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The pirates Mike Evans (Mike Evans) did not be expelled yesterday, but today NFL announced the decision to ban him. Evans will be suspended for a match in the ground for Marshon Lattimore, the saint. The vice president of NFL told Evans in the letter that the behavior was intolerable. Evans apologized after the game and said he was out of control. He still has the right to appeal, but after the game, he says he understands the rules and is willing to accept the possible punishment.2014 five star sports cup Chinese bowling challenge and the 2014 Shanghai bowling Golden League finals! In the music city is | Bowling Reprint: 2014 Chinese bowling challenge! It's in the big music city! source: Shanghai Zhengda Music City 's guys who came to Zhengda city these days are sure to be shocked by this super l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping arge overlord bowling road. YES! From October 31st to November 3rd, the 2014 China bowling challenge and the Shanghai bowling gold league final in 2014 will be held in Zhengda music city. In addition to the long-awaited finals, there are three entertainment competitions. They are family fun, famous employee friendship and veteran and media journalists. The three games and the finals will be held in the atrium of Zhengda city. 11 1 month "family joy" time: November 1st (Saturday), 10:00-11:30 a.m. 11 month 1 "famous enterprise staff fellowship" time: November 1st (Saturday), 13:00-17:00 p.m. 11 April 3 "the friendship between veteran cadres and media journalists" time: November 3rd (Monday), 10:00-11:30 a.m. 11 2 -3 day "2014 Star Sports cup Chinese bowling challenge" time: November 2nd preliminaries, 13:00 November 3rd final, 12:30 in the finals of the five players introduced: Yang Suiling: age 31 years, 12 years of age, the flying saucer method, single game high 300 points, 11.6 pound ball; he won the 2005 World Championship Bowling the first woman, China so far the only winner of the world championship bowling. Zhang Chunli: age 40 years, 16 years of age, the right hand flying saucer, ball weighs 11.6 pounds; the tournament Awards: 2012 Asian Championships women's double champion; three championship; women's team of five in 2013 third East Asian Games women's singles champion; 2014 Shenyang national Bowling Championships; double champion; champion; elite match third; South Korea in 2014 Inchon Asian Games women's team of five tournament fifth. Zhang Yuhong: age 36 years, 13 years of age, the flying saucer method, using ball weighing 11.8 pounds, Chinese bowling national team players. Main 〉was originally the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) have been inducted into the Atlanta falcons, the team previously disclosed internal mining personnel new defensive coordinator. On Monday local time, the team announced that the defensive second - line coach, Chris - Richard (Kris Richard) was promoted to the defensive coordinator. is also recognized the appointment and encouragement for the work of Richard, the second Seahawks extremely dominant his training, is the key part of the Seahawks defense group. The team with some middle round picks who has won the Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman), Kim - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor), Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas), Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) and Jeremy Ryan (Jeremy Lane), Richard put them together, produce more than occupation bowl players, the team for 2 consecutive years to enter one of the super bowl. Pete Carroll, the coach, once said: "Chris has finished the unimaginable work, he is excellent, the best second line coach." Look at our present performance and the achievements of these two - line players and you can know what level we are at. It's all the credit of Chris and we depend on him. " Help | Press | Advertise on | Sales Media Kit | Interest-Based Ads | Corrections | Contact Us | Site Map | Jobs at ESPN 2018 ESPN Internet Ventures. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights, Children's Online Privacy Policy and Interest-Based Ads are applicable to you. All rights reserved.

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