Khalil | Rugby contract in 2 years has decided to reward the core players in the combination after a good season in the Carolina panther. Black Panther announced on Monday that Ryan Kalil, the center of the five - degree career bowl, has renewed his contract with the team for 2 years. According to NFL Rand Getlin, the NFL official, the contract is worth $16 million 750 thousand, of which $13 million is guaranteed. , 31, is a black panther's two round show in 2007. has a complex group to attack the main attack run, an outstanding quarterback and return to fight a season's offensive coordinator under the condition of ensuring command pass cover and run open players left the team for the Panthers is crucial in the success in the future. The center is an increasingly difficult position to cultivate. When the line coach in his rookie Jiefeng who work hard left, they also have to find to keep a large amount of information and pay more attention to the impact of the opponent's center inside the ball. The Panther almost every attack uses the option to attack and their mobile quarterback is not afraid of their own attack. 's bottom line is that a good team that has been competing for the playoffs will not make the center a free player.

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