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the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Spencer Achim - (Akeem Spence) need to wait a week to start his 2015 season. , according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the four round show of the 3 time last season, which has achieved a career high, will be banned from participating in the first season of competition because of the violation of the alliance drug abuse regulations. And he has been put into the list because of his back injury. now, this news should have nothing to do with pirates. They are composed of Jacques Smith (Jacquies Smith), Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy), Clinton Macdonald (Clinton McDonald) and George Johnson (George Johnson), the defensive front line now looks relatively fixed. and Vspan after the reunification efforts to return to the crowded lineup.Eli Manning (Eli Manning) won 2 Super Bowl champion in his 11 years of occupation career, but the New York giants quarterback thinks he has just started. was asked by a reporter, "do you think it's going to be the best season to perform?" Manning made an optimistic reply. "Yes," Manning said. "I like the players in our locker room. I like the talent of our team. I like the way everyone treats this season. I look forward to this season." A cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lthough left Jiefeng (Will Beatty) will Beatty due to chest torn out for a long time, in the Manning side offensive weapon is the best configuration giants in recent years. Last season, the offensive team because Odell Beckham took over the small (Odell Beckham Jr.) amazing performance and the talent shows itself a rookie wide receiver in the second half of the season often beat the double marking. In a healthy Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) and potential Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle) together with the League of nations, the giants have the best combination of receivers. At the same time, Sean Wallin (Shane Vereen) will provide Manning with the league's best ball type running back one option. In the last season - Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) fast pass tactics to help Manning to reduce the number of steals from the 2013 season of 27 to 14 last season after this season, Eli set a "single digit" steals the number of touchdown and interception ratio reached 4 more than 1 of the target. "I think he can get a dominant season," Cruz said. "I think we have such a system of attack. In September, we can play the power. All these good things add up, I think we will have a very strong offensive team. Every field can get 28,35 points. We can really do some interesting things this season. giant this offseason movement has not received much attention, Philadelphia eagles and Dallas Cowboys got all the attention in the NL east. But the giants have the strength to keep the divisional Championship battles up to December.Cincinnati tigers' coach Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) was tired of answering the question that his team was unable to win the playoffs. was very tired of it. So shortly after the news conference began on Wednesday afternoon, he had a very hot talk with a reporter who asked him and his team about a 1990 season's playoff. "I told them not to answer your questions, I want to tell you," that's not the team I brought. I have nothing to do with that, "Lewis said, interrupting ESPN's questions. "Go on." when asked to interrupt the question, Lewis said he had had enough to answer such a question. "I've had enough to answer these stupid questions, okay?" Lewis said, then he said, "sorry, it's not a stupid question." I'm tired of answering your very important question. " After a sound of laughter in the room, Lewis continued to speak, calling the question "a very related problem." At a subsequent press conference, said he was tired of the playoff loss because "it was meaningless to us." Lewis said. "We have to wait until Sunday to answer this question," except for 24 years without a win in the playoffs, tiger Lewis in 2005 to become the team coach in the playoffs after the record is 0 wins and 5 losses. Although for 4 consecutive years to enter the playoffs hit a record in team history, tigers are still trying to reverse this embarrassing situation, in the end they want at starting quarterback Andy Dalton challenged Indianapolis pony race (Andy Dalton) for the first time in the playoffs to win. "no matter what happened in the past is a new team," Dalton did not take Lewis's command, and answered the question about the failure of the previous playoffs. "We're in the playoffs again. We can get it back. We have a good use for this opportunity. We understand that. "The official website of NFL | Australia football star Hein debut at NFL | stunning football San Francisco 49 people in this offseason has seen a wave of star players leave the team. Can Jared Hayne (Jarryd) help fill the gap? , the former British rugby league star, has been impressed by his dynamic performance in the pre - season on Saturday night. is the number two runner behind Carlos Hyde (Carlos Hyde), and he scored 64 yards in the team's 10-23 defeat to Houston and Dezhou. One of his best performances was to break through the 53 yards of the Dezhou defender. I saw him across the sky and then Yiqijuechen, backup quarterback Gabot Bollinger (Blaine Gabbert) said this wonderful rushed the ball. The line is very good to stop all opponents grapple fullback Bruce Miller (Bruce Miller) to a person open, a huge open space for Jared, he let the opponent safetys grapple and missed almost a touchdown in the open. hyine said to the media that he felt relieved after his debut in the NFL game, he said: I put a lot of pressure on myself. I want to play and join the team. I don't want to play and look like an English rugby player. I want to look like an American NFL player, and I think I did. in addition to punch the ball performance also completed a 33 yard punt return Hines have a chance to stay in the team currently 49 PFLP, running back position and Hyde, Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush), Ken DELL Hunter (Kendall Hunter) - Davies and rookie Mike (Mike Davis). coach Jim Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) said he must compete to get the chance to stay, but if he can repeat the performance again, the Australian who has changed from rugby league to NFL runner will have the chance to stay in the team.

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