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The official website of NFL |J.J. W and Dezhou signed a $100 million contract | football When was still in mid August, J.J w (J.J.Watt) said: get a good contract will be a good start in the regular season, now Dezhou people seem to hear his voice, in Beijing on September 2nd morning, Dezhou watts and signed a 6 year contract, the total a value of $100 million. Nearly $52 million in the contract was guaranteed, which made Walter the highest NFL defender. The highest defensive player before him is Mario Williams (Mario Williams), who signed a contract of 6 years and 96 million dollars with Bill, 50 million of whom are guaranteed. , Watt's contract has a qualitative leap. He was selected in the eleventh round in 2011. The contract for the rookie season was 2 years and 8 million 100 thousand dollars. Then Watt will get $1 million 900 thousand in 2014 and $6 million 900 thousand in 2015. When trained in the middle of August with Denver Mustang, Watt mention cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ed the importance of the new contract for him to play for the next three years. Watt said: I think one of the goals of life is to make people earn what they deserve. When you talk about the team and the third years of the contract did not mention it, they really mean we think you can make it, I don't know how to think of the people of Dezhou, but I'm sure I pay all efforts for the team, putting everything into me which I hope to earn what I deserve. In fact, Watt, who was third years old at the age of 25, was indeed in the third professional season. In the 2012 season, he won 20.5 capture and led the whole season. He was the benchmark of the whole league defensive team that season. since his rookie season, Watt total harvest 36.5 sacks became the union of five players in the front row is DeMarcus wale (DeMarcus Ware), Robert Mathis (Robert Mathis), Al Smith (Aldon Smith) - Dong and Jared - Allen (Jared Allen).Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) officially return to team training. This is the first time he has been trained as a player since he was injured in second weeks of competition with the Philadelphia hawks. At present, the team's record is only 2 - 7, and the hope of marching into the playoffs is very slim. But by the regression still cowboy lay a shot in the arm. he said: "I think the players know where we are. They also know that the season is not over and we have a long way to go. Now we have to start again, do our own work, show the best ability to get everything back on track. " cowboy's remaining rivals include the Miami dolphins, the Carolina panther, the Washington red skin, the New York jet and Buffalo Bill. In fact, now the leader of New York, the leader of the Eastern District of the country, won only 5 games, and the cowboy is not a chance. Since 1990, 72 teams have started with 2 wins and 7, and no teams have entered the playoffs. The cowboy looks forward to creating a new history.Jason Tarver, the former Oakland Raider defense coordinator, was once considered to be the main candidate to replace Vicki van geo (Vic Fangio) as the new defense coordinator of the 49 San Francisco team. Yesterday, TAF joined the 49 people, but was the senior defense adviser and the line guard coach. actually can be called 49 Taft team veteran, he in the first 10 years of the new century has been playing for the team, had also served as the assistant offensive line coach Wei, Wei ran. Although in recent years the 49 team turnover is not small, but the return of taffeta can still see some old faces, including the new coach Jim - Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) and star guard Patrick - Willis line (Patrick Willis). When left 49 people in 2010, Taff didn't immediately choose to join another NFL team. Instead, he went to Stanford University. He joined the Oakland Raiders as a defense coordinator a year later.von Miller (Von Miller) and Denver Mustang can sign a long-term renewal contract by July 15th. Until then, we could only wait. When was interviewed on Wednesday at his own charity rugby training camp, Miller did not want to discuss his contract. "I just think, from our current situation, everything has been said, everything has been done," Miller said. "Now it's just a waiting time. I want all my attention today on my children. " Miller said last week that he would not be able to return to the 2016 season with the privilege tag contract, which is a response to his earlier statement that he would not dismiss the match. Considering that he had to correct his remarks after the last Miller speech, Wednesday's refusal to respond was understandable. The biggest difference in negotiations between the two sides is to guarantee income and Miller's income in the first three years. A contract like is usually done until the deadline is imminent. So you can relax and wait until July 15th. We'll let you know the result in three weeks.

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