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After our football equipment released Cologne Carnival network have a unique style Jersey in the last year, "they become aggravated," Cologne Club launched the 2016 Cologne Carnival Jersey say crazy, because the design of the shirt and the traditional carnival outfits such as a frog. The new cologne Carnival jerseys produced by Erima, the team will wear the new Fiesta Jersey to play against Mainz next month's Bundesliga match.The official website of NFL | Eli Manning said the rumor he had never thought to take the first paid football | long ago a reporter broke the New York giants quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) was proposed to renew the contract must be paid to the League first team, in the circle caused a heated debate. In cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the local time on Wednesday in an interview with Eli Manning looked disgruntled that the truth of the news, claiming that in contract negotiations never asked for it, he said: never said (to get the high salary, this kind of words) never say it out of my mouth. , the two most valuable player in the super bowl, entered the contract year with a basic salary of $17 million. Tom Condon, his big agent, has been negotiating with the giant management. But the giant Condon John Mara has said on Monday that there is still much difference between the two sides. insists he and Eli Condon didn't ask the first salary. He said to communicate his occasionally and Condon, but never expected the negotiations will progress more quickly. Eli said: I told him there was new news to call or send me text messages, that's all. also said Eli very helpless to get the salary of a press, his father came up and asked him what in the end, this Eli was very innocent, he said: everything about the contract talks things I have to Condon, so I do not know what, also don't know Kang meal provided what, and I don't want to know. Condon also said he had never said that, just admitting that it was the highest goal of our dreams. I'm obsessed with flutter in the training, those reports are not true, I do not know the source of their information is where you come from, I feel very funny.New Balance Storck 2015-16 City home court Jersey red and white striped shirt design, with a crimson red bar in the dark, and the cuff is big eye-catching red. New Balance also designed a unique neckline for the new Storck city 2015-16 Jersey. The main red collar has a triangular white area in front of the collar. New Jersey chest Bet365 sponsor trademark red and white. The official website of NFL | chiefs wide receiver can break the 0 touchdowns | rugby ball this season, the Kansas chieftain's first take over Dwyne Bauer (Dwayne Bowe) and the rest of the team's foreign players have so far failed to catch the ball. in the last 14 games, the chieftain's external relay did not finish a pass. From this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, chief of the receivers are likely to chance or not, the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line this season only let opponents completed 15 touchdown catch. The record is likely to continue. also, defensive game Steelers only opponents of the catchers have completed 183 yards forward, so if we have a chance to see the first ball of the season Bauer touchdown? At least Bauer has completed 667 yards of the ball this season, averaging 47.6 yards per game. of course Bauer can't score but does not mean a Sheikh's point. Two of the season running back for their good performance to complete a total of 14 touchdowns. Although the foreign players could not reach the pass, the 2 chieftain's near end touchdown performance was good. Travis Cares (Travis Kelce) finished the 5 catching up array this season, and Anthony Fasano Anthony finished 4.

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